A Visit to Lakes of Udaipur on 15th

Fatehsagar Lake

It had been long UdaipurBlog team made an outing. But finally bored of our studies we went out to have a look to our Beautiful lakes which were filling day by day. Firstly we went to Lake Pichola which was than at +7.2 Feet. The mesmerizing view of the lake and water rejoiced the hearts of udaipur. It seemed the whole udaipur has gathered their to see the Lake and Admire it.

Than we moved to Lake Fatehsagar where we found a huge crowd in start of the Lake Observing something. We went nearby and found that the water from lake pichola was now being transferred to Lake fastehsagar via Swaroop Sagar Link Channel.

Fatehsagar lake Udaipur

Here Are a Few Videos and Photos Of The Lakes 🙂 Enjoy Them.

Water Inflow at Fatehsagar Lake:

Awesome Lake Pichola:

Water Fountain:


Author: Sanjit Chohan

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5 thoughts on “A Visit to Lakes of Udaipur on 15th”

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  2. Udaipur is wonderful these days,lake pichola is most popular non salty lake in the world,every citizen must do some efforts to preserve pichola.some suggestions-declear pichola holy lake as pushkar,killing of fishes should be banned,bursting crackers nearby pichola must be stopped,birds habitat area must be developed.

  3. Wow! What fantastic videos and pics. We are looking forward to our visit in November so much now.
    I noticed on a webcam I saw a few days ago that some rubbish was accumulating in certain corners. Is that rubbish cleaned away regularly or not?
    Is it possible for the Lakes to become overfilled or is there a system in place to solve that?

    thanks. Peter

  4. Thank You Mr.Chandragupt

    Thank you for your suggestions, It is good to see that people are concerned about it.

    Your comment is appreciated sir.

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