Tourist Guide to Udaipur in Winter Season

Udaipur is undoubtedly a fascinating destination for all the travelers. But before traveling to the city, there are several questions which are raised in the mind of a tourist like what would be the weather in the city? Would it be too cold? What all places can be covered and at what time? What are the winter specialties of the city? And so on.

If you are also one of these travelers, then this article is entirely for you. The article answers all the questions that come in the mind of a traveler before coming to the city in the winter season. Read along to unveil all of them.

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  • Is the weather too cold in Udaipur? And how many winter wears should be packed for the trip?

The average temperature during the daytime is 23°C while during the nighttime, it drops down to a temperature as low as 12°C by the time the clock strikes 11 pm. However, the weather is quite pleasant for one to explore the city. Usual winter wears can be packed for the trip including sweaters, coats, and sweats. Nothing extraordinarily thick is required.


  • Ideal places that should be covered in the winter trip and its timings.

The ideal time to explore Udaipur during winters would be between 10 am to 9 pm. After that, it will be a bit cold out there. There are several places that look mind blowing during the winter times and since these places are situated on a height, the view from there is breathtaking. These places include forts like Sajjangarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort and the stunning Lakes of the city such as Lake Fatehsagar, Lake Dudhtalai, Lake Pichola, etc.

Click here to read about the entire itinerary of Udaipur.

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  • How many days are enough to explore the Udaipur city?

This question can be a bit tricky. Before exploring the answer to the question, it is important for you to decide what you are actually willing to explore. Confused? Well, let me get it straight to you. The main city of Udaipur which includes the City Palace, Old city, major Lakes and gardens will take a time period of approx 1-2 days only. Apart from that, if you are willing to roam around the outskirts as well such as Ubeshwar Ji, Lake Badi, Peepliya Ji, etc., the time period will increase to 2-3 days.

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  • What other places can I explore while on my trip to Udaipur?

Not just Udaipur but even the places which surround it are beautiful. There are several places around Udaipur which can be covered while you are on your trip to Udaipur. These places include Mount Abu, Nathdwara, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati, etc. Click here to know about all these places.

  • What are the must-have winter delicacies of Udaipur?

Rajasthan is very well known for its mouth-watering cuisine which includes the very famous Dal Baati. Apart from that, there are various other winter special delicacies of Mewar. Click here to know about these delicacies of Udaipur and where to find it.

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  • What places are ideal for shopping during winters?

There are various shopping markets and malls here in Udaipur which one can opt for his shopping spree. But if you are planning to visit Udaipur in the month of December, then one must-visit place would be Shilpgram Utsav. This cultural fiesta involves a vibrant bazaar which contains a variety of traditional wear and accessories. On every evening of this 10-day long festival, cultural performances are held.

Apart from that, you can also visit the famous Tibetan market at Samor Bagh. Here, you can find a variety of winter attires, accessories and some food to relish too.

The time to experience the beauty of Udaipur is now.

Happy Journey!

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Blu Feather Completes its One Year – Here’s Why You Should Visit this Amazing Place

Blu Feather has been an eminent name in the entire hospitality sector of Udaipur. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, it offers all the peace and solitude that one needs in order to achieve self-relaxation. The name ‘Blu Feather’ has been inspired by the beautiful national bird of the country Peacock and promises to take care of all the guests with utmost care and comfort.

Today Blu Feather has successfully completed its one year. On this occasion, let’s dig deep into the journey and achievements of Blu Feather.

Journey of Blu Feather

The journey of the Blu feather has been astounding and challenging altogether throughout the year.  The entire team of the hotel makes sure to provide all the comfort and luxury to the guests. Often, it comes as a challenge to look onto every tiny requirement of a guest, but overcoming all of them, it has proved to be a prominent name in the hospitality industry.


Amenities at Blu Feather

  • Amayaa Spa: Relieve your tension and stress at Amayaa spa. With a serene, peaceful and heavenly ambiance, your soul and your body will surely feel at rest.
  • The Clove: A Multi-cuisine Restaurant to please you with an umpteen number of flavors in food and beverages.
  • The Ballroom: A spacious and luxurious Banquet is awaiting you for your special occasion. Be it marriages, parties, events, or conferences, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.
  • The Level’s Up: After all the chaotic day, a candlelight dinner will simply take all your stress away. The Level’s up is a Poolside Rooftop Restaurant that lets you experience a scrumptious meal while you adore the awe-inspiring view of the city.
The Level’s up

Some kind gestures and feedbacks from the guests


I visited the hotel from Panchkula along with my family on marriage anniversary. The stay, food and service is par excellence. Each and every corner of hotel is so clean. Cooperative and professional staff.5* rating for everything to make our celebration and stay memorable in Udaipur.” Says Raman on Trip Advisor


“Amazing Stay

Everything was very nice. Food was amazing. Good hotel for stay, everything was very good. Food was amazing. Staff was very polite and helpful. Reception officer was very kind. Beautiful hotel. Very well maintained. I wish them good luck. Good going blu feather.” Says Pramod on MakeMyTrip.

