Earn over 7 lakhs per year by investing in a hassle-free business!

Looking for investing in a high return industry worth USD 3 bn? Know about the safest option to invest in a business in Udaipur.

By investing Rs 22 lakhs, a transportation business opportunity allows you to earn around 7 lakhs per year without any maintenance fuss.

Recently, in a major move to improve the air quality in a phased manner, Patna government decided to ban diesel-based autorickshaws from January 31, 2021. The decision to phase out the most pollution-emitting vehicles was taken in view of the growing contamination of ambient air, which has deteriorated to the worst level in Patna and a few other cities this season.

In fact, India is making a big push for electric vehicles, signalling a turning point in its clean energy policy. In 2017, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that he intended for India to move to 100% electric cars by 2030. That was an ambitious target given that even the UK and France were hoping to phase out conventional combustion-engine cars only by 2040.

Seeing this futuristic business prospect, Growdiesel, India’s No.1 clean-fuel exploration and production organization, launched a whole new ecosystem of the electric auto transportation system called Growdiesel Electric Transportation System (G.E.T.S) for the first time in the country from Udaipur.

Growdiesel’s core business is to produce and sell renewable clean fuel. The company was founded with a belief that it is possible to transform the future, to take steps and make differences to the lives of millions of people.

Growdiesel is coming up with a fleet of electric auto and a network of charging stations for them. As a business plan, the company will be leasing out these electric autos while taking care of its servicing and maintenance keeping the business completely hassle-free.

Growdiesel Electric Charging Station

In an interview with the director of DSC BIOENERGY Mr Vaibhav Chhajed, he explained the business model of the company.

“With the booming market of electric transportation, increasing petrol and diesel prices, almost no safe high return investment, our model comes up as a boon for business and environment. We have created an entire commercial charging infrastructure wherein we want to relieve all our investor from any kind of management hassles. It’s a win-win for anyone who invests. No businesses with such low investments can give returns as fast as this as of now.” explained Mr Chhajed.

“Our electric autos are strongly built with modern features like reverse parking camera, fire extinguisher etc. It can also take elevation up to 15 degree which is 7 times of normal e rickshaw”, he added.

Growdiesel Fuel

If we look at the other countries involved in a similar kind of business, we see China as the world’s largest electric vehicle market. It has the world’s largest network of charging stations for such vehicles and is also the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries. And according to recent figures, sales of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) – including electric and hybrid models – increased substantially in 2018 in China.

What makes our opportunity unique?

The investor gets 10 electric autos on a lease which also covers vehicle insurance, registration and lifetime battery maintenance.

The company has come up with an entire ecosystem where it has brought modern electric autos with commercial charging infrastructure and lifetime battery swapping.

  • Quick ROI
  • Support in planning and execution
  • Opportunity in a highly profitable market
  • Technical Support
  • High returns on investment (30%)

Interested in the above franchise model?

Contact now to know more and become a franchisee!

Growdiesel Franchise Partner

Mr Vaibhav Chhajed, Director, DSC BIOENERGY PVT. Ltd

Call: +91-8290999436

Or submit the Growdiesel Electric Transportation System (GETS) Franchise Form on the link below:



Fitness is an important and indispensable part of our everyday lives and we cannot deny that no matter what. It is very important for everyone from children to adults as well as those in their old age to try and remain as fit as possible. Fitness is what keeps our body going by helping us maintain the energy and stamina required to carry out everyday activities. We are all aware that those who are not fit, find themselves extremely weak and lethargic, unable to do any work. Hence, all of us must strive to attain at least the basic standards of fitness required to perform activities in everyday life. 

fitness enthusiast gym instructor

There are a lot of products available on various shopping sites like Amazon which can help in and contribute to one’s journey to fitness. One can easily purchase these products using Amazon offers for some of the best and cheapest deals in town. These may include exercise equipment for home, gym equipment like treadmills or dumbbells or shoes for jogging and other exercises. There is also the availability of healthy organic food like quinoa and brown rice that may be purchased online. So hurry and embark on your journey towards fitness. 

By fitness, one means both physical and mental fitness. However, both are intertwined in many aspects and are interdependent on each other. Maintaining physical fitness is essential for defending our bodies from the possibility of contracting diseases like heart attacks which can be fatal. Hence physical exercise must be a part of one’s daily routine. Here is how fitness can be a part of your daily life-

  • Atleast 40-50 minutes of exercise in a day is advisable- it may be dancing, aerobics, yoga, exercising at the gym, brisk walking, etc. 
  • Another important thing to incorporate in our every day lives for maintaining fitness is a balanced diet which comprises of all the different kinds of nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc., in the correct measure. 

