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Udaipur has an urban populace of 608,426 residents. The people of Udaipur appear from various backgrounds and ethnicities. Hindus (72%) form a mass of the population, followed by Muslims (15%), Jains (10%), Sikhs (0.8%), Christians (0.63%), Buddhists (0.04%) and others. They live collectively in peace and harmony and have a very pleasant & peaceful attitude towards immigrants and tourist. They work in various industry like tourism, agriculture, retail, and mineral industries. Although western attire is gaining attention, most of the locals tend to prefer traditional dresses. Men wear ‘angarakha’ and ‘dhoti’ or ‘pyjama’ while the women wear ‘choli’ and ‘ghagra’. Hindi and Mewari are the foremost languages spoken in Udaipur. Marwari, Wagdi, Urdu, and Gujarati are some others which are in use in the city.
Udaipur has established a rich cultural heritage from the long-gone ages. The lakes, temples, huge fort and palaces boast about the rich inheritance of this city. The city has kept stability between preserving the rituals and customs of the past while keeping up with the modern advancement and changes in way of life.

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