“Comfortable and extremely pleasant

The ambiance, the decor, and the comfort were superb. The view from my window was simply breathtaking. The little lawn with flowing water was so soothing that turned would just go away. Room service was smooth and fat. Housekeeping would be on their toes. On the whole a very nice stay. A word for the reception. They were very warm and welcoming.” Says Angana on

Few words from the owner, Ashish Chhabra

“The Journey of BluFeather is attached with my heart to do something I dream, I want and I love to possess. Thus, with all sincere hard work, teamwork and inspiration from my late father and blessings of my mother, the support of my family and all well-wishers BluFeather was introduced in Udaipur. My vision is to make BluFeather, a guest sensitive Hotel, came true which cares and delivers the best of comforts and luxury to all guests, which feels light in all terms.”

Make this special occasion of Blue feather more special with your presence as it is offering 15% off on your Lunch/Dinner meals which is valid up to 20th Dec 2018*.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!


Contact: 9116645147

Address: No. 4, Pratap Nagar Road, Bhuwana Sukher By Pass, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Website: Blu Feather Hotel & Spa

You can also visit them on their Facebook page by clicking here.

Budget traveling to Udaipur Under Rs. 800

Udaipur has gained a very good reputation amongst the travelers all around the world. It’s a fascinating and diverse city with a little pinch of historical flavors and modernization blended perfectly well.

While traveling to any place, the first thing that concerns any traveler is the budget. What if I say that you can spend an entire day in Udaipur for as little as Rs. 800 a day? Getting shocked by the above statement is quite natural as being a touristic city, the expenses in the city can be a bit high for the budget travelers. Though with a little amount of prior information before traveling to the city can save you a fortune.

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Accommodation is a major add up to the budget of your travel plans. So while you are at a budget travel plan, choose for hostels or dormitories instead of those heavy on pocket lakeside Hotels. Hostels or dormitories won’t just fall into your budget but will also give you the opportunity to connect to the travelers of your likes.

Some of the budgeted hostel and dormitories in Udaipur are –

  • The Journey Hostels

Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 249.00

Address: 60/9, Hanuman Ghat, Opp. Udai Kothi Hotel, Chandpole, Udaipur


  • Moustache Hostel

Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 249.00

Address: 44, Panduwari, Gadiya Devra, Near Jagdish Chowk, Girwa, Udaipur

  • Banjara Hostels

Basic 4 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 240.00

Address: 83, Banjara Hostel, Udai Niwas Hotel, Gangaurghat Road near Jagdish temple, Udaipur

Want to read more about the Hostels and Dormitories of Udaipur? Click here.



Food is one of the major components of a city which let you come across the culture of the place. While you are in the city, you would want to have a traditional scrumptious meal which doesn’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

One of the golden rule related to food for all the budget travelers is ‘Find good street food joints’. Street food will offer you a wide range of food items at a minimal cost. Udaipur has an umpteen number of street food joints where you can give a genuine treat to your taste buds in your budget.

Read about the Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Or if you want to have some of the best dishes in the city, click here


Places to visit

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Udaipur is filled with a number of places which attracts a lot of tourists every day. Some of these places require a nominal amount of entry charge while most of them are absolutely free. Choose what all destinations you want to cover on your trip. Skip the idea of visiting all the places if you have a defined number of days for your trip.

You may want to read: Planning for a trip to Udaipur? Here’s the itinerary!

Some of the recommended FREE places to visit in the city of Lakes are –

Lake Fatehsagar

Ganghaur Ghat

Lake Dudhtalai

Jagdish Temple

Lake Pichola and Daiji footbridge

Ambrai Ghat

Karni Mata Temple

Neemuch Mata Temple

Saheliyon ki Badi

Gulab Bagh

Goverdhan Sagar Lake

Sukhadiya circle


Mode of Transportation

The mode of transportation within the city completely depends upon your budget. Hiring a personal cab or auto could be expensive while if you opt for a public transport such as bus or auto can really save you some money. Public transportation charges as less as Rs. 5 to Rs. 20. The only condition for choosing public transport is that you might have to walk a certain distance as it won’t drop you right outside your destination.

