Fitness is an important and indispensable part of our everyday lives and we cannot deny that no matter what. It is very important for everyone from children to adults as well as those in their old age to try and remain as fit as possible. Fitness is what keeps our body going by helping us maintain the energy and stamina required to carry out everyday activities. We are all aware that those who are not fit, find themselves extremely weak and lethargic, unable to do any work. Hence, all of us must strive to attain at least the basic standards of fitness required to perform activities in everyday life. 

fitness enthusiast gym instructor

There are a lot of products available on various shopping sites like Amazon which can help in and contribute to one’s journey to fitness. One can easily purchase these products using Amazon offers for some of the best and cheapest deals in town. These may include exercise equipment for home, gym equipment like treadmills or dumbbells or shoes for jogging and other exercises. There is also the availability of healthy organic food like quinoa and brown rice that may be purchased online. So hurry and embark on your journey towards fitness. 

By fitness, one means both physical and mental fitness. However, both are intertwined in many aspects and are interdependent on each other. Maintaining physical fitness is essential for defending our bodies from the possibility of contracting diseases like heart attacks which can be fatal. Hence physical exercise must be a part of one’s daily routine. Here is how fitness can be a part of your daily life-

  • Atleast 40-50 minutes of exercise in a day is advisable- it may be dancing, aerobics, yoga, exercising at the gym, brisk walking, etc. 
  • Another important thing to incorporate in our every day lives for maintaining fitness is a balanced diet which comprises of all the different kinds of nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc., in the correct measure. 

Physical exercise helps increase blood circulation and hence allows the internal organs as well as external to function efficiently. A healthy diet helps in minimizing the risks of diseases by enriching the blood and helps in defending the body against foreign agents that may be harmful. 

Purchasing stuff related to fitness online has become very affordable these days with websites like CashKaro which provide exciting deals and cashback offers on every purchase. One can simply login, choose a suitable deal with a partner website like amazon and make the purchase. CashKaro will ensure you get the cashback at the earliest in your account. After you have collected a minimum of Rs. 250 from the cashback, you may transfer it to your bank account or convert it into gift cards which may be redeemed to buy anything you want from sites like amazon, etc.

55 Countries and Counting – The Story of a Backpacker from Udaipur

Venturing out into the unknown all by yourself is something that holds an apex position on the bucket list of many. After all, who doesn’t want to leave behind their everyday regime of hullabaloo and ruckus? But certain things are easier said than done! If there are the perks of being a gallivanter, there is a slew of challenges attached to it, with pecuniary affairs sitting on the top.

But every cloud has a silver lining! And Vaibhav Jain from our very own City of Lakes – Udaipur – seemed to have found that periphery.

A backpacker, Vaibhav Jain is on a travel spree from last 4.5 years. And guess what! In this span, he has covered a whopping 55 countries all with his backpack, yearning to explore new places, and desire to meet new people. His passion for traveling didn’t kick 4.5 years back. In fact, he was bitten by the wander bug in his pre-teen years. Since his early days, Vaibhav used to mark places in the map and read about them. Soon he was engulfed by the urge to visit these countries and marvel at their beauty and explore their culture.

When his friends were attending lectures during college time, Vaibhav was somewhere exploring the less visited hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. He was rejoicing the bustling metros of Mumbai and secluded beaches in Goa when his academic allies were battling with different disciplines.

Well, before you brand Vaibhav with the tag of ‘an oofy guy’, let’s bring in the limelight his personal life and figure out how he manages his globetrotting.

Vaibhav is a fruit of a middle-class family tree. After pursuing his MBA, he stepped in the corporate world, with travel thoughts always hovering his head. However, owing to his travel ardor, he decided to bid adieu to his 9 to 5 routine once and for all. It was after two years and four different jobs in four different industries, Vaibhav was now all set to take the leap of faith. Undoubtedly, his family’s support in this endeavor further encouraged him and boosted his morale to step out of the norms laid down by the society. With all his courage collected, he made his first international trip, which also turned out to be his gateway to his ‘world exploration’ mission.

