Rainography – Pictures of Rain on 3 August, 2011

Heavy Rainfall in Lakecity washed away pains of humidity and hot atmosphere longing from many days.
Udaipies enjoyed today’s rain; But simultaneously faced many problems, water logs on roads converted roads into flowing river. Power Cuts in Udaipur, disrupted lifestyle of people.

But who cares about all these!! 😀 , We are eagerly waiting for our Lakes to be filled and brimming. 😀 Here are a few Pictures I clicked Today. Enjoy and Share


Images are From :

  • B.N. College Road
  • Durga Nursery Road
  • Hiran Magri Sector 5
  • Gayatri Nagar , Hiran Magri.
  • Gupteshwar Nagar Sector 7


  1. Vivek Chandel
  2. Arun Kumar
  3. Aniruddh
  4. ankita lodh