Rimless, semi or fully rimmed: Which glasses suits you the best?

Gone are the days when glasses made you look serious and nerdy. Now, with so many styles, colours and types available, eyeglasses have become more than a utility item. That is why glasses for men and women have now become like an accessory that helps improve appearance. 

However, with so many options and ever-changing trends, it is challenging to pick the right pair. One question on top of your mind might be that whether you should shop for full-frame, half-frame or rimless glasses. Even though all of it comes down to your personal preference, you still may need some help to decide which one can suit you the best.

We have curated a handy guide for you to understand various types of glasses for men and women and what they offer: 

Rimless Glasses: A Timeless Classic

Rimless Eyeglasses
Black Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses

Choose a rimless eyeglass frame to reveal your facial features. These glasses for men and women are a great choice to wear at work or any professional event. Such glasses are incredibly comfortable, but make sure you handle them with great care. It is because of the material used for the frame and lenses; both are thin. These glasses for men and women are so lightweight that sometimes you might forget that you are even wearing them. They are no longer available in just the standard rectangular shape, but also circular and other trendy styles. So, whether you want to get the iconic Steve Job’s look or Richard Gere’s captivating look, merge into the rimless trend. 

Half-Rim Glasses: For the Minimalistic Look

Semi Rim Eyeglasses
Demi Brown with Gun Metal Brow-lines Semi Rim Eyeglasses

Half-rim glasses for men and women come are fitted with lenses that are only covered by a top rim.  You can build a sophisticated look by emphasizing the upper portion of your eyes by wearing this style of glasses. This kind of frame is lightweight, and it is the perfect choice for people who wear glasses all day long. 

If you have a diamond or face-down triangle shape, experiment with a semi-rimless frame. It gives you a balanced look, which makes it a perfect fit for changing from work to party look in no time. However, since the bottom part of the lenses is rimless, it is prone to higher wear and tear and may require extra care.

Fully-Rim Glasses: To Emphasize Your Style

Full Rim Eyeglasses
Demi Brown Rectangle Full Rim Eyeglasses

Fully rimmed glasses for men and women come fitted with lenses entirely outlined by a metal or plastic frame. Nothing catches more attention than sporting a bodied frame. Of the three types of frames, fully rim glasses are the sturdiest as they can endure frequent wear and tear. Such glasses for men and women are ideal for you if you have an active lifestyle involving travelling and sports activities.

Also, fully rim glasses for men and women can handle wide and thick lenses because of their lightweight construction, unlike half rim and rimless glasses. One small concern with fully rim glasses is that they tend to be a little heavier than the half rim and rimless glasses. However, it should not be a big deal for you if you don’t mind some extra weight. 

Style & Comfort Together

When looking for a fresh pair of glasses, consider your face type and other factors to make the right choice. It is an accessory that will accentuate your look and style. Trendy eyewear designs from reliable brands like Titan Eye Plus are contemporary, comfortable and cost-effective. These glasses for men and women are easily available online, giving you the flexibility to choose from the latest eyewear collection. There is a wide variety of UV protection and Blue Light Technology glasses available to prevent your eyes from damage.  So, find your perfect pair now to look your best. 

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur

When you go on holiday, you want to go sightseeing, enjoy the local cuisine and lastly take something back with you. Souvenirs are usually things you can take home with you, and remember your trip by. They may be something small, which you can keep in a showcase, or something much larger, that you hang on a wall.

If you happen to visit Udaipur, you can do both. If you love shopping or are looking to take back gifts for family and friends from Udaipur, these popular and unique items are great options.

Souvenirs in Udaipur

  1. Paintings and Sculptures

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
A painting of a Rajasthani King

Udaipur is famous for its paintings and sculptures. Most of the paintings are in the Rajasthani style. From paintings of the royal families to sculptures of Hindu Gods, you can find world-class paintings and sculptures in Udaipur. There are several art galleries that cater to all budgets.

Where to Buy: Art Stone Gallery, Ashoka Arts

  1. Danka Embroidered Cushion Covers

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Embroidery Cushion Covers

In Rajasthan, the Danka embroidery on clothing and accessories is famous. Many shops in Udaipur sell cushion covers with the gorgeous Danka embroidery. While they are a big hit with tourists, many also pick up other styles of cushion covers such as with bead and metal embroidery.

In Udaipur, you get the best Danka Embroidered  Cushion Covers to take back home; they will certainly add grandeur to your home furniture.

Where to Buy: Kashmir Artizan

  1. Jewellery

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Jewellery at Hathipole Bazaar

Across the city, you will find many shops, both large and small, selling designer and imitation jewellery. Jewellery in Udaipur is available in a variety of designs and sizes. Popular kinds of jewellery are in silver and gold, though imitation jewellery is also available.

So, the next time you are in Udaipur, it will be a good idea to get yourself a few fresh pieces of silver jewellery to add to your wardrobe.

Where to Buy: Hathipole Bazaar

  1. Puppets

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Rajasthani manikins

Rajasthan is famous for its puppets, especially the Rajasthani manikins. If you plan of taking something back home, either as gifts or for your showcase, why not buy puppets from this city? A great gift for kids, too, or to add a quirky touch to your room. In Udaipur, you get the best variety of Rajasthani manikin puppets.