Physical exercise helps increase blood circulation and hence allows the internal organs as well as external to function efficiently. A healthy diet helps in minimizing the risks of diseases by enriching the blood and helps in defending the body against foreign agents that may be harmful. 

Purchasing stuff related to fitness online has become very affordable these days with websites like CashKaro which provide exciting deals and cashback offers on every purchase. One can simply login, choose a suitable deal with a partner website like amazon and make the purchase. CashKaro will ensure you get the cashback at the earliest in your account. After you have collected a minimum of Rs. 250 from the cashback, you may transfer it to your bank account or convert it into gift cards which may be redeemed to buy anything you want from sites like amazon, etc.

What is Paryushan and What is the importance of Paryushan?

Paryushan Parva is the king of all festivals for the whole Jain community living across the globe. Thus, it is also known as Parva Dhiraj. Every Jain tries to follow the basic principles of Jainism during this festival, which are:

  • Right knowledge
  • Right faith
  • Right conduct

These are the three most essentials for attaining liberation and Nirvana. We can easily understand the word Paryushan by breaking it into two parts: Pari means to recollect yourself and Vasan means at a place; Overall it means to know yourself or recollect yourself at a place in your spirit.


Paryushan is the time for making up and cleaning the dirt, which is in the form of karma collected on our soul. The festival stands for the celebration of spiritual awareness and is one of the most important annual festivals of Jain religion. The festival lasts eight days. Every year this festival of Paryushan starts on Shravan Vad 12th or 13th and ends on Bhadarva sud 4th or 5th (late August – September).


This festival gives everyone a chance for self-analysis and deep introspection. It also reminds us that life’s eventual and main aim is not the pursuit of materialism but to attain the state of Nirvana. Paryushan stands for some of the most important practices like:

  • Nonviolence (Ahimsa)
  • Engaging in self-discipline (Sanyam)
  • Partial or complete fasting Penance (Tapah)
  • Study of Scriptures (Swadhyaya)
  • Introspection (Pratikraman)
  • Repentance (Prayaschitta)


During Paryushan, Jains study religious books and scriptures which are based on principles of Jainism. Pratikraman is also performed by many Jains during the festival. The word Pratikraman is made from the combination of two words, Pra meaning return and atikraman meaning violation. Literally, it means returning from the violations.

During the Paryushan days, below mentioned are the five essential things Jains try and observe:-

  • SADHARMIK VATSALYA: It means the welfare of the other fellow Jainis.
  • AMARI PRAVARTAN: Following ahimsa or non-violence is also one of the major aspects of this festival.
  • ATTHAMA TAP: Fasting for days is also considered as one of the major aspects. People also practice ayambils which means one meal of tasteless food, during the whole day. 

Other forms of taps are:

  • Ekashana: Eating only once a day
  • Byasana: Eating twice a day.
  • CHAITYA PARIPATI: It involves daily visits to temples, pilgrimage to holy places, paying respect and devotion to the Lord Mahavira through worship, prayers, and meditation.
  • KSHAMAPANA: It is one of the most significant parts of celebrating this festival. Kshamapana means forgiveness. It involves asking for forgiveness from all the people whom we may have hurt in the past or present life. It also includes forgiving those who have hurt us and forgive them for their shortcomings and weaknesses.
  • SAMVATSARI: The last day of this 8-day long festival is Samvatsari, and it is the most important of all. Most Jains try to have a fast and get together to perform the Pratikraman. This is also the day where everyone asks to ‘Forgive and Forget’ – Tass Michami Dukkaram.

Paryushan is not just a festival to rejoice and celebrate; instead, it is a ‘parva’ in which all Jains try to discipline themselves. People try to live with the utmost simplicity and try to purify everything, from food to clothes and thoughts to deeds. Jainis don’t eat underground beets and roots. Meals are avoided after sunset. People also do Vaas and Upwasa to purify their souls and body.

Unfortunately, the bad news is this festival of purity is nowadays taken as a burden by new generations. They only take it as a burden when they have to follow many regulations. They do not understand the foundation behind observing this festival. Still, the gurus and marasas are trying to rebuild the faith in the religion like it was used to be in the older days.

At last, Team UdaipurBlog would like to wish Happiness and Prosperity on this occasion of Paryushan Parv.

Badola Hyundai launched its first showroom in Udaipur

Badola Hyundai a trusted name from Rajsamand operating since 2012 opens its Showroom in Udaipur at Shobhagpura Circle on 26th August’19. The opening was done by Managing Director Mr. SS KIM and Executive Director Mr. SJ HA of Hyundai Motors Pvt. Ltd. along with other Hyundai officials.

