9 reasons why Udaipur miss former SP Dinesh MN


dinesh mn udaipur

Peace of the place:

The service tenure of Dinesh MN in Udaipur changed the situation of the whole city, the pugmarks of which can still be felt. Crimes were brought down with a strong curb. The long-term peace of the city is a gift of none other but him. Prior to the tenure end, there were rarely any severe crimes reported.


Averse to political submissiveness:

He was certainly one amongst those few officers who did not easily give in to political pressures. His identity has been of a man who works by his own ways. Even despite the flawed system, he always kept his dignity maintained with dominance while co-ordinating with the other halves.


Trust in Police:

If people had a transversal from indifference to trust towards the police department, it was largely because of this man; officers became more easily approachable, redressals and results too were quick. He had a fairly proportionate role in cleansing the image of Police.


Trust among the Police:

Though the department has quite a times got a bad name on the tags of corruption and inefficiency but there still exist officials who want to work in honest and independent ways, a strong senior support like him worked as a rejuvenating force to many such cops. He was also responsible for the setup of Marriage Hall in the Police Line, Udaipur.


The Filmy Touch:

Well, who won’t call him real life Singham! Dominant personality, quick actions, honest at work – a true hero for the town! Despite 8 years of having left Udaipur, he is still the only IPS who is known by his face by a majority public. If it was in hands, the citizens of the city would not have even allowed him to get transferred from Udaipur throughout his career.


Inspiration for service:

If we start finding the number of aspirants to police services from the city, it won’t be difficult to find candidates whose absolute inspiration is none other than Mr. Dinesh MN. He was so popular  that it happened for the first time in the history of this place that the city kept a day’s off in support of a police officer.


Control over Eve-teasing:

Operation Road Romeo was a famous program started by him to bring an end to eve-teasing. Complaint boxes were placed in all institutions and actions were taken against those (after confirmed trials) whoever were reported. That time also saw mobiles getting checked for storage of disallowed media.


Obesity-free force:

Few people know the fact that what level of fitness consciousness the former Udaipur SP had! He had always been concerned in maintaining that in the force and many times made amusing decisions in this direction too.


dinesh mn sp of udaipur

Youth Icon:

Dinesh MN for many reasons has been the icon of the city. He has been a real life hero and a role-model for many. Even today, if you give a call in his name, the youth of this city can get together for any campaign.

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  1. I totally agree with the writer. He was genius and committed to stop the crime. All civilians of UDAIPUR missed him. We were fill safe .

  2. There was no crime in udaipur,udaipur wasvery peace,all peple was having rides to meet him,and share poblams,n results was srprize for you, once in2005 i had prolm i mat himn share my problms ,,he gave me time in busy scadule, i was student,,bhm 1st year,he ask me sm qutions n thats it he ask me to go ,,u dnt wary ,,i wil tk care,,,n morng i got cal frm my father that our problm isnomore,,nly 12 hour n my work done,,even i idnt get time 2 say peple that, i mat sp in evening,that was srprize for me,,i m thkful to mr dinesh ,,


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