Where to Buy: Puppet Store at University of Arts.

  1. Wall Clocks

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur

In Udaipur, you can shop for the best varieties of wall clocks. Made by hand, these pieces are timeless and elegant. They make for great gifts and are an excellent addition to your home décor as well.

Where to Buy: Ethnic Clock Makers

  1. Stone Crafts

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
A store selling stone crafts in Udaipur

Another type of souvenir to buy to take back home from Udaipur are stone crafts. In the city, you will find artisans selling their artwork at markets or in shops. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, stone crafts will add a certain charm to your home. They are also good as gifts.

Where to Buy: The Government Store, Pramatama Stone Crafts

On a trip to Udaipur, do not forget to plan out your stay carefully as destinations such as Udaipur could easily get full up, particularly during season time between November and March. When we were on our trip to Udaipur, we ensure we booked online well in advance. The stay at a Treebo hotel in the area was absolutely fabulous, great comfort at a reasonable price,

Accommodation in Udaipur

If you plan on staying for a few days in Udaipur and want to do an online hotel booking in Udaipur, stay at any of the Treebo hotels. They are all equipped with excellent facilities, have superior customer service and ensure that you have a comfortable stay. You are certain to be pleased.

Know The Importance of Yoga on This International Yoga Day 2018

It is rather strange that in our country people realize the value of a thing only when foreigners say so despite the fact that our ancestors have proved its worth on the basis of experiments conducted for centuries. The importance is one such example. The idea of observation of yoga day at international level was floated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was accepted in 2015. In record time, it was accepted by 177 members of UNO general assembly. General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon said that yoga can be practiced by everyone at different levels whatever might be their age and capability. There is no question of discrimination. This traditional Indian practice is an easy way for physical, mental and spiritual health.

The international day of Yoga is celebrated every year with the aim of creating awareness about the advantages of the ancient method of Yoga among the public. Yoga experts tell us that yoga is the best and easiest way to keep ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. In today’s stressful life one can keep himself healthy and fit through the practice of Yoga exercises. Breathing exercises are an integral part of the body but also calms the mind. According to spiritual guru Swami Muktananda, the mind and prana (breathing) are twin brothers. Being two aspects of the same supreme consciousness, they are closely related to each other. What happens to one also happens to other. If one is controlled, the other is automatically controlled. When this happens, one establishes communion with the self and manifestation, compassion, love, and bliss. Some other benefits of Yoga include help in developing a positive attitude towards life and strong willpower and ability to enhance concentration and clarity in thinking.

It is not easy to provide proper healthcare facilities to our huge population due to physical and economic constraints. In our country, 235 persons out of every one lac suffer from heart problems and 25% of deaths in India are caused by heart attack. India is among the top five countries in the world with over six crore patients so far as diabetes is concerned. Every year about ten lac persons become new victims of cancer. Out of this, about six lac die. In the 2018-2019 about 52,800 crores have been set aside for medical facilities. Though serious diseases cannot be cured by Yoga alone it is able to develop immunity against diseases that is so important for our country.

source: financial express

We are told that the teaching of Yoga in Udaipur started way back in the mid nineteen seventies when a group of professors of MLSU, Udaipur formed a club. Some heads of religious organizations from different countries were invited to teach yoga. Several camps of different durations were held. Started in the 1980s was Yoga Sewa Samiti in Ambamata colony.

In Lake City, several Yoga centers are being run by teachers trained by Baba Ramdev. On the other hand, there are other places where they are managed by individuals like advocate Puran Mal Jain and Umesh Shrimal. For example, the one at Bhopalpura ground, near govt. Girls Senior Secondary School. Started in 2014, the center, according to Kamla Jain, is attended regularly by 25-30 ladies and 5-6 men. The number of men might be lesser due to the fact that they get busy right from early mornings. Some near features such as recitation of Gayatri mantra, Mahamrityanjayo mantra and listening to Gitasav before Yoga exercises begin have become an added attraction. And that has helped in boosting the number of participants. The rapid improvement in the condition of some participants suffering from diseases such as Asthama and diabetes has convinced them about the efficacy of Yoga exercises.

Source: lifealth

Yoga has not only become extremely popular among Udaipurites but there are also some among them who have created world records. Gopal Dangi, who comes from Rama village, Kailashpuri near Udaipur holds a world record doing Shirshasan for three hours, thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds under the guidance of Yoga experts such as Shobhalal Audichya. He practices different types of Yoga Asanas in the morning but Shirshasan is his favorite exercise. He voluntarily participates in Yoga programs at different places on Sundays where he teaches Yoga to the public including foreigners free of charge. He advises everyone to keep fit through Yoga. He feels that it is strange that foreigners come to India to learn Yoga that is our tradition whereas we ourself do not give it due importance. He believes that yoga is not just physical exercises but a means of creating positive energy. It is universal and should not be linked with any religion or country.

Top Gyms in Udaipur

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in- Jim Rohn

One of the rising trends among men and women nowadays is keeping their body in shape by doing regular workout and exercise. Having a good physique obviously makes you look good and feel confident. Udaipur city has not been able to escape from this rage, which is indeed a good thing as now the people are more focused towards staying fit and healthy.