The public tempos are usually the large ones which has the capacity of around 12 people. Look for the large tempos or nowadays TATA Magic is being run in the city for the same purpose. The route of these tempos is specified. Below are the routes of different tempos being run in the city.

Route No. 1 City station To Rampura

Railway station – Bus stop –  Surajpole –  Delhi Gate –  Hathipole – Chetak Circle – Shiksha Bhawan – Fatehsagar – Radaji Chouraha – Mahakaleshwar Chowk  – Malla Talai Chouraha – Rampura


Route No. 22 City station To Badgaon

Railway Station – Bus stop at Udiapole –  Surajpole –  Delhi Gate –  Hathipole – Chetak Circle – Panchwati Chouraha – Sukhadiya Circle – Fatehpura Chouraha – Syphon Chouraha – Badgaon


Route No. 20 Krishi Mandi to Bedla

Reti Stand –  Railway Station Gate No.2 – Police line – Bus Station at Udiapole –  Surajpole –  Delhi Gate –  Hathipole – Chetak Circle – Panchwati Chouraha – Sukhadiya Circle – Fatehpura Chouraha – Syphon Chouraha – Bedla

Route No. 7 City station to Amberi

Railway Station – Bus stop at Udiapole –  Surajpole –  Delhi Gate –  Hathipole – Chetak Circle – Panchwati Chouraha – Sukhadiya Circle – Fatehpura Chouraha – RK Circle – Celebration Mall – Bhuwana chouraha – Sukher – Amberi


Route No. 9 Chetak to Savina

Chetak Circle – Court Chouraha – Shashtri Circle – Delhigate – Surajpole – Udiapole – Policeline  – Reti Stand –  Hadi Rani Circle – Titardi – Savina


Route No. 4 – Chetak To Sector 4,5,6

Chetak Circle – Meera Girls College – Sardarpura – Court Chouraha – Shashtri Circle – Ashok Nagar Road – Durga Nursery Road – Bhatta Chouraha – Sevashram Chouraha – Sector 4,5,6


Route No. 2 Dhudhiya Ganeshji to Goverdhan Vilas

Dudhiya Ganeshji – Malla Talai Chouraha – Mahakaleshwar Chowk – Radaji Chouraha – Fatehsagar – Shiksha Bhawan –  Chetak Circle  – Delhi Gate – SurajPole – Udiapole – Railway Station – Patel Circle – Paras Circle – Goverdhan Vilas


Route No.  25 Pratap Nagar to DelhiGate

Transport Nagar – Pacific University – Pratap Nagar – Thoker Chouraha – Ayad – Lakecity Mall – Ashok Nagar Road – Shashtri Circle – DelhiGate


Court Chouraha to Bohra Ganesh Ji

CourtChouraha – ShashtriCircle – AshoknagarRoad – DurgaNurseryRoad – UniversityRoad


Apart from that, you could also rent a bike if your budget allows you to. There are some city buses too that run in the city in around the same cost.

Don’t let anything stop you from discovering places, not your budget at least. Whether you’re headed to the historical places in the city or the temple, one thing is for sure that you won’t be able to forget your first trip to the city.

If you have any interesting travel story of Udaipur, write to me at We would love to feature it.

Tourist Police Station in Udaipur

Exploring different places in the world is fun but there are so many things that one should know while satisfying their wanderer soul. Now while you are in a different city and get cheated by some guide or shopkeeper, what should you do? Where should you go? And who are the people responsible that will address your grievances?

Udaipur is a renowned tourist hub and hundreds of tourists flock to the city every day to explore its splendor. Hence, it is an important issue that needs to be focused in our city. Since a lot of people aren’t aware of the basic tourist things, we went to the tourist police station in Udaipur to know what all problems do tourists face and how are they resolved.

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We met head constable Babu Lal there who told us about the problems a tourist faces in Udaipur and what is the contribution of Tourist police station to resolve those. He told us that tourist police station is completely meant for grievances redressal. The major problem that a tourist faces at tourist hubs such as our city is fake guides who tend to loot or do fraud with the tourists by attracting and tempting them to provide facilities like boat riding, exploration at fewer prices etc. Some of them also claim to provide you with original handicrafts at fewer prices and in return they get a commission from the respected shopkeepers as well as money from the tourists.