Mr. SS KIM also addressed & interacted with staff post cake cutting & lamp lighting ceremony.

The all-new Hyundai Grand I10 NIOS was also delivered to the first customer by Mr. Amil Rajeev, Area Sales Manager.

Badola Hyundai director’s also thanked Regional Manager Mr. Rajat Goyal & Mr. Sarabjeet along with Mr. Pratul, Mr. Siddharth & Mr. Sohan for all the support extended to Launch Badola Showroom in Udaipur.

  • Badola Hyundai also opened its Service Center behind DPS School, old RTO road, 100 ft for Hyundai buyers, which is equipped with latest technologies & machines to take care of your Hyundai car.
  • Different zoning for Accidental cars & regular service has been made to ensure the delivery to the customers can be done as soon as possible with less wait time, which has been a challenge which customers face.

Our team can also guide you on how to take care of your car during MONSOON meanwhile you can get your car under washed which is most recommended in Monsoon season.

  • All Hyundai car owners are invited to visit our Service Center & our team of qualified experts will guide you to the best possible recommendations. Book prior appointment by calling at 8279092021, we are open 9.30am to 6.30pm.

If you are not existing customer of HYUNDAI and planning to add HYUNDAI to your family then visit our showroom on your next outing with your family or friends for a coffee, dinner, kitty or any other celebration, we will be glad to see you & welcoming you at BADOLA HYUNDAI SHOWROOM, Shobhagpura Circle. You can also call on 8279092009 (9.30am to 9pm) to know more or Google us & we are sure you won’t miss finding us.

From Localities to Tourists, this Udaipur travel guide is your savior this monsoon

Monsoons around Udaipur, if defined in words can be described as actual freedom from scorching hot summers. Light rain showers are boosting for us, and a pleasant welcome to the upcoming joy and pleasure. Late, but Monsoons have arrived in our beautiful Lakecity, and we Udaipurites are all set to welcome them with a warm heart. The scorching summer is finally coming to its drastic end.

PC: Siddharth Nagar

Udaipur looks best in the monsoon season and masses, including national and international tourists arrive in the city of lakes to enjoy the beauty of Udaipur which increases fourfold right now.

Here’s a quick and complete Udaipur Travel Guide on how to enjoy Monsoons:

Places to Visit:

  • Monsoon Palace: Sajjangarh Fort or so-called Monsoon Palace become the hotspots for all the tourist visiting Udaipur during the rainy season. The picturesque view of the city from the top is enthralling.
Pc: Siddharth Nagar


  • Fatehsagar Lake and Ambrai Ghat: As soon as the drops from the first rain touch the city, these two places get flooded. With water too, but more with people!

PC: Siddharth Nagar
  • Bahubali Hill: If you wish to witness Sunrise and a Sunset in utmost peace, Bahubali Hill is the way to go for you. The place is situated in the Aravali Ranges surrounding our lake city.
PC: Siddharth Nagar


  • Rayta: Majorly known for the sharp curves, surrounded by the natural valleys and greenery, Rayta gives a magnificent and unseen view of the city. A drive to this place gives a blissful view of Udaipur.

  • Keleshwar Ji: Situated just a few kilometers away from Pipliya Ji, Keleshwar Waterfall becomes a paradise for all the nature lovers. A bike ride to this place is equally refreshing and rejuvenating as a hot mug of coffee is for a caffeine addict.


The above-listed locations are just a few, we have listed below a few more places that are a must-visit during Monsoons:

  1. Nandeshwar Ji
  2. Madaar Dam
  3. Chandni Village
  4. Jhameshwar Ji
  5. Kundeshwar Mahadev Ji
  6. Kavita Village


Food to eat:

  • ·Pakode (पकोड़े): Whenever we talk about rains in this city, the first thing that’ll ever cross an Udaipurites mind is ‘Pakode’. We won’t be wrong if we call ‘Pakode’, the staple food for the monsoon season.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat


  • Vegetable Maggi: Hot and freshly cooked Maggi fully loaded with veggies is the perfect food for all the foodies who wanna enjoy great taste instantly.
PC: Fooodsnifffer



  • Chai: For all the chai-holics, tea has always been an inseparable part of the daily routine life. Chai becomes of utmost importance while it’s raining out there during.
PC: Spoon n Snap


  • Bread-Bada: Hot Bread-Bada or Bread-Pakoda are seriously a must-try while you are enjoying the monsoons in Udaipur.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Corncob (भुट्टा): Bhutta’ is the most enjoyed food when it comes to haveing some light snacks in the rainy season when you are at Fatehnagar. Various stalls and vendors can be spotted near the famous tourist destinations selling sweet corn and corn cobs. These are specially prepared on coal which gives the corncobs a natural taste and aroma.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Sandwich:  We all are mad about cheesy sandwiches filled with our favorite creamy veggies, topped up with lots of cheese and that too in monsoons, wouldn’t it be the best thing ever?
    PC: Spoon n Snap



A guide for safety while you are enjoying Monsoons out there:

  • Take out your raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof shoes and always keep plastic bags handy to avoid your belongings from getting wet.
  • A shower after you get wet in the rains is a must.
  • Avoid wearing wet clothes without proper cleaning.
  • Before cooking green veggies, firstly wash them thoroughly.
  • Carry and drink boiled and purified water, juices and soups prepared at home only.