As a backpacker, he endeavors to travel more at an expense that doesn’t burn a hole in his pocket. He leverages local transport which keeps things under check. Commuting in local transportation facilities also helps him in knowing the life, people, and culture of that place. Being a vegetarian, he further manages to cut down his trip expenses. With a backpack containing fewer attires and accessories, he ensures that he has a quick and seamless movement from country to country and continent to continent.

Vaibhav’s fondness for souvenirs is unmatchable. Wherever he goes, he collects them. Be it maps, boarding passes, keychains, currency or t-shirts, he has some or the other thing from the places he has been to. He has a separate room at his home dedicated to all the souvenirs that he possesses. He stores all these novelties and mementos in special travel trunks.

‘…today, when everyone wants to be ahead of someone by blindly following the rat race, it is very essential to know and discover yourself as to what interests you and what you are passionate about.‘ shares Vaibhav, thus clarifying that for him, traveling is more about self-discovery than selfies.

From Cape Point in South Africa, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Lisbon in Portugal, Seville in Spain, Verona in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia, Hoi An in Vietnam, Chiang Mai and Koh Lanta in Thailand to Pamukkale in Turkey and St. Petersburg in Russia, the travel portfolio of Vaibhav entails a myriad of different destinations around the world.

Vaibhav is also the proud owner of Map My Escape, Instagram Handle and a blog  which is all about traveling. He frequently updates it with the details of his destinations including cultures, activities, food, transportation, etc. thus helping other backpackers and travelers from across the globe.

As you travel alone, you create stories, make new friends, and share your culture with others. Not only Vaibhav puts forth the beauty of India but he leaves no leaf unturned in describing the magnificence of our princely state and beautiful city.

There are many different and interesting things to see and do in this world. But if you believe that all of them come with a price, then remember Vaibhav – The Boy with His Backpack.


Map My Escape

Highlight your Troubleshooting Skills with PrepAway and Supplementary Resources for Cisco CCNP Exam 300-135

Are you interested in refining your troubleshooting skills? Look no further because CCNP R&S Certification exam 300-135 gets you covered.

Troubleshooting is one of the most valuable skills every network technician and engineer must possess. However, this kind of skill isn’t just something you can gain in a day or two. Troubleshooting is a highly systematic process of identifying, diagnosing, and resolving problems. But if you’re up for a more challenging and fulfilling job, then you’ll be getting satisfaction here.

Underlining Cisco and its reputation

Ask an IT graduate, and there’s a high percentage of him or her knowing Cisco. Cisco is just iconic. It’s labelled as one of the best IT companies all over the world, with a wide range of products and services. Cisco’s competitiveness in the market is unparalleled; hence it’s nothing short but fitting to utilize one of their certification exams to your advantage. And here, we’re talking about CCNP R&S through one of its three required tests – exam 300-135. The rest two include 300-101 and 300-115.

Unlocking CCNP R&S Exam 300-135

Ever heard of CCNP R&S? To give you an overview, this certification is offered by Cisco for professional-level individuals wanting to improve their knowledge about enterprise networks. The CCNP R&S or Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching is an in-demand credential among network engineers, network technicians, support engineer, and the like. These people greatly lean on enterprise roles. So, if you’re one of these professionals, then there’s a great chance of you appreciating certification exam 300-135.

Understanding the exam topics

It’s best to start with the exam topics. This will help you assess if the exam is the right fit for you. Through exam 300-135, you’ll gain insights about Layer 2 and 3 technologies, VPN technologies, infrastructure services, and security, and of course, network principles. Layer 2 discourses about different addresses, including physical, burned-in, and MAC. On the other hand, Layer 3 revolves around switching and routing technologies. Both topics get the highest number of percentage among the other exam objectives, each at 40%. So, if you’re studying the exam, allocate more than enough time understanding these subjects.

Preparing for the exam

After analyzing all the topics, you can now jump into the preparation phase. It’s not that complicated as you think. Time management is the key to cover all the topics. Here’s how to you can ace the exam and highlight your troubleshooting career to recruiters.