Therefore, for all the Gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks, we present you a list of top gyms and fitness centres that you should give a try.

1. 4 sure Fitness-

source; Justdial
4 sure fitness

Established in 2016, 4 Sure fitness certainly lives up to its name and is currently the largest Gymnasium in Udaipur.  The gym is loaded with all the latest machines and fitness equipment and is ranked among the top gyms in Udaipur.

Address: MP enclave, Shobhagpura circle, Udaipur.

Contact: 07232826777

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm


2. Gold’s Gym-

Golde’s Gym

The most popular name in the list, Gold’s Gym has its branches all over India. The gym offers personal training and nutrition counselling. Rest assured, you are given the best training from certified fitness trainers.

Address: 49-A Panchawati, Udaipur.

Contact: 0294-2523280

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm


3. Five Town Club-

source: justdial
5 town club

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Five town club brought the true culture of modern gyms in Udaipur. Five town club offers the right kind of encouragement you need to achieve your goals. The gym also has a Thai Spa and a diet kitchen.

Address: 4th Amrit Plaza, opposite B.N. Girl’s College, Udaipur.

Contact: 09001255555, 07230055527, 07230055518

Timings: 6 am to 11 pm


4. Rnold Fitness club-

Rnold Fitness club

Rnold gym is a one-stop destination for all the people who wish to lose weight or get in shape but fail to find the proper guidance. The gym has its own professional certified trainers who will push you to your maximum limit to bring the best results out of you.

Rnold Fitness Club, Plot No.5, 80 feet, main road, near sanskar -II, Udaipur

Rnold Fitness Club, Plot No.5, 3 rd Floor,Above SBI Bank, Near Paras Choraha, Hiran Magri, Sector no.11 Udaipur

Contact: 91-91191-16169, 80058-81438, 86964-25866.

Monday to Friday
Morning 6.00 am TO 12:30 pm
Saturdays 12:00
Sundays 2 pm to 10 pm.
Evening 4:30 pm TO 9:30 pm

Sunday Closed


5. Vindeep’s Fit list-

Vindeep’s Fitlist

Vindeep Methani, the owner and head trainer of Vindeep’s fit list came up with the idea of opening a sperate gym for women so that they can comfortably workout without any awkwardness and hesitation. They also have a unisex gym with different training areas for men and women.

Address: E-260, First Floor, Chawda Complex, Opposite Nav Jeevan School, 100 Feet Road, near CA Circle, Sector 14, Hiran Magri, Udaipur,

Room No. 201, 2nd Floor, Aasu Villa, Above Punjabi Tadka Restaurant, 100ft. Road. Udaipur.

Contact: 09001241814

Timings: 6 am-11 am, 5 pm-9:45 pm.

Sunday closed.


6. The Gym Zone-

The Gym Zone

A new addition to this list is The Gym Zone and also provides services like Zumba and Aerobics. Various programs organized are lean body fitness, muscle body fitness and full body transformation fitness program.

Address: 1st Floor, Om Tower, University Rd, Near Choti Pipli, Udaipur.

Contact: 07891122786

Timings: 5 am-10 am, 4 pm-10 pm.

Sunday closed.

7. Silver Square Health Club-

Silver Square health club

This health club is the talk of the town especially for people residing in sectors. Equipped with first-class amenities, it is surely a delight for people who enjoy their workout. The gym is famous for its quick results and transformation.

Address: Silver square health club near Menaria guest house sector no. 4, Udaipur.

Contact: 9549045301, 7737883838.

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm.

Sunday closed.

8. Dolphin Health Club-

Dolphin health club

Dolphin health club is the only Gym in the city that is open 24/7. The gym attracts visitors from the young generation to old. The health club also has a swimming pool, aerobics and solar.

Address: 70B, 3rd Floor, Sarasvati Marg, Opposite Chandra Hyundai, Subhash Nagar, Udaipur.

Contact: 09829356593

Timings: 5:45 am to 10 pm

Sunday closed.

9. Healthline Fitness Studio-

source: Justdial
Healthline fitness studio

The gym with the most satisfactory results. Health line fitness studio began as a small physiotherapy clinic by Dr Vyom Bolia in the year 2008. With a team of over 30 physios, yoga and fitness professionals and now it has become a leader in its own league.

Address: 3rd Floor Govardhan Plaza, Opp. Lok Kala Mandal, Panchwati, Udaipur.

Bedla Main Road, Opposite Agarwal Iron and Builders, Near Rajasthan Bakery, Fatehpura, Udaipur.

Contact: +91-9928568676, 07665551678

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm.

Sunday closed.

10. Addiction Gym-

Addiction Gym
The name lives up to its expectations and will make you addicted to fitness. The trainers try to bring the best out of you. They not only focus on workout but they also take care of your nutrition and diet.

Address: new Bhupalpura, Udaipur.

Contact: 9829692387

Timings: 5:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Sunday closed.

For best deals and membership plans, you can contact on respective phone numbers.

This was our list of top gyms and fitness clubs in Udaipur. What do you think? We are eager to receive your kind feedback.





Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

Aakansha Luthra or you can call her by the name ‘Curvy Diva Chic’, is all about body positivity, travel, plus-size fashion blogging, make-up and so much more. Her Instagram feed imparts positive vibes and so many colors that you would get mesmerized. I ran into talking to her and had so many questions to ask! So here is a brief about who is the Curvy Diva Chic and all that you must know about her.

Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

How would you define yourself?

I am an everyday Plus size fashion blogger who loves long, flowing, breezy maxi dresses and skirts. If I were to define myself, I would sum up within these points;

♥ I am someone who would pick skirts over pants.

♥ Someone who loves to dress up for herself, love red lipsticks and coral pink being my soul color.

♥ I love cooking and travel to stay sane!

Tell our readers about your Blog- Curvy Diva Chic.

CURVYDIVACHIC.COM is an Everyday Curvy Girl’s Blog about Fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle. I started my blog in the year 2014 with a vision of boosting the self-esteem of plus size women through the silent language of fashion. My blog boasts plus size body positivity and encourages women to love their bodies.

How Did You First Get into Blogging?

I started my blog when I realized my love for fashion and I believe we are lucky to be in the era where fashion is more about embracing your personal sense of style rather than following the path of predefined “trends” set by someone else. Fashion helped me with my self-esteem, and I thought my voice may help others like me to be who they are. I was into writing already; fashion brought out the hippity-hop personality I never knew existed in me.

Plus size fashion is fun.

I get to talk constructively about things I always wanted to share, like doing what you really want to do and not thinking about what others have to say, because everyone has an opinion, and we are a population of 7 billion!Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

Tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

It all started with an urge to express me. Further, excellent communication skills, being an extrovert and a strong will to do it helped me out a lot. Thanks to being fat a major part of my life, I am now immune to others opinions about me. So yeah, nothing matters and I get to do what I want to do!

How would you describe your blogging style?

Expressive, Chic, Elegant. I work on boosting self-esteem, mine as I boost others’.

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

For me, the proudest achievement was when I was featured in The Hindu for my work.Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? Were your parents supportive of your career choice?

The most challenging moment in career was the decision of starting a blog. My parents have been a strong support for my entire career.

What would you say that is the biggest challenge for fashion blogging?

Fashion Blogging is an expensive affair.  Further, conceptualization of the blog post is harder than it looks.Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

Who is your fashion inspiration?

Adele! She is the reason I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I am committed to the Long Flowy Maxi dresses. Anything classic and chic, especially vintage! I believe that if you don’t find something good to wear go for Off Shoulders, they are instant fixes. When I talk about colors, I go for corals and yellows, trust me these can do way more than just brighten your ensemble.Aakanksha Luthra is making heads turn | Fashion Blogger-Entrepreneur from Udaipur

Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

I perceive myself as a successful Social Media Influencer and becoming the voice that I am.

Mention the brands or people you have collaborated with.

Daniel Wellington, Stalkbuylove, FabAlley, Lastinch etc.  to name a few.


We hope the Curvy Diva Chic makes a difference and spreads tons of body positivity through her fashion. It was a pleasure talking to such an amazing girl with so much to share. If you wanna know more about her, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and check out her website as well.


Instagram: @curvydivachic_official

Facebook: curvydivachic

Website: curvydivachic.com

List of Salons in Udaipur

Whether you are new to the city, a tourist or a local, everyone needs a salon! Beauty and hair care services have hiked multifold and are growing day by day. Henceforth, I am listing the list of top 10 salons and makeover studios; an info that might come handy in this approaching wedding season. A lot of ladies might book an appointment today as they surf through the list of Best Salons In Udaipur 😛

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

Pinks & Peaches is a high street makeover studio in Udaipur. Providing professional beauty and hair care services in the city, they have made their name. The professionally trained makeover artist Meeta Soni is the main woman behind all the makeovers.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Makeup services, Bridal Makeovers, Hair Styling & others

Address: 419, Sector -11, Hiran Magri, near Alok School, Udaipur

Phone: 7665416663

Bounce Salon

Started by Maya Choudhary in the year 2017, Bounce is rendering its superior services both to men and women at Ashok Nagar Main Road. The salon claims to use newer technologies in the field of beauty services.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Hair, makeup, nails, skin services

Address: Ashok Nagar Main Road, First floor Above Madame outlet, Udaipur

Phone: 7357833222

Shades Hair Studio

Shades Hair started in October 2010 providing the best skin and hair care services in the beauty industry in Udaipur. Situated at a very apt location, Panchwati, this salon fixes all your beauty, makeup, haircare related issues.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All hair and beauty services

Address: 56, Near Sukhadia Circle, Above the Liverpool Showroom, Panchwati, Udaipur,

Phone: 7821860550

Champion Salon

Durgesh Sen, Jamnesh Sen, Kamlesh Sen and Anil Sen are the pillars of this salon chain and their journey dates back to 1990 when Durgesh installed the first salon ‘Navran Salon & Spa’ at Hiran Magri in Udaipur. They have almost 6 branches – Champion gal’s spa, Champion family salon, champion hair salon and spa, champion kid’s salon, and Navrang Hair Salon and Spa.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Bridal Makeup, Shaving, henna treatment, massages, party makeup, groom’s makeup, eyebrows, facial and so much more.


