Perfect Destination For Wedding Stuff ‘Allure’ Inaugurated in Udaipur

Allure store udaipur

Dazzling variety to shop with a perfect blend for newly wedded girls and brides to be is now available at ‘Allure’. A venture by Mayur Khaturia, inaugurated in Udaipur presented the best of a collection in Bags, Shoes, Vanity Kits, Bridal robes, and much more under a single roof. Especially, when it comes to something fancy, elegant, and unique articles concerning brides, more often brides have to reach outside Udaipur to look for and buy. But, being in concern with her partner Meeta Khaturia, Mayur made a way to confer to be brides with irresistible and enchanting stuff.

allure udaipur

Our visit to their store and gazing each and every section filled with fascinating articles was amazing. And, when we asked Meeta about their perspective for ‘Allure’, she stated, “It is a retail outlet specially meant to solve the purpose of brides who can purchase solitary things, without urging out of the city. We have kept the choicest collection of bags, vanity kits, etc. in diversity for all the women, by keeping in mind their requirements at the time of wedding shopping and pre-wedding shoots.”

And, adding to the surprise, Allure does have the products that you can buy for your husband to be or someone special in men.

For more details or to have a glimpse of it, you can make your walk-in to the store at Ground Floor, Near Subway at Celebration Mall, Bhuwana.

allure store udaipur

allure store udaipur

petrol price udaipur

Petrol Price Expected to change Daily in Udaipur

State-owned fuel retailers Indian Oil Corp (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL), who owns over 95% of petrol pumps in the country, will launch a pilot for daily price revision in five selected cities in coming month and gradually extend it after seeing the results.

And, as per this change, our Udaipur is amongst the five cities chosen for this purpose wherein petrol, and diesel prices will change every day from 1st May.

petrol price udaipur

Petroleum Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan said, “Oil companies will implement it on a pilot project in 5 cities. After this, they’ll decide what to do with rest of the country.” He also added that everyday change in prices of petroleum products is a recommendation of experts. The government has no role in it.

A project for the daily revision of petrol and diesel price will be implemented in Puducherry, Udaipur (Rajasthan), Vizag (Andhra Pradesh), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), and Chandigarh.

Based on an average international price of the fuel in the preceding fortnight and rupee-US dollar fluctuations, state fuel retailers currently revise rates on 1st and 16th of every month.

IOC chairman, B Ashok said, “Ultimately, we will be driving towards market linked rates on a daily basis at all pumps across the country.”

The daily price change will take out the high jump in rates that take place at the end of the fortnight, and the consumer price will see greater alignment with market dynamics.

Once this pilot project by state fuel refiners is successful, it will get extended into the other parts of the country too.

Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

Udaipur Cinematographer wins National Award For Short Film “Kalpvriksh.”

Alpesh Nagar, a cinematography student from the Film and Television of India (FTII), has made Udaipur Proud by winning the Rajat Kamal National Film Award 2017 for Best Cinematographer – non-feature film ‘Kalpvriksh’.

Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

By completing his primary and junior school from Devgarh and then from Guru Govind Singh Sr. Sec. School, followed by B. Tech from Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Alpesh moved on to Vadodara for studying Dramatics. While pursuing studies, he worked as a part-time graphics designer for a local advertising agency.

During his entire time span of working and studies, Alpesh shot a few short films, to help present his candidature at the Film and Television of India. His efforts got him selected as the top 30 scholars in 2014, and he got the chance to commence 1-year cinematography course at FTII, Pune.

And, while staying at FTII, he shot ‘Kalpvriksh’, a short film that speaks about the journey of a young girl looking for some answers. This non-feature film was the part of his final academic project for the diploma course he was pursuing. Henceforth, Kalpvriksh was sent for the nomination for the awards and Alpesh, through his skills, hard work, and passion, went on to win the Best Cinematographer Rajat Kamal Award 2017.

Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

If you will take a look at the film, it is mostly shot around Pune, whereas some parts of the campus of FTII and NFAI. Alpesh Nagar said, “The idea of Kalpvriksh was conceived by his course mate, Abhijeet Khuman.” Alpesh and Abhijeet both set of working on the notion of picturization, visuals, colours, etc. FTII trains students on presentation of the story with colours, visuals and sound.  Hence, as per Alpesh Nagar, the focus of this feature to set in a parallel world – sans vehicles, infra, telephone, mobiles, electronics was in its visuals, colours and sound.

In context to this, he also added, “The effort in shots were made to maintain the feel of naturality and look of the surroundings – to add simplicity and rawness to the film.”

