Unluckily! Udaipur is in the list of World’s Most Polluted Cities.

Udaipur Amongst World’s Most Polluted Cities

By the World Health Organization’s (WHO) urban air quality database released on Thursday, Udaipur has been positioned as the 59th most contaminated city on the planet.

Four different places from Rajasthan, namely, Jodhpur (30), Jaipur (33), Kota(58) and Alwar(61) other than Udaipur; have likewise been included amongst the main 100 polluted cities on the planet as far as air-quality. These five urban communities are additionally amongst India’s main 25 most polluted cities.

Udaipur Air Pollution
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98% of urban areas in low-and center pay nations with more than 1,00,000 tenants don’t meet WHO air quality rules; states the most recent report.

The rankings depend on ground estimations of yearly mean groupings of particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5). Than PM 10, air contamination of PM 2.5 is connected with more genuine health implications. PM 2.5 better particulate matter causes more noteworthy harm to the respiratory framework than coarser PM 10. The essential source of data incorporates official reporting from nations to WHO, and authority national and sub-national reports and sites containing estimations of PM10 or PM2.5.

As urban air quality decays, the danger of stroke, coronary illness, lung malignancy, and constant and intense respiratory ailments including asthma, increments for the general population who live in them.

Says Dr Flavia Bustreo, WHO Assistant-Director General, Family, Women and Children’s Health, “Air pollution is a major cause of disease and death. It is good news that more cities are stepping up to monitor air quality, so when they take actions to improve it they have a benchmark. When dirty air blankets our cities the most vulnerable urban populations—the youngest, oldest and poorest—are the most impacted.”

Wish somebody in the organization pays heed so we have a solid city alongside the smart city. May be its time for “odd-even” vehicles in Udaipur as well! A more tight control on close-by industrial units may likewise be required!


Article reference: UdaipurTimes & HindustanTimes | TimesOfIndia

[Intro Entrepreneurs] Rashmi Khathuria – StyleCourt

rashmi khaturia udaipur

Share a bit about You.

I was born and brought up in Udaipur. I have done Graduation (BBA & B.Ed). Previously I was a high school teacher in Lilavatibai Podar Mumbai but presently I am the owner of StyleCourt Udaipur.

Since my early teens like most of the other girls, I had an immense love for clothes. Clothes that are not just clothes but fashionable clothes. I never used to shop from Udaipur; it was always from markets and malls of Delhi. Every time my father used to go for meetings and business trips, my list of different types of dresses would be ready!


Share us some details about StyleCourt.

StyleCourt is a trend driven online pre-order women’s western wear store. StyleCourt focuses more on the latest trends in fashion. We do have accessories as a part of our store in which mainly neckpieces, earrings, bags and goggles are there. StyleCourt gets you the latest fashion styles at your doorstep. You need not to crib anymore about your city Udaipur being backward in fashion.

All latest styles; be it in maxi dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, crop tops, culottes pants, rompers, skater dresses, midi dresses, bodycon dresses, blazers, shirts, off shoulder dresses etc. are there. It takes minimum of 8-10 days for delivery of the product. As it’s a pre-order service, so after getting the payment the order is confirmed. COD is available for Udaipur. We do keep stock in hand but that’s just 5%, rest 95% is sold via Instagram, FaceBook and on Whatsapp.

Style Court Udaipur


How did you start your venture? What motivates you to continue?

After shifting from Mumbai to Udaipur, the only cause of concern for me was from where I’ll buy clothes from. Might sound stupid to some but it’s the major cause of worry for most of the girls who are up-to-date with fashion in Udaipur. We do have options of many websites but then I’m quite dubious about the quality and most importantly latest fashion wear. This one thought sparked an idea about StyleCourt. I thought of why not to start something of my own. I was sick of hearing from my Udaipur friends that “yaha kuch latest nahi milta yaar.. jo bombay delhi me aaj fashion hai vo ek saal yaa six months baad yaha aata hai..!!!” So why not bring down this cribbing for fashion. My friends and many other people are at ease because they love the dresses.

I always wanted to do something by my own and this keeps me motivated. Of course I did teaching job in Mumbai’s best school PODAR but there had to be something of mine solely. The major motivation comes from clothes. The love for clothes is the motivation and when I hear people saying that they love the dress received from my venture or “I can only think of your store for shopping in Udaipur” it just makes my day. We do have clients of other cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Nagpur, Delhi, Sikar, Ahmedabad, Tibet, Chandigarh, Chittor, Surat as the main business runs via Social Media Sites.

Style Court by Rashmi Khaturia


How do you define Trend?

Trend for me means the acceptance for something new. A new style that is introduced by fashion world and celebrities around the world. A trend is what starts from celebs and gets carried forward by common people. Trends are not steady they keep changing. The life itself is all about growth and change.

Being a woman, is there any instance where you faced some problem? How did you get over it?

Problems/shortcomings are there in every business, for all be it a man or a woman. Being an independent girl since beginning, I didn’t face as such problems in our city Udaipur. I’ve lived alone in Mumbai doing a job, earned money, paid my bills/rent/expenses, explored markets and made a living by myself so I’m quite adapted to do things on my own. As such there are no problems.
And even if I face some issues, I try to give my best to solve the troubles. If not, then my younger brother Dheeraj khathuria is the savior. He never lets his sister down or disappointed as he has practical approach and solutions to all my woes.


What do you like most about StyleCourt?

Woah! Well EVERYTHING! I love my work. And being a girl, I have a huge space for clothes and fashion accessories in my heart and wardrobe as well. Ok so the best part is that StyleCourt is something which I owe proudly. The best part is I am at ease about latest trends in Udaipur. People who are aware of trends and styles are happily buying products from us. We have a very happy client base.