Utilizing physical study materials

Books are not dead. They are still remarkable even in this technology-based generation. Starting with a material provided by Cisco is definitely a good choice. The CCNP Routing and Switching SWITCH 300-115 Official Cert Guide by David Hucaby is so comprehensive that it makes studying easier and efficient. The CCNP Routing and Switching Portable Command Guide is another functional piece you need to acquire if you want to study everywhere you go. This compact reference is a remarkable review material too. And since you need to pass the two other CCNP certification exams, then getting the CCNP Routing and Switching Foundation Learning Guide Library is a practical option. It covers all three exams, ROUTE 300-101, SWITCH 300-115, and TSHOOT 300-135.

Enrolling in online training courses

Once you’re done with books, hop on with online courses, which is a nice way to develop your reading comprehension. Training courses are great breathers from the traditional way of studying – books. Reading and learning from an interactive environment have been the trend lately, especially for people who are busy. Most of these training courses can be accessed online, from your personal computer to your cellular phone. In particular, enroll yourself in the recommended self-paced course by Cisco, which is Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) v2.0. Similar to classroom training, here you learn the topics in an easy way because these are presented into segments. But if you really want to experience a classroom-like setting, then Cisco also offers instructor-led classes through Learning Partners.

Practicing your skills

Assess your preparedness through a hands-on lab environment. If you want to ensure you’re on the right track, then go with Cisco-recommended references – Cisco Modeling labs and Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition or VIRLPE. Another way to practice your skills is by taking different practice tests. Practice exams are meant to corroborate your knowledge so that come exam day, you’re more than 100% ready.

Taking advantage of PrepAway braindumps

Braindumps are simply useful despite its infamous reputation. These resources are prominently credited for their significance among exam takers. One popular provider of braindumps is PrepAway. This top-notch website gives you the latest files of exam questions and answers, along with training courses. The dumps available at PrepAway are free to download. As a result, this makes so popular for individuals who want to strengthen their understanding before the real exam. With PrepAway’s wide array of certification exam resources, different individuals can surely utilize their website.

Joining a group

Cisco’s badge of reputation in the IT industry has been running for years. And joining a Cisco-run group is a great way to pump up your preparation. The CCNP R&S study group gives you that chance to exchange ideas and tips to people who are also studying for the exam. The group gathers significant documents that can be used by group members. And aside from learning new things from different perspectives, this will help you connect to people professionally.


Stay ahead of the inescapable network problems through your expert troubleshooting skills. Exam 300-135 will surely provide you with a great foundation that will keep you valuable to the present networks and the future virtualized network roles. Advance your skills in networking by gaining the CCNP R&S credential and taking all three exams. That will make your skills relevant and you’ll be valuable on the IT market. To pass the certification exam successfully, be well-prepared with the material from Cisco website and PrepAway online resource. Wish you success!

7 Things which makes people go crazy about DIGICATION

1. Experience Practical Learning

Everything from the beginning goes hands-on within the courses or modules to assist you in identifying skills into a promising arena while blooming your career and confronting better knowledge.

Hands-On Learning
Hands-On Learning

2. Paid Internships

The training here comes with onboard internships, which makes you experience enough to take a

  • Job
  • Freelance Work or
  • Start your own Business

3. Training Pedagogy

The programme is highly experiential and interactive. Comprising

  • Participant presentations and Discussions
  • Case studies
  • Classroom Lectures

4. Meetups & Networking Sessions

Moreover, you can also enjoy the workshops and meet-ups with experts in this field which are held on a timely basis for the students and professionals to grow and learn.

Meetups & Networking
Meetups & Networking

And, in this advantage, you can also encounter corporate training and Networking events that will make you dive into a feel to be in the industry arena within your comfort zone that is profoundly not witnessed anywhere. 

Meetups & Networking

5. Portfolio

With every course, you can have an entire portfolio ready at the end of your training to showcase with your resume which will help you in future phase to work with professionals on-board and is likely preferable in start-ups and MNC’s.


6. Team Building & Outdoor activities

The level of creativity raises more in learning when you take part in stimulating activities, and Digication takes care of the trainees while learning over a tour, workshops, and cafe meet-ups with experts and professionals to develop their criteria.