  1. Champion Hair Salon & Spa

Near Kotak Mahindra Bank, 100 Ft. Road, Kankroli, Rajnagar

  1. Navrang Hair Salon & Spa

3/36, Behind SS Coaching, Sec. 5, Udaipur

  1. Champion Kid’s Salon

2-1, II Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur

  1. Champion Family Salon

2/20, II Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur

  1. Champion Gal’s Spa

MG College Road, Udaipur

  1. Champion Hair Salon & Spa

Shakti Nagar Main Road, Udaipur

Phone: 09829088841 / 09772688841

Prabhat Spa

Dating back to the year 2000, Ashok and Asha Paliwal started Prabhat Spa-Salon & Institute at Panchwati, became a much-recognized name in the City of Lakes. They provide top-notch services in the fields of beauty and hair. They have three more branches excluding the main branch.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Skin care services, nail art, Mehandi Art and Henna services, hair styling, makeup services and Spa services.


  1. Prabhat Spa Salon n’ Institute Head Office

103-104, Hitawala IV, Near Lok Kala Mandal Chougan Scheme, Panchwati, Udaipur

  1. Prabhat Hair & Beauty Studio
    Beside Lake City Mall, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Udaipur
  2. Prabhat Spa & Salon
    6-7, Chawala Restaurant, 100 Feet Road, Shobhagpura, Mewar Circle, Udaipur
  3. Prabhat Academy
    6-7, Chawala Restaurant, 100 Feet Road, Shobhagpura, Mewar Circle, Udaipur

Phone: 02942417623

Mayur Salon

Started in the year 1979, the Mayur salon was started by late Dinesh Chanra Sen, and now is run by his wife Asha Rani Sen, and his son Ajay. They have two branches locates at Chetak Circle and Hiran Magri-sec 5. The salon provides all the facilities in terms of beauty and hair and also has a Mayur Academy, where students are groomed for the beauty industry.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All kinds of hair, skin, spa services, bridal and groom packages.


  1. Mayur academy

1st Floor, Mayur Complex, Opp.Narayan Seva Sansthan, Sector 5, Prabhat Nagar, Hiran Magri, Udaipur

  1. Mayur Salon

Chetak Marg, Opposite Sbbj Bank, Near Akashdeep Building, Udaipur

Phone: +91-9252213410 / 9828379484

Amrit’s Hair and Beauty

An old and trusted name in the field of beauty and hair is Amrit’s. Started back in the year the salon offers various services in the field. They also provide Beauty parlor training to students. The name Amrit’s is derived from Amrit Sen, the Proprietor of once famous Kanhaiya Hair Dressers in Udaipur. His son, Rakesh Sen looks after the hair care dept. of the Amrit’s salon.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Bridal makeup, hair styling, luxury body spa, makeover studio, bridal makeup, and all hair, beauty, skin, nails services.

Address: 1st Floor, Shyam Plaza, 15 Hazareshwar Colony, Hospital Rd, Udaipur,

Phone: +91-9314036360, 0294-2411360

New International Cosmetic Care (NICC)

Started with the motto to revolutionize the field of beauty and hair in the City of Lakes, NICC is the product of hard work of Dr.  Sweety Chabbra. Well-known for its beauty and makeup services, NICC is a great place to get your makeup done.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Total beauty and hair care

Address: Chhabra Niwas, Opp. M. B. College, Near Hotel Raghu Mahal, Udaipur

Phone: 0294-2411913

RNCC Salon

Started by Cosmetologists Rinku and Jia, RNCC is a well-known salon in Udaipur, offering multi-faceted services in the domain of makeup and hair. It is also an Institute for professional courses, advance beauty course guided by experts.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All types of skin treatments and all hair styling and cutting including hair loss treatment, anti-dandruff, radiant color treatment.

Address: 1-B, Mehta Bhawan, Near RTDC Kajri Hotel, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Udaipur

Phone: +91 9252628167 / 7014982707

Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio

A luxurious boutique hair and beauty studio running under the name Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio. Ambika, the main woman behind the salon, is a certified cosmetologist and travels across the globe for bridal makeup, fashion makeup assignments. She is trained in skin and makeup from New Zealand and London. Her place is a must visit!Salons in Udaipur

Services: Hair, styling, cutting, coloring, treatment, chemical haircare, skin treatments and care, Makeovers, bodywork – body spa etc.

Address: 308, Harsh Nagar near Eklinghnath garden before Rampura circle, Udaipur

Phone: +91-9116013212

If you have been to any of the above-mentioned salons or makeover studios, do tell me the reviews! Also, suggest us any name if we have missed it!

Combating Swine Flu – Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions

Swine Flu cases in the city have seen a sudden spike recently with almost 9 patients registered within the last 14 days at MB Hospital. The highly-contagious H1N1 virus is taking a toll on people’s lives as it spreads through the city with 2 positive cases within the last 2 days putting the health department in a fix.