Rashmi Khaturia in Udaipur


What makes StyleCourt different from others?

You get all latest styles which itself makes it different. The difference is that we make our clients feel special by providing them with one on one personal conversation. They can sit home and see the products, they can inquire about products and the friendliest part is we ask our clients what they require or what kind of dress they’re looking for. They send us pictures and we try to arrange similar or next to similar products.


How do you reset yourself to be creative? Are there any specific rituals?

No rituals we have as such. It’s all about posting pictures with latest styles. There are many fashion magazines which keep me updated about the world of fashion. The best ones to name are Cosmopolitan, Harpar Bazaar, Femina and Elle.

products by stylecourt


What is the best way to create an infectious Product?

I work on a philosophy of “jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai“! It might sound cliché, but yes it’s the fact. Post a picture and tell people that it’s the Hot selling product. There are many TV personalities and Celebrities wearing similar stuff. We show people how to get inspired by celebrity Styles and most importantly wear it yourself, style it in their own way or style your friends, people say everything looks good on celebrities but when a non-eminent personality wears/carries that product with grace and style people tend to buy such products.

Style Court


Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

After 10 years, I would like to see myself as Director of StyleCourt group which will be having as many as stores in India and overseas like that of Forever21. The stores shall have products related to fashion & lifestyle.

rashmi udaipur


What are your most important hobbies?

Well! Let’s talk about the current most important hobby. It’s stalking about latest trends, from international/national magazines to celebrity’s personal stylists and blogs about the designers in the fashion world. Apart from that, I like reading. I am a huge fan of Abraham Esther and Jerry Hicks books. Their books are based on spirituality; so yeah I like to read them.


What piece of advice would you like to give to someone who is thinking to start their own venture? How do you encourage them to take plunge?

One simple mantra I would like to give. “Believe in yourself” and that’s the key. If your heart says it, then do it. I would like to encourage them by saying that it’s your life and hence your choice. People will say what they think but it’s important that what u think. Go ahead, start it and don’t worry about failures. To relish the taste of success, you first need to know what failure is. And remember that risks are part of business.


How can someone browse StyleCourt’s Collection? 

For people seeking StyleCourt’s Collection and Products, They can easily connect us through the Social Media Profiles.


We do have some selective products available at our store: 

Style Court

Road No. 13, J-1, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur


[Intro Entrepreneurs] Hurratul Maleka Taj – Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger - Hurratul Maleka Taj

Was blogging ever your profession plan?

I have done MBA-Tech from NMIMS and until college got over, I had no idea about blogging and vlogging at all. So it was never a profession plan but it was rather my destiny. I chose to follow my heart and indulge into fashion related domains and blogging happened.


What separates your style from other individual style bloggers?

The fact that I don’t come from a fashion background, I have a much unbiased approach and probably a very not so fashion kind of perspective on every fashion story. I am a common girl who is extremely passionate about fashion and writes about views, likes and dislikes. The fact that I am experimental and fearless is what I think defines me. I have always been open to new things and in a closed society like that of India where topics like Lingerie and Brassieres are not usually discussed, I have made an effort to talk about it. I think the willingness to take the challenges and the fact that I come from a technical background makes me stand out from other bloggers.

Hurratul Maleka Taj from Udaipur


Have your own style changed following the beginning of the Online Blog?

My style always has remained very experimental. Each day is a new day and thus my style changes every day with trying new things and creating new looks.

Fashion Vlogger - Hurratul Maleka Taj

What is your most loved outfit that you’ve posted as such?

Recently, I have posted an outfit with the Title OOMPH and it is my favorite. It says that you don’t need an occasion to look sexy and dress up your best but each day can be your best dressed day. All you have to do is put the right pieces together and create a captivating ensemble.


You have a skill for finding amazing, affordable pieces; what should girls look for to get the most out of their budget?

I believe in four things that can work out for you if you want to dress up very nicely.

  • Know your personality first, remember who you are? Pick what you like and not what is trending.
  • Know your body shape
  • Look for quality over quantity
  • Learn to style the pieces in your closet. 10 pieces in your wardrobe and if each one can be styled in 3 different ways, you can create 30 looks out of it, which is not bad right?

Always remember, you are unique and you can have your own definition of fashion which can be very different from what is trending. Follow your heart and wear what you love, you will definitely look your best.

Hurratul Maleka Taj Udaipur

What else are your side hobbies and passions?

I love to paint, write, act, dance and travel. Painting and dancing have always been very close to my heart. I am a drama queen and I guess all the above makes me a fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Do you need to take numerous photos and attempt a great deal of hopes to get a decent last picture?

Hurratul Maleka Taj

None of my photo shoots till date has lasted more than 20 minutes. Also, I have always been very camera friendly. Back in college, I had done a course from Anupam Kher’s Academy: Actors get prepared in Mumbai and I think the camera friendliness has come from there. I can pose on a road with people watching me and I will be very comfortable.


When was your first grown-up beauty moment which roused you to be a fashion blogger?

The very first time when I actually thought I could do something in fashion was when I won Miss Fresher’s in my college. I was a scholar and used to study 18 hours a day, top the class etc. Till school, I never thought I could ever be close to fashion, though I always dreamt of being the winner of the beauty pageants. But that is life. It changes every moment.


Are you opening a boutique soon; what sort of arrangements you have for future?

I am currently working on a very exciting idea, which is very close to our culture and our land. If that happens and gets executed well, it will change the fate of my company Territory of Fashion. We are into planning phase now and also looking for investments. I am very excited and very passionate for the same.


Where all we can find you online?


Well if you type my name, only if you can type it correctly – Hurratul Maleka Taj, you will find me easily because there is me and only me with that name Google could also find till date. Hehehe!!!