Exam Pattern change in MLSU

Article Written By : Kalpit Rajak

mlsu exam pattern

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Attention!! a very good news for MLSU students..!!  :D :D As decided in today’s meeting..

The theoretical exam pattern that included 10 marks objectives (10 questions of 1 mark each) and the rest lot of 90 marks for essay type long answer questions (multiple questions of 250 words and 500 words each); which had been the major reason for a lot of failures and the very common problem of not being able to complete the papers on time  has been replaced by a “Totally New And Effective Pattern

The NEW EXAM PATTERN for every subject will now consist of:-

  • 45 marks objectives (short answer questions)
  • 30 marks theory (essay type questions)
  • The rest 25 marks for internals..

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70 thoughts on “Exam Pattern change in MLSU

  1. Manish

    Hi Kalpit,
    i m BA 1st year MLSU student…result declared on 4 Aug 12
    My result status is PFYO….

    i m not able to understand this. i google this and found(Pass in first year only)
    What is difference between PASS and PFYO

    Please reply quickly

    thanks in advance


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