Learning over Outings

7. Lifetime Experience & Membership

It’s an institute, which has turned up learning digital marketing into a lifetime experience. All the courses at DIGICATION come with lifetime access and membership, you enter as unknown and you end up becoming family.

Lifetime Experience & Membership


No.1 Digital Marketing training institute in Udaipur

Digication has thrived and gained the place in one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Udaipur and nearby regions. With their ideal course of ADMCP – Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate Program, now it has earned the badge of No.1 Digital marketing institute in Udaipur till date. And, when you are with them, you have the In-hand plans that you can set for 2019 along with Digital marketing which has the following modules:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Blogging

The bundle of advantages doesn’t end here, You can also customize your course with addons Graphic Designing as well as Website Design & Development, along with 12+ certifications that are must hold for a Digital Marketer.

So now you know that a new trend is taking up Udaipur with hashtag #DigicationKarteHai associated with one of the best institutes for digital marketing in Udaipur – Digication.

The institute has been ideal amongst many students, homemakers, job seekers, and Internet geeks.

It’s an institute, which has turned up learning digital marketing into a lifetime experience so much that if you would ask anyone from where to learn digital marketing in Udaipur, the immediate answer would be Digication.

Hear it in a word, what Digication is to its participants

Wanna be a Digital Buff?

Go #GetDigication & Open door of Digital World at first.

Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career

Digication has been leading from the front since last 3-years in Udaipur to build a strong connection with the ones who want to learn and train self in the Digital world.

Fill out the form below to Get Free Consultation on Digital Marketing as a Career

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1st Floor,
Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Parishad,
Near Rishabh Travels,
Panchwati, Udaipur.

8854857019 / 6377233379

Pregnancy complications you should be aware of to avoid uncertainties

Pregnancy is going to one of the most memorable periods in your life. As a couple, the first biggest event after your wedding is pregnancy. Delivering a child is a dream for most women right from the adolescent age. The day you get conceived, there comes a sense of achievement and gratitude. Meanwhile, as days proceed, there also comes a sense of fear which gets associated as your body changes in shape and size. Due to the increased hormonal activity which is a reaction of your body as the embryo grows into a beautiful baby.

You might always have this question about what are the complications which you should be aware of and what to do if you facing one. Let us see some of the common gynecological complications which occur during pregnancy.

  1. Vaginal bleeding could mean different things especially if you are pregnant. From heavy bleeding to spotting bleeding can have its own course. As heavy bleeding is associated with miscarriage, it is very important to keep a close watch on your vaginal bleeding. If you are experiencing cramps with heavy bleeding, visit the best gynecology specialist in Gurgaon or any other city right away.
  2. If you are experiencing nausea while you are pregnant, it is completely alright. As nausea and vomiting are very common. But if it is getting serious, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. Most of the dehydration and your diet could be causing the problem but do not live with the condition.
  3. Contractions can be symptoms of preterm labor. If you are in your 3rs trimester and feel frequent contractions then you might want to schedule a visit to the maternity clinic. There are quite a few top maternity hospitals in Chennai who are well versed with premature and preterm labor. This cannot be treated as a sign of emergency as contractions can mean a lot of underlying problems.
  4. Water breaks due to rupture of the membrane can be tricky at times as enlarged uterus can cause pressure on your bladder so you might want to try urinating. If the flow continues then you might want to call your doctor.
  5. Persistent headaches and abdominal pain might occur every now and then but there is a degree of discomforts associated with this.

It is always important to keep a close watch on your health and consult the doctor immediately. All these years you waited to enter the phase of parenthood and cannot be disturbed by certain complications. Changing your lifestyle and building healthy habits can you far away from all these complications.

Update Your Mattress Collection This Winter Season

Imagine, after a hard day at work where you have been literally sweating it out all day, you finally come home, and when you go to bed, you realize that the mattress is missing. How will you feel? That is exactly the moment when you will realize how important it is to have a mattress on your bed. A bed without a mattress is an absolute incomplete, yes. There are different types of mattresses that are available in the market today. You can buy a mattress online as well as offline by visiting a physical store.