We hope this guide will help you to stay fit, healthy and enjoy the refreshing monsoons while you are in the Lakecity.

UdaipurBlog wishes everyone a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and UNFORGETTABLE MONSOON.




7 Tips To Play a Social Media Strategy for Your Wedding

Social media platforms offer everyone an opportunity to talk to the world about an event, product or service. After getting engaged, people tend to think of how to make people aware of the wedding plans and the like.

There’s so much to do through social media to get people to notice your event, but there are tips that make it easy to succeed in your social media strategy. The good bit is, it doesn’t cost a fortune to work out the tips. 

The following are social media strategy tips for your next wedding. 


  • Create an Instagram Business Account


The reason why I am insisting on a business account is that it has lots of useful options that ordinary accounts don’t have. An Instagram business account has the following options:

  • Contact buttons

With a business account, your profile will displace CTA features like Call, Email and Directions buttons directly above your feed. This makes it easy for visitors to contact you with a click of a button. You definitely grab the attention of many visitors with a click.

  • Link Your Pages

If you didn’t know, the owner of Instagram owns Facebook as well. Additionally, it is easier to link your Instagram business account to Facebook. Then it will be easy to share your feed in both places, respond to messages and reply to comments from inside Facebook.

  • Analytics

Analytics is apparently the best feature with a business account. This is because your account can track your engagement on your posts and display the statistics. This is the most useful information for generating new content, creating your Ad’s and engaging with your audience.

  • Swipe Up

It has been rumored that soon all Instagram business counts will receive the swipe up feature sooner or later. Currently, swipe up is only given to those with 10 thousand followers or more. 


  • Create A Hashtag


Hashtags work. They make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in your event as it goes beyond just your followers. Hashtags can help you engage with friends by joining the conversation about your wedding. 

A hashtag in twitter helps you to reach beyond your follower list. While hashtagging about your wedding, use short word hashtags like #marywedspeter. Also, be careful to fill your content with too many hashtags, this may portray you as desperate and certainly dilutes your message. 

Even though hashtags are useful and drive engagement, they don’t always work on every single social media platform. They are not meant to be used on Facebook or LinkedIn. 


  • Design Ad’s To Promote The Event


Ads require little to no investment regarding money. However, if done correctly, it can help you reach a larger audience who you may not have connected with yet.

With Facebook Ads, for example, you can target a specific audience which is likely to get interested in your event.  

Always design a professional-looking Ad to give the best first impression. You can use a customizable template to help your event stand out. 


  • Post Images On Event Preparations


If you have a blog, the better. But that doesn’t mean social media can’t be of help.

There are plenty of plugins that prompt visitors to use or share the image. This will often lead to a reader sharing the image and spreading the word.

Ensure you post a beautiful and relevant image that your readers will be proud to pin, so use bright colors and sleek graphics to people to love and share. 


  • Relevant Quotes From Guest 


Guests and friends will definitely grace your wedding. A wedding without one or two guests speakers may be dull and so you need to feature one guest quote about your event. Although it’s not reasonably okay to disclose who your guests are, much of your audience may not even know who this person is or what they’re about.

By posting their quotes, you’re telling your audience what to expect on your big day and that they will learn a relevant lesson. Make the quotes and images shareable, most importantly.  


  • Post Continual


Of course, your audience needs an update of anything towards the wedding. They expect an update on the dates, theme, and venue details. 

Grab the photos of your wedding spot and talk about it continually. Choose a romantic getaway from the Caribbean and get your audience want to visit here early in advance. Who can resist the charm of Royal Barbados, a perfect spot for a total romance and relaxation, under the Caribbean sun!


  • Host a live video session on Facebook or Snapchat


Live videos are currently gaining immense popularity. Live videos will make your viewers ask questions which you can answer immediately concerning your event. You could also host a Snapchat story Q&A session to encourage participants to ask you questions about your big day. 

While doing a live video, use a beautiful image to catch followers’ attention and make you definitely stand out to your Facebook fans definitely. Encourage them to interact with you on other social media platforms to foster trust in you and your wedding event. 


