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5 Must Visit Places in Udaipur

5 Places to Visit in Udaipur


Whenever we plan to visit any city as a tourist; the very first thing that strikes is, what to see there? And if your dream destination is Udaipur then of course there are places that you must visit, or else you can also plan according to your interest. Let’s explore the top five destinations of Udaipur.


Fateh Sagar:

fatehsagar udaipur

Udaipur city is famous as Lake City or City of Lakes and it is also known as Venice of the East. Your visit to Udaipur is incomplete till you have not enjoyed the heart throbbing views of its lakes. Fateh Sagar is one such kind of a place in Udaipur. Not only tourists, even the local residents of Udaipur always enjoy most of their time at Fateh Sagar. For a few their day doesn’t complete if they do not visit and spend some time at the lake side. This is the magic of the place. You can pass several hours sitting beside it and watching hilarious beauty of the lake. Mumbaiya Bazar would certainly catch your attraction at Fateh Sagar.


Gulab Bagh:

gulab bagh udaipur

Gulab Bagh is the perfect place for nature lovers. If you really want to enjoy the greenery of Udaipur then visit this place. It is situated at the center of the city. Gulab Bagh is the life line of Udaipur; it is the Green Heart of the city which provides clean and fresh air to the residents of Udaipur. The two major attractions of Gulab Bagh which would certainly grab the sight of kids are the Gulab Bagh Zoological Garden and the Mini Train. Since Gulab Bagh is quite spread in very large area, it would be a better idea to enjoy the Mini Train Ride which would cover the entire circumference of Gulab Bagh. The train ride would make your Gulab Bagh visit memorable.


Dudh Talai:

dudh talai

Like Fateh Sagar, Dudh Talai is another place in Udaipur which would offer of enjoying the lake side view. This place is situated near the famous Pichhola Lake. Unlike Fateh Sagar you won’t find enough space to roam around the confines of the lake Pichhola. Still you can enjoy boating and camel ride over here. This is not the end, yet there is one more adventure to go. Just near Dudh Talai there is a rope way to visit Karni Mata Temple on a small hillock. The rope way offers an amazing view of the entire Pichhola Lake, City Palace and Jagmandir. The view from the top is amazing at day and as well as at night. At the top of hillock at temple you could see the entire Udaipur city spreading its wings. The sunset point won’t allow you getting back to your home.


Sajjan Garh:

sajjan garh udaipur

The Sajjan Garh is a hilltop extravagant place in the Udaipur overlooking the Pichhola Lake. It was named after Maharana Sajjan of the Mewar Dynasty and was built 1884. For nature and wild life lovers it is the perfect place look upon. The Sajjan Garh offers a panoramic view of the city’s surrounding and its lakes. The place has been taken under control of the Forest Department and has been open for public over past few years. The place provides a magnificent view of Sun Set and it is very famous for it. The area of the Sajjan Garh has been developed as a wild life sanctuary. Wild animals like panther have been watched many times in the area by the local villagers of the nearby area.  Sajjan Garh is also known as Monsoon Palace.


City Palace:

city palace udaipur

City Palace is located at the heart of Udaipur and it was built by Maharana Udai Singh Ji. The palace is situated at the bank of Pichhola Lake. It is certainly would be a place to visit who has a keen interest in history of Rajasthan. The famous Jagdish Temple is close to it and from the Palace one can have the beautiful view of Lake Palace and Jag Mandir which are both located in midst of the Pichhola Lake. The major part of the City Palace has been converted into museum which displays a diverse range of preserved monuments and armor. The museum exhibits a wide collection of weapons, gears, clothes furniture etc.


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    July is best time to visit Udaipur pl reply thanks

    • Sanjit Chohan
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      Monsoon is for sure an interesting time for local tourists to visit, kindly plan to stay here for more than 2 days to enjoy with ease. 🙂

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