Arvanah Mall Turns One, Celebrations Planned In A Unique Way!

This 26th August, Arvanah – The Shopping Destination turns one. The mall is celebrating its first anniversary in a fun filled and unique way. The celebrations will last till 10 days starting from 25th August to 3 September 2017. The unique way the mall is marking its completion of the first year is by decorating the floors of the mall in a theme. The theme is 7 Seven Wonders of the World! Isn’t that amazing?

Each floor of the mall will be decorated with respect to the ‘wonder’ kept on that floor. All the 7 wonders will be divided between 4 floors and adorned accordingly. The wonders will be quite large in size and are open for spectators to not only watch but click amazing selfies with. All ten days will be attended by students from different schools of Udaipur.

The Mall officially opens its decor visit from 25th August, 2017 with traditional dhol welcome and a lots of activities in the Mall. The second day – 26th August, The celebrations will start with a cake cutting ceremony after which everyone gets to experience Live Band Performance and Robotic Dance Performance with beautiful cold fire to sizzle your eye delight.

There will also be Magic Show performance for Kids on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

So don’t hold to your Home this Long Weekend – Head to Arvanah.

Virtual Reality Lab now at Techno India NJR

After bringing  Humanoid Nao from France, Techno India NJR Institute has now set up a new  Hi Tech Virtual  & Augmented Reality Lab at it’s campus in Udaipur in partnership with World’s largest Virtual Reality company Eon Reality of USA.

Eon labs are already operational in many famous universities around the globe and it is Eon’s first project in India. Techno NJR students will create applications on Eon platform. Chairman of Eon Reality Dan  is coming to Udaipur on Sunday , 20th August 2017  to inaugurate  Eon Lab at Techno NJR campus.

A Live Demo session of Eon lab has been scheduled at Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and industry ( UCCI)  Auditorium in  Madri Industrial Area  from 10.30 to 2.30 pm  for  students and industry people. All over the world ,  Industries  use virtual reality applications  to impart skill training to their employees. This is an opportunity for industry to see live demo, understand this technology  and ask Techno NJR students to develop training applications suitable for their industry.

Barista Bollywood: A Fiction With A Social Cause


The launch of much appreciated contemporary fiction Barista Bollywood authored by Ashwini Bagga is expected in the month of August 2017. Published under the flagship of Himanshu Publications, New Delhi the book has been released and listed on Amazon and Flipkart for online selling.

The grand launch of the book, most probably, will held in Jaipur and later allied promotional events will be organized across all major cities in the country, revealed Mr. Bagga to our  news correspondent.

About the book the author elucidated that Barista Bollywood is a contemporary fiction which revolves round three young aspirants who struggle to make niche in Bollywood. Hailing from different geographical locations in India, a coincidence brings them closer at a dinner party of an International Film Festival. Life takes a turn and the trios unite and stand up together against the man who played with their life and emotions. A unique treatment with the nefarious character in the novel by the protagonist and his squad makes it a distinct storyline.

Apart from entertaining the readers the book also disseminate a social appeal to the buyers. A sum of Rs. 5/- is contributed towards Road Safety whenever a copy of the fiction is purchased either online or from a bookstore. The book has also been endorsed by the famous TV Actor Mr. Narendra Gupta who acts as Dr. Salunkhe in the crime and investigation series C.I.D. showcased on Sony channel. You can follow Author Ashwini on Facebook and Twitter or you may directly reach him on his email id


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अब ई-रिक्शा के हवाले ‘ओल्ड सिटी’ साथियों |

