Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar welcomes 2013

The twisting-turning year came to an end with a lovely New Year party Royal Extravaganza 2013 at Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar. The advent started with a genial welcome in the traditional style, followed by an evening glittered with the sounds of Padhaaro Mhare Des & Runak Jhunak furrowed by the colorful arrays of Ghoomer; and rhymed with the strings of Sitar & Dholak.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

The scattered bonfires amidst the frost, the dim light lanterns of the palace, shivers in the lawn & the terraces were all set to turn-up a quality motion.

While the resplendence of heritage shimmered in the whole palace, a totally different colorful theme was prepared in the Khush Mahal for the DJ night with a wide dance floor. Disco Lights and LEDs with the brilliant mixing of dance classics, raps and pop took ahead the party till 3 a.m. in the morning. The New Year was welcomed with a huge fire show & lighting of sky-lanterns with the hands of the guests. The gala dinner was perfect with its cuisine, so was the bar with its variety.

Though since opening, Rajmahal Bhindar has been a destination dearer to the foreign crowd, the Hotel invites people from Udaipur to visit & spend some time in the palace of Bhindar. A sure quality experience is what you get promised!

Follow the pictures Udaipur & on our personal advice, do visit the palace for Valentines, it’ll definitely be a loving and cherishing experience.

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar 2



Hotel Rajamahal Bhindar



Rajmahal Party in Udaipur



Hotel RB udaipur



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Rajmahal Bhindar Main

Photos by: Yash Sharma

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