Currently, Alpesh is working as a freelancer in Mumbai as a cinematographer with numerous projects in hand. He is looking to continue work with professional setups and banners that can extract best out of his abilities.

TechJalsa 2K17, tech jalsa, tech jalsa udaipur

TechJalsa 2K17 by Techno India NJR is Here !!

The Zephyr of the spring is slowly parting, and the doors of TechJalsa 2K17 have opened. To be held at Techno India NJR which is a permanent pathfinder and is a directional compass for the young minds. The fest is a combination with Competence, Brilliance and Innovation. It is like a rostrum for the budding minds to investigate their curiosity into success.

The consequential events from Technical, Literary, Gaming, Art and Craft, Cultural and Flagship events accompanied by a DJ Night Party featuring DJ Lovenish & DJ Jeet and a Rain Dance Party which are so lucid and engrossing will fascinate the audience. It shall be a manifestation to behold with joy and fulfilment of the mind and the soul for both the audience and the participants. The date of the fest is from 9th March to 12th March 2017 which can get you prizes worth a lac.

The preparation can only be compared with Hogwarts School of magic where known and unknown sciences are unravelled each day; where the countdown begins before the takeoff of the Dream Capsule manufactured and patented by Techno India NJR.

TechJalsa 2K17, tech jalsa, tech jalsa udaipur

The list of the programs is as follows:


  •    Setu (Bridge Making)
  •    Steel Avengers (Robo War)
  •    Codex (Coding)
  •    Onset (Startup Idea Competition)
  •    Aqua Robo Soccer


  •    Taal-Mel (Solo Song)
  •    Aaja-Nachle (Solo Dance)
  •    Tamasha (Nukkad Natak)
  •    Hooked Up (Group Dance)
  •    Fashionista (Ramp Walk)


  •    Moot Court (Debate)
  •    Symposium (Group Discussion)
  •    Jigsaw Story Writing


  •    Counter Strike
  •    NFS
  •    Tekken 5
  •    Mini Militia

Art and Craft

  •    Avatar (Face Painting)
  •    Rangreez (Rangoli)
  •    Charm of Palm (Mehandi)
  •    Wall Graffiti (Wall Painting)

Flagship Events

  •    Pixel Jalsa
  •    Roadies
  •    Stunt Show
  •    Step Up (Dance Faceoff)

For queries, contact: +91-9785282959, 8696932745

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur – Power and Freedom Unveiled

26th February 2017 truly became a revolutionary day with more than 1500 girls participating in the run from Fateh Sagar Pal to Rajiv Gandhi park with two checkpoints. Age ranging from 14 year old to 75 year old participated in this power run.  It was a women empowerment drive by women and for women, organized by Hurratul Maleka Taj, Founder CHICS CONNECT .

Dr. Girija Vyas, ex-central minister started the run with a flag off at 9 in the morning. Along with her many eminent names like, Kavita Joshi, sarpanch Shobhagpura, Anju Giri, Director SICPL , Sudha Bhandari and Pooja Bhandari, Heritage Girls School , Bindu Sharma, owner RNOLD GYM , Sonali Maroo and Monika Maroo, Shouryagarh Resorts and many more were present as guest of honour.

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled

This POWER RUN was not only a run but also comprised of many activities like :

Selfie Contest – Checkpoint 1

The first gate where there was a selfie contest with a powerful women message. The girls had to use props to pose and give a strong message on women empowerment. This activity saw many beautiful pictures of these beautiful power women.

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled

Go Green – Checkpoint 2

Girls planted money plant in bottles at the second checkpoint and decorated them with beautiful messages and designs. Go Green activity with the run to put forward a strong message about saving nature and planting more trees.

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled

End Point – Poster Competition

End point had a series of activites including POSTER COMPETITION in which each girl had to write a message on women empowerment on the poster and 10 best posters were awarded. Examples

–          Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

–          Say NO to violence against women

–          Strong women is she who would build an empire with bricks thrown at her

–          Nari Padehgi Nari Badhegi

All the winners were awarded trophies and partners were felicitated with mementos. Dace performance by Thriller Dance Academy and Band Performance by Adhbhutt were magnificent. The function was graced by Sr. Manager Sudipto, Indian Oil Pvt. Ltd. And also by meny partners who supported like Kaniz Fatima, Arvana Mall, Meeta, Pinks and Peaches, Riya, Gold & Blush, Anju Giri and Sudha Bhanadari.

This program was a revolutionary women empowerment activity by women and for women.

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled

Chics Connect Power Run Udaipur - Power and Freedom Unveiled