Psychology : The Ever Growing Scopes

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With growing tendency of finding the need for mental & emotional redressal, stress & depression freeing exercises, enhancement of work efficiency and systematic counseling for the multifarious aspects of life; the stream of Psychology has found a rejuvenation in practice & applications!

A recent survey in America rated it as the safest employment in the States with 0% unemployment in Counseling.

Though a subject basically included in Humanities, this science of behavior finds its application & implication almost in every area of work, academia & day-to-day life. It is believed that students of Psychology generally pertain to an evenly matured conscience with well-balanced rationality & intellect. Counting the elements of grace in personal life may go endless, we hereby throw some light on the career prospects in Psychology:

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A Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner (MBBS) with post-graduation in Psychiatry- use of medicines to treat psychological disorders. A Psychiatrist doesn’t generally counsel patients & is assisted by a team of Psychologists for the same. His main work is to prescribe medicines & so this branch is reserved solely for the medical Doctors.

Clinical Psychology:

B.A. or B.Sc. with Psychology as an optional at Undergraduate level is the basic requirement for becoming a Clinical Psychologist. A specific PG is available in it in both the streams. The work of a Clinical Psychologist is the treatment of behavioral abnormalities such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Paranoia, Schizophrenia and various other problems of neurosis & psychosis; by means of therapies, counseling sessions, tests, etc.

A professional can run his independent clinic as well as posts are kept for the same in all quality hospitals.

Counseling- Child Counseling & Industrial Psychology:

The utmost demand of the current century! Surrounded by busy schedules, monotonous work routines, emotional up-downs and social/family upheavals, almost every 5th person needs a counselor today. Seeing the intensity of problems faced by teenagers these days, Child Counseling has gained a mass preference. Schools hire Child Counselors, private companies too in order to keep the workers united, spot the loopholes & improve their efficiency have started hiring Industrial Psychologists.
M.A./M.Sc. in Counseling Psychology or a precise specialization in Child Counseling or Industrial Psychology meets the requirement.

Sports Psychology:

Every national & professional team has a permanent psychologist in the supporting staff to cope up the players with the pressures & stresses. Who hasn’t seen the effects on the Kolkata Knight Riders team in the last IPL after the psychologist Rudy Webster’s appointment! 4 time flop-showers emerged as the clear winners. Specified institutes offer this branch & it’s not everywhere that a person can specialize in sports psychology.


The traditionally preferred field, a PhD in Psychology or clearing NET/SLET; or both after post-graduation are the basic requirements for being a teacher at college level, need not to be told that schools yet don’t offer psychology on a proportionate level!

Other streams:

Developmental Psychology, Statistical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Management Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Parapsychology, Environmental Psychology are the other branches with research being carried on for the evolution of other sub divisions.


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