There are several unauthorized guides in the city who tries to loot the tourists and make their experience displeasing. Although very few people actually come to the station to report fraud, maybe because of the lack of awareness, Babu Lal told us that there are 15 constables, out of which 4 are female constables who visit the famous tourist spots and identify the fake guides and protect tourists from them.

Udaipur’s tourist police station was the first one in Rajasthan. Today, there are 3 tourist police stations in Rajasthan one of which is Udaipur and the other two are at Jaipur and Jodhpur.

There is only one act which strictly needs to get followed by the tourist police authorities and complaints regarding the same can be registered here. This act is Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010. Rajasthan Tourism Act provides acceleration of growth of tourism trade and industry in the state and makes the experience of tourists hassle-free. It provides protection to tourists against touts (commonly known as ‘lapkas’), beggars, hawkers, taxi-cab drivers, (which includes auto rickshaws and rickshaws) or any other elements who unduly harass or annoy the tourists. Apart from that unauthorized guides, people who tend to harass or follow them without their consent, or people/shopkeepers/traders selling something at a higher price than displayed can be complained against here, or people who continuously bug them to buy their products or avail their services.

We further asked Babu Lal about the process of registering a complaint at Tourist Police Station. He informed us that a tourist can directly walk into the station which is located at Pichola Road near Tibetan Market or call at 0294-2425242. There is no way to register to your complaint online. The station is available for 24 hours. However, in case of theft or any other such crime one needs to register a complaint in the general police station of the particular area.

If you have any feedback regarding the article, share them with us in the comment section below or write to me at Share the word with other people to create more awareness about such issues in the city.

Mistakes a Tourist Makes while Visiting Udaipur

Udaipur certainly remains one gorgeous city in the country. The beauty, the landscapes, the culture and everything about the city is unbeatable. It is filled with a massive amount of history and culture and has some interesting stories behind every renowned site. This is how a local see the city but tourists come up with different perceptions and expectations and sometimes, he misses out on the most interesting parts while exploring the city, or in case he doesn’t, due to some common mistakes, he stays deprived of a remarkable travel experience.

Just so you could get the most out of your trip with your loved ones, we have prepared a list of common mistakes that a tourist does that make their experience bitter.


Covering every tourist spot in a single day

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: Eff It, I’m On Holiday

Udaipur is a stunning city where every corner of it is filled with fascinating stories and mind-blowing landscapes but the most common mistake a tourist does is trying to cover all the locations and all the spots while you are in the city for a single day. If you explore like this, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a single place completely. So if you are here for less time, list maximum 3-4 places that you would want to soak in for the entire day.


Buying every item on a price told by the shopkeeper

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: Indiatimes

You wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from buying those traditional clothes and handicrafts and you definitely should but before you do make sure that you do not give excessive money on these products. While you are shopping on the streets of the Old City or any popular market, keep in mind that there is a high scope of bargaining at every shop. You can save a high amount of bucks everywhere if you put your bargaining skills into action.


Wearing shorts while visiting temples

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: DocDivaTraveller

It is reasonable that you are on your vacation and would want to wear the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe but unless you want to be stared at by the religious devotees in the temple, you better don’t wear shorts or revealing dresses at temples. In Udaipur or let’s say in India, they are still less acceptable at such places. So define your day’s wardrobe according to the destinations you wish to visit.


Traveling with heavy suitcases

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: Las cosas de Carmentxu – WordPress

Not just in Udaipur but any other place, traveling with heavy luggage and suitcases turns out to be quite difficult everywhere you go. Carrying them all around is tough but the main problem remains that it might get stolen. Although, Udaipur is safe as far as theft is concerned, but when your bad luck takes its stroll, you never know what might happen. So, it’s better to carry less luggage with you so that you could roam around worriless.


Relying completely on GPS

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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GPS might help you with some basic places but relying completely on GPS while exploring is not fair. Sometimes, two places have the same names and it might land you to an unwanted destination and you wouldn’t want to waste your valuable time when you are already short on time, right? So it would be good if you take some prior information about the destination or if possible even ask a few locals whether the direction is correct or not.


Missing out the outskirts of the city

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

Everyone is too much fascinated with the old city and there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t but you shouldn’t just stick to that part of the city. If time allows you, you should explore other parts of the city as well and the outskirts. Look for how people actually live in the city. Most of these sights are unexplored and will give you an experience different from the rest of the tourists.