What is The Artist House in Udaipur? What happens at “The Artist House”

While exploring a new city, it is very much significant to know some authentic places which capture the vibe, taste and the soul of the city very well. Set amidst the scenic water lakes and charming landscapes, Udaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its attractive culture and heritage and is one of the major touring sites for buddies, families and couples alike.

With cafes and restaurants opening around every nook and corner of the city, anyone is bound to get confused while choosing the best hangout place for themselves. So we have one such perfect place for you – ‘The Artist House’.

What’s the big deal about The Artist House anyway?

The Artist House of Udaipur is set in a striking 80-year-old theatre building which was formerly ‘Picture Palace’. As the name goes, It’s a place for people who love meeting new people, exploring different gourmet and living life. The Artist House is a one spot destination for creative minds who don’t like their imagination to be bounded by any kind of walls. 

The idea behind creating such an innovative face was to carry forward the legacy that was left by the former entertainer which was located at the same place ‘Picture Palace’. The Artist House is a great mash-up of the culture and heritage carried by the city. The design inspiration was ‘Informal Opera’ which creates a cultural platform for all the young and budding artists of the city.

The place is designed with the maximum use of the natural resources which brings fresh air and light to the crowd. The atmosphere created by such resources is more than enough to boost one’s energy to work, to party, or just have a good day by the pool.

The Artist House is the only place in Udaipur which serves ‘Blue Tokai’ coffee. Coffee beans produced by ‘Blue Tokai’ are grown by the Indian farmers thus the place is supporting the Indian economy in a way. The coffee beans are roasted twice a week and shipped out immediately after the roast to ensure the freshness of the beans intact. So, all the caffeine addicts out there in the town, your new hangout place is waiting for you.

Udaipur, also famous as the Lakecity is starting to grow as an entrepreneurial hub that promotes small and medium scale businesses. Recently, the trend of coworking has grabbed Udaipur which has helped various innovative startups with unique biz ideas to grow.

If someone wishes to excel in the entrepreneurial skills and work with the professionals from the industry who can mentor them to become one of the leading businessmen of the country, then book a space for yourself at The Artist House. The coworking space unites, collaborate and helps to innovate a product or service which is different from the lot and out of the box. And believe us, it is something worthful which comes at nominal expenditure.

The membership packages at The Artist House starts from Rs.5000 per month. The membership includes access to 3 conference rooms where freelancer and professionals can discuss their ideas. The membership covers your expenses to work and you don’t need to spare even a single penny extra rental space. One can also redeem a considerable amount from the membership charges paid.

Stay tuned for many more upcoming memberships packages.

Sundays at The Artist House are all about feasting and celebrating life with your beloved ones. Nothing is as refreshing as a family brunch at The Artist House. Food and beverages served at the place make the Sunday soulful and happening.

Whether you are struggling to kick out your mid-week crisis or just looking forward to having a chilled beverage with that long lost friend or catching up with any old acquaintance of yours, Sundowners served at ‘The Artist House’ is the way to go.

Hanging out with the girl squad is always a crazy time because it’s super fun, uplifting, real and more than relaxing. Be yourself (no need to act like someone you are not) and make some happy and unforgettable memories. In the spirit of celebrating womanhood with your’Gal-Squad’, The Artist House is the perfect crashing out place in Udaipur.

So what is it, a club, a hotel?

The Artist House brings you the perfect and the most balanced blend of both the worlds. There are guest bedrooms that anyone can reserve. The place has 15 bedrooms, separate club space, themed café, restaurant, co-working space, a roof terrace, pizzeria, and one large tropical pool. Yes, anything one could ask for, they’ve got it covered at a single venue.


The Artist House is a short walk from the old city of Udaipur and offers a thematic menu drawing the tastes from seasonal and global trends of cocktails and delectable food. The in-house experts at the place experiments with flavors untouched by the city.

What happens at The Artist House?

The place serves as a prolific platform for all the emerging artists of Udaipur. Various standup comedians, singers, bands, poets, DJ’s and vocalists have tried their luck and were welcomed whole-heartedly by the Udaipurites. It promises an immense success to all the budding artists of Udaipur and the nearby cities.

The place has witnessed some of the most happening DJ nights and club parties of all time.

The trendsetting and majorly grown lounge & bar is possibly the best hangout spot to unwind yourselves with grooving DJs line up and curated a playlist.

The place serves an epitome of delectable food and many rejuvenating drinks. The place is highly recommended and a must-visit for everyone visiting Udaipur.

Have you been to ‘The Artist House’, If yes, Share your experience from ‘The Artist House’ Udaipur in the comment section below?