For those unfamiliar with the widespread disease, H1N1 flu, also called the swine flu, is a respiratory disease that appears in pigs caused by a type of Influenza A-virus. People do not usually get swine flu but human infections saw a rise in 2009 as it became prevalent when a strain of swine flu infected many people around the world. It typically happens during the onset of winters. Swine Flu is a transmittable disease and the virus spreads usually through coughing, sneezing, or touching any bacteria-coated surface and then touching eyes or nose with those hands.

It is natural for people to be skeptical about it as every year many people succumb to death due to this very disease but there are certain myths that people normally believe in and are not generally true.

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Deccan Chronicle
  1. Swine flu has no cure

This is one big myth that makes people lose hope, which, to no surprise, is false. Oseltamivir (commonly sold under the name Tamiflu) has the ability to decrease the severity of the flu within 48 hours of the symptom appearing. It helps to prevent infection.

  1. I’m young and strong, it cannot happen to me

Mind you! This is the biggest myth you could possibly have. Patients with ages as low as 30-40 have been admitted to hospitals and many have fallen seriously ill due to it. Rather than being over-confident, it would we wise if each one of us takes some precautions.

  1. Swine flu happens just once

The H1N1 virus, like any other flu virus, may reoccur. Vaccination helps, but only lasts for a certain time period. You must keep this in mind and get re-vaccinated before it starts spreading.

  1. Don’t eat pork, you might get infected!

Again, false! Despite the name, it has no relation whatsoever with the flesh of a pig. The virus spreads through bacteria expelled in the air through people coughing and sneezing.

  1. Its just cough, it’ll go

Coughing and sneezing for prolonged periods isn’t good. You must visit the doctor to get it treated and if that doesn’t help either, no harm taking a test. Why regret later!?

Symptoms and precautions

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Free Press Kashmir

You must visit the doctor if you happen to experience any of the below-mentioned flu symptoms :

High fever


Chest pain when you breathe



Loss of appetite



It becomes fairly necessary to brace ourselves from this deadly disease. There are some simple things one should keep in mind to ensure the virus never comes close. It is imperative that you and the people around you follow these set of precautionary measures. Life is too precious to be wasted on a disease like this!

Combating Swine Flu - Myths, Symptoms, and Precautions
Source – Lybrate Blog
  • Always cover your nose and mouth with a mask or tissue. Stack your house with masks and remember putting them on whenever you go out.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water and also keep a hand sanitizer with you.
  • Avoid touching eyes and nose while you are out or when you have dirty hands. Germs spread this way!
  • Try keeping a distance from people who are sick or are coughing and sneezing.
  • Call in sick and take a leave, if you have to. No need to push it.
  • Rush to the doctor, first thing, if you see any symptoms for an extended period.
  • Vaccinations are not always effective, if you come in contact with the virus, rush to the doctor and ask for Tamiflu. These antiviral medicines halt the progress of this virus.

Comment below with your suggestions and ideas on how to combat this deadly disease.

Be clean, be safe!

Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, February 4, this year, it is perhaps worthwhile to know about the condition of the dreaded disease in the city, the main causes, symptoms, remedies etc.

Facts and Figures about Cancer

The recent figures about the disease are quite alarming, while over 26% of all deaths in India are from heart diseases, 7% are from cancer. Cancer, diabetes, and hypertension account for 35% of all deaths in India. Over 10 Lac new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in India. Cancer cases in India are likely to increase from around 14 lacs in 2016 to over 17.3 lac by 2020. Deaths due to cancer are projected to go up from 7.36 lac annually to over 8.8 lac by 2020.

According to a recent survey in Rajasthan, there are about 2.5 lac cancer patients in the state and to it every year about 40,000 new patients are dead. It is possible to save about 60% of the patients if treatment starts at an early stage. According to specialists Rajeev Gandhi, Cancer Research Centre New Delhi, the growth of cancer was about 36% twenty years ago but now it has gone up to 65%. Due to the supporting system of chemotherapy, the side effects have gone down. With the new technique, the hospitalization period has become shorter and the tolerance of the medicine has also gone up.

According to Dr. Narendra Rathore, HOD, Cancer Dept., Govt. M.B Hospital, Udaipur, 10 lac people out of about 1.25 lac become victims of cancer and there are 24,000 cancer patients in Udaipur. The figures of cancer patients in Govt. M.B Hospital Udaipur are in the year 2005 (3000 outdoor and 1300 indoor), 2010 (4200 outdoor and 1450 indoor), 2014 (5300 outdoor and 3800 indoor) and up to December 2016 (10,200 outdoor and 8200 indoor). According to Dr. Rathore, cancer of mouth, tongue, uterus, breast, large intestine, liver, prostate, and blood fall into the category of main cancer. In men, the main cancer is in mouth, lungs, and stomach. Thirty percent of cancer is of mouth and neck. Among women the cancer of breast, cervical and large intestine is common out of total cancer patients 28% have cervical cancer.

Last year in Govt. M.B Hospital, Udaipur 30 to 50 cancer patients came in the outdoor radiotherapy dept. daily and there were 30-40 indoor patients. Everyday radiotherapy was given to 60-70 patients in two shifts from 9 am to 7 pm. The patients came from far off places such as tribal areas, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Neemach, Mandsaur, and Jawra. Last year a new cobalt therapy machine costing 4 crores was installed with the help of which radiation therapy was given in 1.5 to 2 minutes whereas the old machine took 5-6 minutes.

Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day
Dr. Shankar Vangipuram

According to former Dr. Shankar, Director, Radiation Oncology, Geetanjali Medical College Hospital, Udaipur, cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases. Although there are many kinds of cancer, all cancers start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancer can cause serious illness and death.

What is a Tumour?

A tumor is an abnormal lump or collection of cells, but all tumors are not cancer. Tumours that are not cancer are called benign. Benign tumors can cause problems. They can grow very large and press on healthy organs and tissues. But they can’t grow into (invade) other tissues. So, they also can’t spread to other parts of the body. These tumors are seldom life-threatening.

Signs of Cancer

Talking about early signs of cancer, Dr. Shankar says that they could be new lumps or growths on the skin. A sore or bruise that does not heal, a mole that changes in shape, size or colour or bleeds in unusual circumstances, an ongoing cough or hoarseness that last longer than three weeks, indigestion and difficulty in swallowing, a change in bowel or bladder habits for no good reasons, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss or tiredness and blood anywhere it normally should not be- in urine, bowel motions or from spitting.

What can cause cancer?

In 75% cancer cases, there are modifiable factors such as smoking, obesity, diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, and air or water pollution and in 15% cases, it is due to modifiable factors like infections, ionizing radiation, hormones, occupational factors. Non-modifiable factors like age, sex, race and genetic become the cause the remaining 10% cases. Smoking a main cause of cancer causes 14 types of cancer. The most damaging components of tobacco smoke are tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, oxidizing chemicals, dangerous metals and radioactive compounds. Obesity is another cause of cancer and for safety, one has to do physical activity and set behavioral and diet goals.

The main cancer fighting, foods are strawberries and blackberries, leafy vegetables, garlic, grapes, tomatoes, apple, broccoli, cabbage, tea, and coffee.

Ultraviolet rays from are welding torches and mercury lamps can also cause cancer. Some particles are known as primary particles that are emitted directly from a source such as construction sites, unpaved roads, fields, and fires can also cause cancer. Secondary particles that are formed in complicated reactions in the atmosphere of chemicals such as sulphur-dioxides and nitrogen oxides that are emitted from power plants industries and automobiles can be sources of cancer. Indoor pollution through biological pollutants like molds, bacteria, viruses, and pollen can also cause cancer. Second-hand tobacco smoke when some other is smoking is also dangerous.

Also dangerous are combustion pollutants that come from sources such as fuel burning stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, heaters and water heaters using gas, coal, oil, wood or other fuels Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can enter the homo through cracks in the foundation, floor and walls, drains and other openings is also harmful. So also, asbestos that is present in many products found in the home including roofing’s, floorings etc. Formaldehyde, found primarily in adhesive and bonding materials is also harmful. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation.

Tissues nearest to where the phone used a cell phone for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the head as the phone’s antenna mobilized more glucose than did tissues on the opposite side of the brain. The researchers note that the results were preliminary and possible health outcomes from this increased glucose metabolism were still unknown. Individuals who are concerned about radio frequency exposure can limit their exposure, including using an earpiece and limiting cell phone use, particularly among children.Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day

Concerned about the suffering of cancer patients the Union Govt. is set to roll out a massive door to door screening programme for the early detection of cancer heart disorders and diabetes which account for over 35% of deaths in India. Under the initiative, the Govt. aims at testing over one-third of the population comprising zoo districts across the country in one year. The program is among the preventive- care measures planned by the health ministry and is targeted at people in the age group of 30-69 years, who constitute almost 37% of the total population. This population is highly vulnerable to non-communicable diseases that are responsible for 55% of the premature mortality in the same age group.

Nearer home, realizing the importance of education as an important component of cancer control programmes, Dr. V. Shankar has initiated Cancer Olympiad in Udaipur. It comprises a series of planned activities aimed at educating the youngsters of the various age group to understand cancer and to recognize the initial signs and symptoms of some common cancers. Intra-school competitions include coloring, drawing, poster making, short story writing, slogans, dance, dance drama, skit, quizzes etc. Run for Fight Against Cancer is another event. Dr. Shankar feels that the importance of proper preventive measures and treatment is being realized by Udaipurites.

Train With The Best: Leo Martial Arts Academy

Train with the best: Leo Martial Arts Academy

Martial arts are combat or fighting practices, which are practiced for various reasons such as self-defence, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development and much more.

Leo Martial Arts Academy

Leo Martial Arts Academy

It is said that to develop spiritual health and to be physically and mentally fit, martial arts must be practiced. It disciplines an individual and inculcates a feeling of self-confidence and helps endure physical strain. There are various institutes which provide training in martial arts. In the City of Lakes, one such academy is Leo Ryu Hon Dojo or Leo Martial Art Academy.