Traveling conveyance

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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If you are traveling with a limited budget, it would be better if you travel by public transport like bus, train or auto rickshaws. In a very minimal amount of money, you would be able to travel to places. However, if you are limited with your time, then it is advisable that you travel via cabs. Cabs are convenient, would be available almost everywhere in the city and you would be able to book them in advance so it could save you time, big time.


Eating at the familiar restaurant chains

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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While you are in the city, relish the authentic taste of Rajasthan rather than going to the same food joints that you could find anywhere. The traditional food of any region contains fresh ingredients and would give you the most of its flavor. This would not only give you a true Rajasthani experience but would also introduce you to the culture of the locality. And after all, the true essence of traveling is knowing the city as it is.


Spending an excessive amount of money on Hotels

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
Source: Backpacker Panda

This could prove a great tip to people who are traveling with a specified budget. If you are not looking for a great lake view from your room, instead of choosing for expensive hotels in the Old City, you could opt for average hotels in the city center or much better if you are comfortable with hostels or dormitories. They could save you some large amount of bucks while traveling and you could utilize the money for other things.

And the last suggestion for the list would be, go where your heart leads to. If you are willing to stay at a place for a little long just because it soothes your soul, stay there. If you feel like talking to a complete stranger, do it. At the end of your trip, it is just these crazy experiences and memorable moments that are going to count, not the money you spend, not the places you see.

If you have any feedback regarding the article, you can drop it in the comment section below or you can write to me at

Heritage Walks & Tours in Udaipur

A city is made up of mysteries, histories, and stories. Behind the buildings and beauty that keeps changing and developing with time, there are some things which stay intact and if you actually want to understand some city, it is important that you understand the base of it, you look and know the city the way its citizens look at it.

And when it comes to Udaipur, the beauty is just the aftereffect of the marvelous past it had. But it would be a mere waste if you are willing to explore Udaipur and leave without knowing the story, history, and people of it. Watching and visiting monuments and forts is something which everyone does but true wanderers are those who look for its essence. So here we bring to you the list of Heritage walks in Udaipur that lets you be the part of the city for a day or two.


Walk and pedal travel and tours

As the name clearly indicates, it conducts two kinds of exploration via a walk and via cycling. It has some very interesting names of these tours which include ‘As the dawn breaks over the horizon, Walk Down, Memory Lane, Spirit of Art, Pedal Tours, Ode to Matrimony, A Potpourri of Culture, To the Manor born – Peepliya Heritage Fort Stay and Farm Tour’. Doesn’t these compel you to go for them as soon as you hear their names? The prices vary according to the tour you choose.

Contact: +91-7339866520


Fish Eyes Artisan Walking Tours

This is one of the walking tours which connects you to the local artistry of the city. It makes you meet and explore the potters, miniature painting artists and many people like them. It creates a warm and friendly environment between the locals and the tourists which makes them feel a part of the city.

Contact: 88904 19048


Vintage Walking Tours

Some of us are morning people, some of us are not. Hence, there are three different kinds of tours according to the time of the day which is Dawn tours, day tours, and dusk tours and the prices of these tours vary accordingly. In the day tours, there are three more categories which are Udaipur comprehensive, Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh tour and countryside jaunt.

Contact: +91 9828276535


Virasat Experiences

Source: JustDial

Virasat experiences conduct ‘Udaipur Heritage walk’ where they tend to show the real Udaipur, its people, its traditions through a guided walking tour. This walk covers beautiful streets, sites, hidden alleyways, meeting various artisans, jewelry makers, potters and bamboo crafts. The prices of this walking tours are 1700, and 1000 for Adult and Children respectively.

Contact: 94140-66260


The Udaipur Story

This guided walk down the streets of Udaipur will allow you to get indulge in an experience where you will witness the beauty of the palace along with the local cuisine and people. This way, you will be able to understand the city by being a part of it for this walking tour. The tour covers entire old city which is the oldest part of the city hence it contains gems which are too good to miss. Duration of this walking tour is 8 hours and the price is 1700 per adult.

For booking visit –


Udaipur Heritage Walk by Rajasthan tours


According to them, it’s not a guided tour, rather it’s a Cultural Immersion. It is a full day heritage walk which includes meeting with craftsmen, silversmiths, exploring spice markets, temples, markets, and some unique artists. It also includes visiting homes of merchants, Warrior Communities, Priest Communities etc. The tour starts at from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

For booking visit –


Heritage walk in Udaipur through the Old city by wandertrails

The professional guides here will make you experience the old city streets, bazaars and monuments of Udaipur. The tour is suitable for all age group, minimum being 6 years. It is suitable for a group and a family as well. It is a 2-hour walk which includes historic temples, Havelis, Baoris, and places like Ganghaur Ghat, Bagore ki Haveli, Ganesh Ghati, Clock Tower, etc. You could opt for 4-hour tour if you are interested in going to City Palace. Prices for two hours is 700 and four hours is 1400 respectively.