The Significance Of Grammar In Effective Communication

If we talk about communication, then we all know that it is an essential human activity. None of us can merely live in solitariness, and if we want to live in a community, we, in any case, have to interact with others. In order to talk to others, we have to communicate. In short, the communication comprises of exchanging of ideas and other details in between one and more people.

When children grow, it becomes essential to teach them the proper way to communicate to express themselves adequately. It also helps in the future because they would need to face the outside world. Hence, we can say that for that grammar is essential too, not only for one but many reasons.

Why Must You Use Proper Grammar?

The reasons for which you must use perfect grammar in your content are as follows:

  • Helps you to develop good commutation skills.
  • Use of proper grammar is very advantageous when you apply for a job.
  • If you pass a message with poor grammar, then it can create misunderstandings.
  • Allows you to create an excellent professional reputation.

When it comes to written communication, then morphology plays an important role, and a small mistake of syntax can lead to a bad outcome. This is why it is highly advised to use a free grammar checker and recheck your work for at least once.

Here are some of the tips which reflect the significance of grammar.

  •    Enhance the Skill of Expression

Communication is the ability which everyone can learn. We must learn the best way to communicate so we can express ourselves in the best way possible. At a young age, we learn this skill from the people we live with as we imitate their actions. The importance of syntax is not essence for one language but every language. In our writing too, Grammar helps us to express ourselves. So, if you want to master strong communication skills, then you must use proper rules of language in your written and oral communication.

  •    Improves Accuracy

One of the benefits that syntax provides us is that it enhances the efficiency of our writing. Grammar develops a habit in the learners’ mind, and when it is mixed with the rhetoric and logic expertise, it acclimatizes the learner to the accuracy of language and eventually to the accuracy in thinking. The syntax enables the people to develop a habit of examining as well as thinking things in a more precise and logical manner. So, it states that if your writing contained perfect punctuation, the more accuracy would be there.

  •    Proper Syntax Saves Time in Business

One of the fundamental techniques for management in the workplace is to communicate effectively. If the message which is circulating in the office has proper use of syntax in it, then everyone will most probably understand it without any misunderstanding. Proper grammar lessens up the confusion when a worker performs any task, be it organizing a report or sending a message to any other management personnel. When a message would be delivered correctly, it ultimately reduces the wastage of time as there will be no need for any translation.

  •    It Is Crucial in The Digital World

Most of the people think that good use of grammar is not essential for the online article writer or bloggers as they informally create content and many times use some terms to develop sarcasm and humor. But the main thing people overlook is that they use a friendly style to enjoy the benefit of liberal freedom.

But if you are a blogger, then you must realize that the people who read your content notice your mistakes and it leaves a negative impression. Although they can understand what you are trying to say in reality, they will not like to read your content or revisit the website if you will mistake stupid errors. Hence, if you check what you are submitting from a grammar checker, it will help you in various ways.

  •    Assists in High Competitiveness

Proper use of syntax enhances campaign ads. When the promotional material is written correctly with no grammatical error, then they surely will get much more attention from people. We all are aware of the fact that if firms generate advertisements without mistakes, it ultimately will result in the popularity of the business.

If you are using a grammar checker and correcting all your errors, you still must proofread your content before sending them to any third person.
For more information, please visit our site: https://searchenginereports.net/grammar-checker/


MBA Human Resource Subjects to Master for a Fruitful Career

For every organization to run successfully, it would need skilled management to keep everything in place and check. This is where an HR professional comes in, they ensure that the employees are represented, and everything runs smoothly. To become a human resource professional, you must do an MBA in human resource management as it is already the big thing in the job market.

An MBA in HR as specialization aims to train students to enhance the performance of the employees so that they can gain greater profits for the company. Some basic roles of a Human Resource professional are:

  • Make sure that the needs of the employee and employer are met
  • Hold interviews for new hiring and brief them about the role
  • Make sure that all the paperwork is up to date
  • Administer activities that encourage teamwork
  • Manage perks and benefit programs
  • Address grievances and solve them efficiently

MBA syllabus for students pursuing human resources is detailed and thorough to ensure that you graduate as a top-notch professional. Some of the areas that are covered are HR management basics, in-depth study of labor laws and laws of industrial relations, ways to enhance employee performance, empowerment of employees, addressing grievances, employee appraisal and more. To sum it up – the economic, cultural, and social factors of a workplace is addressed throughout the MBA syllabus.

After completion of your MBA in human resources, you are bound to have a successful career. Some of the fields where you can excel with a fruitful career after the completion of your degrees such as government organization, educational institutes, corporates, MNC, industries, and much more.