A mattress is basically a fabric cover which is filled with some type of material. This material can be soft, hard, or something like spring. Which mattress is best for you depends on your health or your choice. The one on which you can sleep peacefully without feeling any type of body pain the next day is the best mattress for you.

There are different types of mattresses to choose from such as:

  • Open Spring Mattress: This type of mattress is also known as the open coil mattress or even a continuous coil mattress. Under this, the cover consists of a long metal wire which is being coiled into a number of springs. An additional border road is being used to shape the mattress and give it the right form.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: These are a modern type of mattresses that are basically made up of memory foam. The plus point is that it is not only responsive to weight but also to temperature. A super good choice for those who usually suffer from a backache as it is known for maintaining body posture.
  • Latex Mattress: If you believe in buying durable mattresses, then Latex mattress is the correct choice. This one is filled with latex foam and is beneficial for those who are suffering from Asthma or some kind of allergy.
  • Pocket Spring Mattress: If you are looking for a luxurious type of mattress, then this may be the right choice for you. This one is made up of a number of individual springs that are small in size. This is the reason that it is more supportive than the other mattresses available.

You can buy a mattress online that are available according to the season. With the winters going on, you obviously wouldn’t want to wait for your mattress to get warm. Instead, it should be something that can maintain the temperature.


Mattress for Winter Season

While the summer mattress present in the market usually consists of material that is according to the season and doesn’t get warm-up, mattresses for winter season usually consists of material such as wool that helps in keeping the bed warm. Did you know that sleeping on a cold mattress in winter can lead to symptoms of Fibromyalgia or Arthritis? Sleeping on a cold mattress is not good as it will not only disturb your sleep but might also leave you frustrated. So, this time when you select beds online, don’t forget to choose the right mattress online too.

5 Royal Things to do in Udaipur

The city of lakes in the western part of Rajasthan is the manifestation of a destination no less than a dream. Walking through it feels like the word ‘royalty’ was coined in the charming streets of Udaipur. The millennia-old history is a matter of fascination amongst Indians and foreigners alike, a glimpse of which can be seen in everything native there. In Udaipur, an accommodation that calms the soul is as simple as spotting lakes, gardens, and its famous forts. However, certain activities that imbibe royalty in your very thought and nature are also available.

Click and let Click

Everyone wants some memories of the stay in the city synonymous to grandeur, especially when you can find a natural or man-made wonder everywhere. The Saheliyon Ki Bari (Court of Maidens) is one such popular garden where photography leads to pictures on your walls forever. You do not need permission for photography here. It is the perfect spot if you’re hoping to do a shoot for your brand/client with some royal gardens in the backdrop. Of course, there are several Havelis as well, but you’ll have to check if photography is allowed.


Eat like a Queen

Rajasthani cuisine is particularly spicy, yet delectable. Even the humblest restaurants, cafes, and roadside stalls offer food that cannot be resisted. Don’t forget to try the Mewari curries that are known for their strong flavors and spices being used sparingly. For the highlight, you must try the Laal Maas, which is a traditional Rajasthani non-vegetarian delight. The red meat (mutton) is slowly cooked in red chili and exotic herbs and can be found at virtually every restaurant. You may find the royal experience you’re seeking dining at a restaurant next to Lake Pichola.


Stay in Style

The stay in Udaipur is what makes or makes the experience. The way to getting the best of it in Udaipur is staying on or next to a lake. You can be sure of an experience like no other at The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur situated next to Fateh Sagar Lake. The hotel is constructed in an image of royalty. Choose from the Maharaja, Maharani, or Princess Suites that offer space, regal furniture and a service that will make you feel like nobility. Moreover, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket as compared to other options on and around lakes.


Get an aerial view

The view of the city from a height is simply incomparable as it reveals all the humble rises and descents in the city’s geography apart from the lakes that are much bigger than they seem at level. Take the ropeway to the famous Karni Mata Temple. Apart from the view, the ride issues a rush that adds to the excitement inherent in the city. Nothing offers a panoramic view of the majestic city as the ropeway.