वाल सिटी में अब भीड़ नज़र नहीं आए तो चौकिएगा मत । फ्राइडे से एक ड्रास्टिक चेंज हुआ है ओल्ड सिटी में अब सिर्फ RJ सीरीज़ वाली गाडियों को ही एंट्री मिलेगी । बाकियों के लिए नो एंट्री । ये पायलट प्रोजेक्ट के अंडर है, जो अभी ट्रायल मोड पर रहेगा । ये सक्सेसफुल रहता है तो इसे परमानेंट भी कर दिया जायेगा । इसका मकसद पुराने शहर में लगातार बढ़ रहे पोल्यूशन और बढ़ते गाडियों के ट्रैफिक को कम करना है ।शुरु में रंगनिवास से जगदीश मंदिर की ओर जाने वाली सड़क पायलेट प्रोजेक्ट के लिए चुनी है । इस दौरान यहाँ पर ई-रिक्शा चलेंगे जो टूरिस्ट्स को रंगनिवास से जगदीश मंदिर तक छोड़ेंगे । इसके लिए उन्हें जेब से सिर्फ 5 रुपये खर्च करने होंगे ।

फ़िलहाल ये अभी ट्रायल पर है इसलिए शुरू में 6 रिक्शा ही अवेलेबल होंगे बाद में ये नंबर बढ़ा कर 25 कर दिए जायेंगे ।

इससे एक तो भीड़-भचक्का कम होगा, ट्रैफिक का झंजट ख़त्म हो जायेगा और पोल्यूशन में भी कमी आएगी , साथ ही साथ रोजगार भी मिलेगा ।अब प्रश्न ये उठता है कि यहाँ के लोकल्स का क्या होगा ? उनकी एंट्री कैसे होगी ? तो उसका इंतज़ाम भी किया गया है लोकल्स को एक पास दिया जायेगा वो दिखाकर अपने-अपने घर को जा सकते है, वो भी अपनी सवारी के साथ । जब तक पास नहीं है तब तक एड्रेस प्रूफ चलेगा

टूरिस्ट्स भाइयों को अपने व्हीकल्स पार्क करने होंगे , उसके लिए आप या तो दूधतलाई/हेमराज व्यायामशाला पर पार्क कर सकते हो और अगर आप सुरजपोल-उदयापोल की तरफ से आते हो तो RMV स्कूल पास PWD ऑफिस के गोदाम में पार्क कर सकते हो ।

यहाँ फ्री-फ़ोकट का काम नहीं रहेगा आपको कुछ पैसे चुकाने पड़ेंगे ।

कीमतें कुछ इस प्रकार की रहेंगी :-

रिक्शा : 5 रुपये

पार्किंग :-

टू-व्हीलर – 5 रुपये (3 hrs)

फोर-व्हीलर – 10 रुपये (3 hrs)

Leadership Conference - Sahil Thakur

From a college drop out to business person of the year – Know his Story!

This is an inspiring story of a guy from Udaipur who has made his family and the entire city proud. Talking as of today, Sahil Thakur the founder of the prestigious Event Management Company – Frozen Apple Events has been awarded the business person of the year by India’s Leading Business Newspaper ‘Economic Times’.

Let us have a sneak peek into the past and see how Sahil started off his journey to become a business magnate.

Due to incapacitate financial circumstances Sahil left college and chose to work. As per him, he knew that the whole process of education and then finding a suitable job would take seven to eight years for him to settle down. This idea of a long process didn’t entice him much. He started his career as a freelancer and worked with leading management companies.  

In September 2012, he laid foundations of his own Event Management Company-Frozen Apple Events after getting some experience as a freelancer. Frozen Apple Event successfully executed their first event for a UK based client.

Today living up to their motto, ‘Freeze Your Memories With Sweetness’, Sahil Thakur is the main man behind beautiful memories being cherished by a lot of couple across the globe. They entertain clients from UK, UAE, USA etc.

Now coming back again to present times, Sahil is a person to gain inspiration from- especially for the younger generations of the city who aspire to become entrepreneurs and start their own venture.

Sahil Thakur Udaipur

He was awarded with the “Economic Times Business leader of Rajasthan 2017” from Industrial Minister Honourable Sri Rajpal Shekhawat and Sri Parnami State BJP chief for his contribution in the Event Management.

We hope that he inspires people and keeps on making exquisite memories for an endless number of couples making their big day of wedding memorable.

Keep up the good work Sahil! Bravo!