For booking visit –


Walking tour by Udaipur magic tour

Source: Pinterest

Two kinds of tours are available here. One is Udaipur walking tour and the other one is sightseeing walking tour. Sightseeing walking tour includes exploration of forts, palaces, Heritage buildings, lakes, Museums, and temple. These sites are quite popular among the tourists. Udaipur walking tour is for those people who are too bored of exploring the overrated places and are willing to see the actual city by exploring and meeting artists, Handicrafts and meeting the local people.

For booking visit –


Walking tours by Heritage Royal Rajasthan

Two categories of Heritage walk is conducted here which are Heritage walking tour in Old City and Living Heritage walking. Walking tour in Old City covers the entire Old City including Temples, Palaces, Ghats, step walls, etc. and Living Heritage walking is to explore the main attractions of the entire city that includes Saheliyon ki Badi, Lake Fateh Sagar, etc.

For booking visit –

Your Summer Guide to Beat the Heat! | Travelling to Udaipur in Summers Made Easy

It is mid-June but the sun is still blazing! How can we combat such heat without getting tossed in the sun? Here is a brief guide for you if you are traveling to Udaipur in the summer months! We haven’t made it the obvious summer guide you would have read everywhere on the internet, rather it is custom made for Udaipur!

Although Udaipur doesn’t experience soaring temperatures throughout the summer months, but from mid-May to end June the temperatures are quite harsh and it is not recommended to leave your home/hotel without proper ‘beat-the-heat’ tools.

Here are some tips or you can call a guide for traveling in Udaipur in summers.

#5 Drink More

By drinking, I mean hydrating juices and Jal Jeera 😉Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

There are a lot of places in Udaipur where you can get freshly prepared juices and Jal Jeera which are really helpful in retaining the amount of water lost during your outdoor visit in the sun.

Get the list here

#4 Eat less and more often, Cafes can be your pick!

5 Best coffee places in Udaipur
Source: Justdial

Eating a lot doesn’t help in summers. I know you would be enticed by the luscious delicacies in the city but you need to take them in small quantities. This helps your body to maintain its metabolic activity at the same time won’t let you bloat.

Get the list of cafes here

#3 Dive in the pools

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

Take a bath or shower especially before bedtime. You can also indulge yourself in a brief dive in the pool which shall compensate your day’s heat. There are various pools in and around the city where you can enjoy your summer trip.

Get the list of pools here

#2 Be chic in summer clothes from Hathipol

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
Source – My Udaipur City

Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes in the summers. And where can you find these other than the market of Hathipol? The whole market shall receive you well when it comes to shopping. There are other markets as well and if you are new to the city you can go to these markets in Udaipur to have a good shopping experience.

Get the list of markets here

#1 Get yourself Tan Proof! 

Men and women traveling to Rajasthan often get a bad tan due to the excessive heat they are subjected to. And not just them even the locals get tanned and trust me it’s not a nice feeling ☹ One must swap their usual body moisturizer with a cooling Aloe-Vera Gel which will help lower the temperature of the skin.


So, these were the tips that you can keep in mind when traveling to Udaipur in summers. Also, you can always read about the best time to visit Udaipur so you never have to compromise with the weather. Monsoons in Udaipur are great for people who love rains, the city is covered with great greenery and the weather is also beauteous. For people who are comfy in winters, the best time to visit Udaipur is winters according to me. The weather is great, the sun is not harsh at all and you can enjoy every bit of the city.

Tell me in the comment section below, when are you coming to Udaipur?

Things That You Should Not Do In Udaipur

Udaipur is a city of dreams. People from all around the world have bucket listed Udaipur on a priority and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. After all, it is one such city which is pretty appealing in every field whether it be history, culture, food, palaces, you name it and it shines already. Oh, and did I tell you it has several other names too such as city of lakes, Kashmir or Rajasthan, Venice of the east, etc.? With all these things, one thing is for sure that when one visits the beautiful city of lakes, he will not only be awestruck by the beauty of the city but on the other hand he will be completely smitten and would want to stay here forever.

But be careful, while you are just getting indulged in the beauty of the city and travelling with all your heart, there are some things which you should better not do, so that at the end of your trip, all that you have is memories and lots and lots of mind-blowing pictures at all the exotic locations.