About Leo Martial Art Academy

The Academy is established by (Renshi) Mukesh Sukhwal who acquired his training from Malaysia under his master Sokie Hanshi Grand Master K. Ananthan. He started his journey in this field when he was 8 years old and is pursuing teaching since 2002. His team, under his able guidance, has won several awards and honors in various tournaments across the world in the field of Martial arts. He as well as his team is proficient in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kobudo, Aikedo etc.

Leo Martial Arts Academy

Leo Martial Arts Academy


The Objective of the Leo Martial Art Academy

The sole objective of the Leo Martial Art Academy is to train children and adults especially girls who fall under the unprivileged category and cannot afford such training. For such entrant, the academy shall organize free camps for martial arts training all round the year. As this art teaches to be physical, mental and spiritually tough; the academy strives to empower young girls and women so that they can find themselves strong enough to withstand societal pressure.

Leo Martial Arts Academy

What is taught in the Academy?

The Leo Martial Arts Academy teaches various martial art techniques along with Yoga to balance out the aggression of the art. Each candidate is taught to discipline themselves like a cadet.

Karate, power yoga, aerobics, cardio and cross fit training are the main feature of the course.  Apart from these, Judo, Taekwondo, Kobudo, Aikedo are also taught. Kobudo is an art that falls under the weapon training category.

Leo Martial Arts Academy

Leo Martial Arts Academy


  • 14 Medals in Taekwondo Nationals
  • Medals in Malaysia-Asian Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation
  • 156 Medals in international open tournaments
  • 44 medals in 3rd Mt. Everest Shito-Ryu International Karate Competition
  • 115 medals in Open South Asian and World cup of Karate
  • 2 Medals in International Taekwondo Championship
  • Recently 6 Medals in Asian Karate championship in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 2016
  • 2 Medals in B. K. C. International Karate Championship in Indonesia including Asian, South Asian, & Open world cup Sub-junior Championship

Leo Martial Arts Academy


Leo Martial Arts Academy

Facilities at the academy:

  • Olympic level mats
  • 1600 square feet area for training
  • Best weapons for Kobudo Training
  • Camp organized from California and Indonesia for academy students
  • Time to time camp under Sokie Hanshi Grand Master K. Ananthan (last held in 2014)
  • Students are provided with a natural diet chart
  • Free year-round camp for underprivileged girls

Leo Martial Arts Academy

Martial arts teach self-defense and can improve confidence and self-esteem. When used as exercise, martial arts can improve balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture. The art itself may be used as an aid to attaining enlightenment, to get proper training and discipline in the same domain one should always opt for something exhibiting quality and excellence. Leo Ryu Hon Dojo Academy offers excellent training in various forms of martial arts.

For Queries and admissions, you can contact (Renshi) Mukesh Sukhwal on the below-mentioned contact detail.

Phone: +91-9982216011 /9636484019 /8696503409

Email Id: Gmaafcudr@gmail.com / Leomaaudr@gmail.com

Follow on facebook: www.facebook.com/mukeshsukhwal

Follow on Instagram: @leosukhwal

Website: www.LeoKarate.com

A floral treat to the eyes: Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Udaipur Collection

A floral treat to the eyes: Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s The Udaipur Collection

sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection

What a lavish way to welcome the season of spring! For all those who have missed the beauteous and enthralling collection, here is a gist of the news of the most celebrated designer of India. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, an eminent Indian Designer, has unveiled his spring summer collection of bridal wear. The collection consists of both men’s as well as women’s wear.

The collection is one of its kind and is entirely dedicated to the royalty of state of Rajasthan. The collection features models dressed in immensely beautiful ‘Lehnga’, ‘Saari’ and ‘Sherwani’. The clothes introduce fine hand painted floral motifs, thick embroidered border with extravagant jewellery and footwear to complete the look.

The designer describes his Udaipur Collection as ‘aesthetic poetry’. His Instagram Handle has all the pictures and short clips uploaded for you to indulge in an art translated onto fabrics with sheer finesse.

The whole collection is shot at The Taj Lake Palace, which itself is an epitome of beauty. Blending with the pastel colors of the dresses, the waters of Lake Pichola and the enticing exquisiteness of the Lake Palace in the background makes this collection worth a stare.

sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram

With every nuance of this Udaipur Collection, the designer Sabyasachi has mentioned each and every inspiration; from Maharanis and Maharajas of Udaipur, the Palaces,  Gulaal, The Sheesh Mahal, the Benaras Gharana, Mharo Gulabi (a ballad in pink), and Paheli. The Instagram page manages to justify all the above mentioned inspirations with some little poetic texts written in between the image that stuns the spectators.

To an interview given to the Vogue, he talks about his inspiration in detail. He says, “Whether the maharanis in their French chiffon with European flora and fauna print, the maharajas in their quiet arrogance, the exuberant interiors of their majestic palaces, their culture, traditions of clothing, their often eclectic tastes in luxury, all of those notions and insinuations come to life with my creative liberty in the Udaipur collection.”

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s designs are famous for their old world aesthetic charm and has managed to glorify the majestic regal grandeur of Udaipur in the ‘The Udaipur Collection’.

Have a look on some of his impeccable designs from ‘The Udaipur Collection’:

sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram
sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram
sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram
sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram
sabyasachi mukherjee | the udaipur collection
Source: Instagram