Boat ride

Lake Pichola is not only sight in Udaipur, but across the country. More beautiful than a sunrise, you can get a glimpse of the rich history in a flash when the sun sets on the Pichola. However, don’t wait for it on the shore; take a boat cruise on the freshwater and witness the meaning of peace as the lake glimmers with the rays of the sun. The islands on the lake that illuminate as the night begin to fall make it even better.

Book ‘100 Change Makers’ Launched in Udaipur

The first edition of the book ‘100 Change Makers’ was launched in Labh Garh Palace Resort, Udaipur in joint collaboration with M Square Publication and Media Print Dainik Bhaskar. Former State higher education minister and newly elected MLA of Rajsamand Mrs. Kiran Maheshwari, Chairman of DPS Govind Agarwal, Industrialist & CMD of Labh Garh Palace Resort, Gurpreet Singh Soni, CEO of M square Mukesh Madhwani, partner Dinesh Gothwal, Tarika Bhanupratap Singh Dhabhai, Daily Bhaskar’s News Editor, Sarvesh Sharma and General Manager Satish Bharadwaj  jointly launched  the book.

While addressing the function Kiran Maheshwari said that the book involves experienced people along with the young minds have set an example to the youth.

While on the other hand, Govind Agarwal said that there are many other experienced people in the society whom we do not know but the author has set an example in the society by addressing such people in the book. The team truly inspires all of us. Gurpreet Singh Soni said that M Square Publication has taken the first step towards success by publishing this category of book.

General Manager of Dainik Bhaskar, Satish Bharadwaj said that Dainik Bhaskar has made changes in his newspaper according to the demand of the people since the beginning and due to the same changes, it became the voice of the public.

Interviews of 51 people have been recorded in the book which includes that of Akshay Jain, Anup Kumar Jhambani, CEO of Ashoka Groups Mukesh Madhwani, Bhanupratap Singh Dhaibhai, Brahmaji Guwalani, Claire Abrams, Dinesh Kothari, Dolly Taldar, Dr. A.N. Mathur, Dr. Gaurav Yadav, Dr. Narendra Dhing, Dr. Nirmal Kunawat, Dr. O.P. Mahatma, Dr. Seema Singh, Dr. Sunil Jangid, Dr. Sweety Chhabra, Dr. Virendra Kumar Mahatma, Dr. Yashwant Singh Kothari, Gopal Agrawal, Gurpreet Singh Soni.

Meanwhile, Hansraj Choudhary, Hasan Aftab Paliwal, Hukamraj Jain, Jagdish Bajaj, Jatin Nagori, Jeevika Gothwal, Khalil Agwani, Kishan Singh Rajput, Krishna Pal Singh Chundawat, Kunal Bagla, Kunal Singh Yadav, Leena Sharma, Mahendra Jain, Mukesh Khubchandani, N.L. Khetan, Nirmal Kumar Singhvi, Nirmala Soni, Prem Menaria, Pushpendra Parmar, Rajendra Prasad Gupta, Rajesh Chug, Renshi Raj Kumar Menaria, Sanjit Chohan, Rohit Gopal Bhaiya, Shyam B. Gupta, Sister Damian, Sushil Kumar Banthia, Uddhav Podhar, Vikas Joshi and Vimal Sangeeta Dharwere were felicitated with an uparna and mementos.

Rakesh Sen of Kamal  Digi studio, RJ Sim from 94.3 My FM, Sanjit Chauhan, Ashok Mathur, Sayed Ashraf,  Mukesh Chaudhry of Chaudhary Offset Pvt., Rakesh Sharma, Neha Paliwal, Jyoti Bhandari, Lakshmi, Bhave were honored with a memento for their valuable contribution in publishing the book.

Presentation of colorful cultural events comprises Jagar Chaturvedi and Khusi Chhabra songs in the melodious voice & MM Ali Group’s musical Rajasthani songs and dances. Initially, Dinesh Gothwal welcomed the guests and narrated the entire journey from the beginning.

