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One of the major elements which makes a city is its people. Without its people, the city is absolutely incomplete. And Udaipur has an umpteen number of such talented people everywhere making the city proud.

The section ‘People’ of UdaipurBlog jots together the information and details about the prominent personalities in Udaipur. It gives a platform to all those people who, with their hardwork and spirit, glorify the name of the city everywhere. Here you can read about all those people who, with their hard work and passion, create news in the pages of Udaipur.

The section also deals with a special series named ‘People in Udaipur you should know about’ which features all the renowned personalities who with their hard work and accomplishments, have not just made the city proud but the entire country proud. These people have set a benchmark in the history and secured a well-deserved spot in the blogs of this section.

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