Do not think of Udaipur as an ordinary city

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
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While we get tired of praising the city, there are so many people out there who think Udaipur as a small town with nothing much to explore. You should never ever do that. It is true that the city is not too large in area but, trust me, it is enough. It is not a drop in the ocean, it is an ocean in a single drop. In fact, the size of the city will be very helpful to you. You won’t have to travel for hours to go from one spot to other, unlike metros where you just spend your whole day and get to visit only 1-2 places. Here you can travel almost 50% of the city roughly in 24 hours. Isn’t it an added perk to the City of Lakes?


You should not utter a single bad word about Fatehsagar

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
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Fatehsagar has been the heart of the city for a very long time. You can spot people chilling at the pal of the Lake at every time of the day, at every season of the year. And on weekends, the place is literally flooded with people. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t. The place, after all, is something where nature shows the most beautiful self. So now that you know the essence of the place, it is quite clear that if you say anything bad about the Lake, the people here might get a bit defensive or it is also possible that they might change your perception towards it.


Do not have some random junk food as your meal

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While you are on your visit to Udaipur, do not fill your stomach with ordinary food which you can get all around the country. Rather please your taste buds with the exclusive traditional food of Rajasthan which is Dal Baati. You cannot leave Udaipur without having this delicious delight. Other delicacies which you would want to have in here is Ghatte ki sabzi, Laal Maans (if you are non-vegetarian), Rajma, Ker Sangri, etc. These are all the traditional Rajasthani food which are so delicious that at the end of every bite you will keep licking your fingers.


You should not miss going to the palaces

Udaipur is very rich in terms of its history and culture. It is not, in any way, less than any other city when it comes to royal palatial properties and forts. Which is why it is also called the royal city. There are several palaces and forts which are directly connected to the history of its rulers who used to rule Mewar back then (Udaipur and some more cities combined was called Mewar back then). Forts like Sajjangarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, and palaces such as City Palace, Lake Palace, etc. are the monuments which are standing intact from those times in the city.


If you are a tourist do not go for any other means of shopping instead of street shopping

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
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If you are someone who doesn’t belong to Udaipur, then it would be a mere waste of money if you opt for any other means of shopping instead of street shopping. The main reason behind that is you will not get such forms of clothing, jewelry, and other handicrafts anywhere so you would not want to waste your money on something which you already have or you can get anywhere. You can get traditional clothing items, modern jewelry, different handicrafts, handmade painted t-shirts, paintings, etc. It is suggested that you go shopping in the old city of Udaipur.


Do not forget to praise the beautiful lakes all around

There are a total of 11 lakes in and around the city. Aren’t you astonished by the fact that in such a small city resides a total of 11 lakes? These Lakes involves famous lakes which are Fatehsagar, Pichola, Badi Lake, Udai Sagar and other Lakes such as Swaroop Sagar, Dudh Talai, Goverdhan Sagar, Purohito ka Talaab, Goverdhan Sagar, Madaar, Jaisamand Lake, and Rajsamand Lake. The shocking fact about these lakes is that most of these lakes are artificial, handmade lakes. These lakes are so beautiful and peaceful that they will just take all your worries from your life. You will be actually forced to praise them for their beauty.

Udaipur offers the same amount of peace and serenity to everyone who visits this city. It will just capture your heart right away and keep it here forever. Once you visit the city, you will always yearn to visit again. Well, these were some things which you absolutely not do while on your visit to the amazing City of lakes.

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Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

Udaipur is known by various names like the City of Lakes, Kashmir of Rajasthan, Venice of the East and so many more. The beauty of the place is evident in the pictures you must have seen all over the internet. Now that you are planning your visit to the spectacular and heavenly City of Lakes, let me help you build your personal itinerary for your first visit to Udaipur. I am aware that some of you won’t be able to cover all the spots enlisted below, but it is worth giving a shot.

Here are the Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur!

  1. Start your day by getting a perfect breakfast

Empty stomach won’t get along with you very far. So, first things first, get a perfect start to your day by having some good English breakfast. Although you might find a lot of places to eat in the city, especially if you are staying in the old city, but you obviously need a filtered list.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Thank us later, we are making you equipped with the list of the best places to have an English breakfast in Udaipur. Click here!

  1. Take a bike or car on rent and explore the streets of Old City

As per your convenience, you can take a car or a bike on rent and explore the nooks and corners of the Old City. There is a lot that you would see on the streets- from local vendors to artists painting at the roadside and a lot of scenes that you wouldn’t witness anywhere on earth!