Gold Jewellery- “A Fashion Statement”

Jewellery without a tint of gold is incomplete. Gold is most appealing to both men and women when it comes to jewellery. Gold signifies, purity, wedding, occasion, festivals etc. Gold jewellery compliments your look. Gold is used to make bangles, earrings, necklace, bracelets, wristlets, rings etc in various designs.

This article will give you a brief idea about gold jewellery design with price and 3 gram gold ring price:

Source: My Gold Guide


Gold Necklace

  • Gold coin long necklace- It is a heritage jewellery also known as Kaasumala where kaasu means coin and mala means necklace. The design includes small gold coins with an image of goddess Laxmi. This gold coin long necklace goes best with a traditional outfit, festivals and in dance performance. It also goes perfectly with a bridal wear. It will cost you around Rs 35000 to Rs 48000.

Gold jewellery set

  • Kundan gold jewellery set- Kundan gold jewellery set is very important jewellery for wedding. It includes a necklace , chain, hand chain, bracelet, earrings, headpiece etc which completes a bridal look. It is very expensive and is suitable for wedding purpose. It gives a grand and royal look to the wearer. It will cost you Rs 50000 to Rs 70000.

Gold bangles

  • Designer rope offices wear bangles- Nowadays mostly working women cannot wear heavy gold bangles. Nothing to worry because for them the designer rope office wears bangles are the perfect choice as it is lightweight and can go with every outfit. These are the most trendy gold bangles and are in high demand. This will cost you Rs 11000 to Rs 13500.

Gold bracelet

  • Classic gold bracelet with a heart shape- These bracelets are suited for both women and girls. It is an ideal gold bracelet for all types of occasion and enhances your look with its unique design. It is also perfect for an office wear. It will cost you around Rs 12000 to 15000.

Gold chain

  • Gold chain with diamond- Gold with a diamond is the most classy and stylish combination. As we know diamonds are women’s best friend so wearing a gold chain studded with diamond will give a stylish look and it is perfect for all occasions. It will cost you around Rs 18000 to Rs 22500.


Rings are loved by women of all age groups. And if it is a gold ring then it is a must-have in every women jewellery collection as it shows a fashion statement. These are in trend for a long period of time. Nowadays the designers have come across with a variety of 3 gram gold rings with beautiful designs.

A 3gram gold ring price depends on its weight and on its design. But normally a 3gram gold rings will cost you between Rs 9300 to Rs 11000.

So these are the gold jewellery design with rate and a 3 gram gold ring price. This will serve you as a guide whenever you wish to buy a gold jewellery according to your budget.

Techno India NJR Students Win Rs.1 lac Prize

Techno NJR students bring prestige to Udaipur once again by winning the 1st Runner-Up prize of Rs. 1 lakh in #OpenGovDataHack, a national level competition held in New Delhi on 31st October. The event was organized by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Law & Justice.

The prize to Techno NJR team was given by Hon’ble minister Sh. Ravi Shanker Prasad. First prize was won by the team from VIT and second Prize by Techno NJR team and third by IIT, Patna.

Techno NJR team consisting of Tathagat, Vedant, Bhavya, Mohit & Jeevika and mentored by Dr. Jitendra Shreemali created Datacop Platform using data available with National Crime Records Bureau.

What is Datacop Platform:

The Datacop platform is an attempt to empower the vulnerable sections of society through the use of technology. With increased attention on crimes against women, the team has presented a technology solution to prevent major crimes against women. Going forward this system can be used to prevent all weaker sections of the society, be these, women, older generation or children.

The analysis shows that coastal states have consistently witnessed the highest cases of immoral trafficking of women. Further, correlation analysis identifies the filling up of women SI equivalent rank vacancies as the best solution to the problem since the correlation between both these factors is close to 80%. Similarly, analysis of rape data provides insights into the profile of likely rapists as well as their family background.

As Udaipur is among the select smart cities, this can help make Udaipur a safer place for tourists as well as the residents. Successful deployment at Udaipur would enable other leading cities in the country to consider this as a potential solution to their crime-related challenges.