Careers After the Completion of Your Human Resource Degree


Training and Development Manager:

Administering sessions or workshops for helping employees improve their set of skills and career is one of the significant roles played by a training and development manager. If you are someone who can command a room and like helping people in their career, this is just the career path for you. You can train how to deal with interviewers, conduct themselves, be a problem solver and much more.

Public Relations Manager:

With your MBA in HR as your specialization, you will learn to have a charismatic personality, be dependable and confident, with these skills you can launch your career as a public relations manager. You will be one of the first points of communication between the company and the masses. A PR manager plays a significant role in ensuring that the image of the company stays positive in the public eye.

Talent Management:

A talent manager is responsible for the recruitment of the most talented and superior employees present in the job market. They ensure that the talent gets hired with the right kind of people to get the best out of them. With all the skill sets acquired in your MBA, you’d be able to recognize talent, as well as the best opportunities for them.

HR Entrepreneur:

Why work for someone else when you can be your boss? Launching your private HR firm is a bold and golden step when it comes to boosting your career path. You can find clients and help build their firm into a highly successful organization. It is a highly promising career field with enormous scope for growth and development as the number of companies outsourcing their HR functions is growing.

Employee Relation Manager:

Often, employees feel like they aren’t represented and don’t have a say in most matters. An employee relation manager does the process of bridging this gap between the employee and the organization efficiently. They make sure that they are being heard and all their complaints are looked after. If there is some dispute, an employee relation manager acts as a mediator between the company and the staff.

It doesn’t matter if the company is in a state of boom or a gloom, they will always require an HR professional to handle things efficiently. It is also a well-compensated job with the satisfaction of helping others grow in their career. To acquire skills that a successful HR professional needs to excel, you must ensure that you do your MBA from the best universities in the field such as UPES. It is a university that trains its students in solving risks and problems faced in a business environment with case studies and practical examples in its MBA syllabus. You are passed on a set of skills and knowledge by state-of-the-art faculty. Also, there has been an excellent track record for placements in the past with 97% of students being placed in organizations such as Godrej, ITC Limited, Jindal Group, Nestle, OYO, and more. With such excellent options to have a successful career, an MBA in human resources becomes a fruitful course to pursue.

उदयपुर के चौराहों के अजीब नाम जो अपने आप में एक अनोखी कहानी समेटे हैं।

हर शहर अपने अंदर बहुत सारी कहानियाँ समेटे हुए होता है। जिसके शहरी उन कहानियों से अनजान होते है,और वो कहानियाँ इतिहास के तह-खाने में कहीं पड़ी पड़ी धूल फ़ाँक रही होती हैं। उदयपुर शहर की भी कुछ ऐसी ही कहानियाँ जो इतिहास के झरोखों से किसी नयी पीढ़ी के ज़हन में बस जाने के इंतज़ार में झांक रही है, पर आज की पीढ़ी की ज़रूरतों ने ज़िंदगी को इस क़दर व्यस्त कर दिया है कि हमें उन बातों को जानने की फ़ुरसत ही नहीं मिलती है। लेकिन हमने आपका काम आज आसान करने की सोची और आपके लिए लाए हैं शहर की कुछ बातें।

क्या आपने कभी उदयपुर शहर के चौराहों के नामों पर गौर किया है?

हर एक शहर में कुछ चीज़ें उसकी पहचान से जुड़ी होती हैं । आप आम तौर पर किसी शहर में चले जाओ तो वहाँ आपको शास्त्री सर्कल, प्रताप सर्कल,अम्बेडकर चौराहा या गांधी चौराहा मिल जाएगा। लेकिन उदयपुर शहर में प्रवेश करते ही आपकी मुलाकात ठोकर चौराहा,सेवाश्रम चौराहा, भट्टा  चौराहा से होगी और तब तक होती रहेगी जब तक कोई योगी जी आकर इनका नाम ना बदल दें । आप अक्सर इन चौराहो को पार करते समय सिर्फ इतना ख़याल रखते है कि कोई पुलिस कांस्टेबल आपको ना पकड़ ले और झट से उसे पार कर लेते है और अगर बिना पकड़ाए पार कर लेते हैं , तो खुश हो जाते हैं |

लेकिन क्या कभी आपने थोड़ा ठहर कर इन चौराहों के बारे में जानने कि कोशिश की है, कि इनके नाम ऐसे क्यों है?

