76 Superb Classic Photos of Old Udaipur

Every Now and then we keep finding Images of OLD Udaipur on our Favourite Social Networking site : Facebook. It is really amusing to see the beauty of our City around 19th Century. Here is a Collaborative by UdaipurBlog Team of all those classic images of Udaipur we found on Facebook and Internet Galleries.   Most of the Photos of OLD Udaipur were captured by : Lala Deen Dayal Lala Deen Dayal Photographer Lala Deen Dayal was an Indian photographer. His career began in the mid-1870s as a commissioned photographer; eventually he set up studios in Indore, Mumbai and Hyderbad. Born: 1844, Sardhana Died: July 5, 1910, Mumbai   Photos Refrences: Facebook.com, Victorian Library, skyscrapercity.com, oldindianphotos.in, British Library Dont Forget to Share/Like the Post if you would love others to See these Pictures and Love Them.    Loved the Post ?? Take … Continue reading 76 Superb Classic Photos of Old Udaipur