नहीं की होगी, हम बता देते है।

ठोकर चौराहा

शहर में प्रवेश करते ही आपका सामना ठोकर चौराहे से होगा. “ठोकर” एक मेवाड़ी शब्द है जिसका मतलब एक ब्रेकर भी हो सकता है, और कोई ऐसी जगह भी होती है जहाँ लोग आकर कुछ पल के लिए रुकते हो। अब नाम भी जनता ने रखा है तो जनता के पास अलग अलग कहानियाँ भी है।

सिंघानिया लॉ कॉलेज के डीन डॉ.धर्मेश जैन ने बताया कि  मादड़ी इंडस्ट्रियल से आते वक़्त यहाँ चौराहे से पहले चढ़ाई होती थी जिसकी वजह से इसे ठोकर कहाँ जाने लगा और इस चौराहे का नाम ठोकर चौराहा पड़ा।

वहीं आयड़ में रहने वाले एक बुजुर्ग से बात की, तो उन्होंने कहा कि आयड़ से आने वाली सड़क पर  यह पहला चौराहा था और यहाँ आस पास के लोग मजदूरी पर जाने से पहले रुका करते थे, बातचीत किया करते थे, और इसे ठोकर कहा जाने लगा, एक लैंडमार्क की तरह। फिर बाद में साल बीतते गए  और मादड़ी  से आने वाली चढ़ाई को भी ख़त्म कर दिया गया पर इस चौराहे ने ठोकर नाम को अपना लिया और खुद का एक अस्तित्व स्थापित कर दिया है।

सेवाश्रम चौराहा

सेवाश्रम चौराहे पर बजाज कॉर्प लिमिटेड नाम की एक कंपनी का ऑफिस है जिसकी स्थापना 1965 में हुई थी। अब आप सोच रहे होंगे कि कैसा लेखक है, चौराहे की बात करते करते कंपनियों की बात करने लगा है, पर सेवाश्रम चौराहे के नाम के पीछे हाथ भी इसी कंपनी का है। इस का नाम पहले बजाज सेवाश्रम था और इसी कंपनी के नाम के कारण इस चौराहे ने सेवाश्रम नाम से अपनी पहचान बनाई जो आज भी कायम है।

कुम्हारों का भट्टा

अगले विचित्र नाम के साथ नंबर आता है भट्टे चौराहे का और आप सोच रहे होंगे इसमें क्या है, यह तो सामान्य नाम है, और हम सभी इसके बारे में जानते है। पर ज़रा ठहरिये! कुछ नया लाये है।

यह हम सभी जानते हैं  कि यहाँ रहने वाले कुम्हार समुदाय के कारण इसका नाम कुम्हारों का भट्टा है पर क्या आप यह जानते हैं  कि भट्टे पर रहने वाले कुम्हारों को मेवाड़ राजघराना उत्तरप्रदेश से लेकर आया था, मिट्टी के सामान की अपनी ज़रूरतों को पूरा करने के लिए। आज यहाँ रहने वाले लोगो की छठी, सातवीं पीढ़ी है| शहर का फ़ैलाव होने के बाद यह चौराहा शहर के बीच में आ गया और भट्टों से निकलने वाले धुँए के प्रदूषण  कारण सरकार ने भट्टों पर रोक लगा दी। आप जब चौराहे के अंदर गलियों में प्रवेश करेंगे तो लोग आपको आज भी वहां मिट्टी के सामान बनाते हुए मिल जायेंगे और दीवाली के मौके पर शहर के दीयों की जरूरत भी यही पूरी करते है। भट्टे तो रहे नहीं पर एक छाप रह गयी है उन भट्टो की, जो इस चौराहे के नाम के रूप में लोगों  को अतीत की याद दिलाता रहेगी ।

दुनिया में चल रही रेट रेस हमें अपनेपन के एहसासों से बहुत दूर ले गयी है। हम उन चीज़ों के बारे में भी कुछ नहीं जानते जहाँ अपनी ज़िंदगी के सबसे हसीन पल गुजार दिए हैं ।

कुछ जगहों से आपको जुड़ाव जरूर होगा पर आप उनके बारे में अगर कुछ नहीं जानते हैं  तो वो जुड़ाव आपको आनंदित नहीं करेगा। मैं आशा करता हूँ कि इस आर्टिकल को पढ़ने के बाद आपका इन चौराहों को देखने का नज़रिया बदलेगा। ऐसी कई बातें और कहानियां हैं जो आपका इंतज़ार कर रही हैं । ज़रूरत है तो बस आपकी  कुछ पलों की  फुर्सत की…

अगर आप भी शहर की ऐसी जगहों के बारे में जानते है तो हमें बताएं कमेंटबॉक्स में और अगर किसी जगह की कहानी जानना चाहते है तो भी सुझाएँ  ताकि हम आपके लिए ऐसी और कहानियाँ निकाल कर ला सकें |


यह एक गेस्ट आर्टिकल है जिसके लेखक अंसार मंसूरी है.