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Plus, not just for the view, taking a vehicle is quite comfy for your to-and-fro as well and makes it easy for you to touch the extremes of the city effortlessly.

  1. Go shopping!!!

You have come down to Udaipur, would you dare to leave without any ‘oh-my-god-wow’ souvenir from the city? No, right?

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: My Udaipur City

Well, the shopping markets in Udaipur are like a color palette. Hundreds of shops selling things that are unique, vibrant and exhibit the very soul of the city. You can get apparels, tribal jewelry, gold/silver jewelry, zinc artifacts, wooden artifacts, leather bag, totes, to bedspreads, upholstery and so much more.

Check out all the markets of Udaipur here.

  1. Take a tour of the grand City Palace Complex

City Palace Complex Udaipur is one of a kind places in the city. It is a grand-majestic-palace and is the official dwelling of the Maharana (king) of Mewar. A part of the palace is closed where the Maharana resides with his royal family while a greater part of the palace is open to the public.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: Wikipedia

You can take a tour of the City Palace and have a walk through the time. Also, you can watch the light and sound show happening in the City Palace every evening.

  1. Take the Ropeway and watch the sunset from the Karni Mata hill

Karni Mata Temple is situated on a small hillock in Udaipur. The place is also known for its sunset point. You can either take the stairs to the peak of the hill for the sunset point or you can take the ropeway.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
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Alternative: If you want to have a glimpse of the culture of the city and sunsets do not entice you anymore, then you must pay a visit to the Darohar Show at the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

The show starts in the evenings and is a must-watch if you are a fan of cultural dances.

  1. Spend your evenings at the Ghats of Udaipur

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
    Source: inside_the _window (Instagram)

Ghats are a noticeable part of the city. There are various ghats in Udaipur which are immensely peaceful and give you a close view of the waters of the lakes. Gangaur Ghat is the most significant and popular ghat in the entire city. It is known for hosting the Ganguar Festival and in recent times the place was seen in various movies in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

  1. Go for a boat ride in the Lake

You can go on a boat ride in Lake Pichola. It is a 20-25 minutes ride in the lake which covers all the places in the lake- I mean, you can have a close look at the Taj Lake Palace which is built in the middle of the lake, if in case you aren’t staying there! Also, you get to have a look at the Jag Mandir, which is also a floating (metaphorically) palace and is known for its beautiful life-size elephants standing at the entrance, carved out of stone.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
Source: Tripzuki

Alternatively, you can go for a jet boat ride in the Lake Fatehsagar, which is one of the most prominent lakes in Udaipur. It is a great place to hangout and you would get a lot of street food and other delicious snacks just near the lakeside ‘chowpaty’. Also, you can visit the nearby parks and gardens to get a refreshing feel.

  1. Don’t miss Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) and the Biological Park

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
    Source: makemytrip

If you aren’t fond of riding in the boat, then taking a brisk tour to the Monsoon Palace would be great for you. Sajjangarh aka Monsoon Palace is perched on a hillock and gives one of the best views of the entire city.

Source: Siddharth Nagar

Adjacent to this palace is the biological park of Udaipur which has a variety of flora and fauna. This is a super fun and refreshing place for the nature lovers.

  1. Go to the largest aquarium in India- ‘Under the Sun’

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur
    Source: Siddharth Nagar

Under the Sun is the largest aquarium in India and is situated attached to the lake Fatehsagar. This is one great place to spend some hours. You would find a huge number of fish here, some of which are even rare to find in the Indian Subcontinent. Plus, you can find a Virtual Reality zone here which lets you enjoy underwater scenes in real time.

Read more about the aquarium here

  1. Last but not the least, Binge on the luscious food at a lakeside hotel/restaurant

    Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

By this time, I am sure you’d be feeling terribly hungry and what is better than having some great authentic Rajasthani or Continental Food at a lakeside hotel/restaurant.

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I knew you would be reading this on your first visit to the City of Lakes and hence I have prepared for you a list of the best Lakeside hotels where you can stay as well as eat at utmost peace, enjoying the natural beauty that Udaipur is! 😉

Check out the list here

Now that you roughly know where you’d be going, book your tickets and start packing!

Also, check out the best time to visit Udaipur and don’t miss your flight 😊

Best Time to Visit Udaipur

Udaipur is among the most beautiful places you would visit! The lush valleys and hills; the picturesque lakes, the culture, and heritage make Udaipur the most sought-after destination. Although the city is situated in Rajasthan (which is the desert state of India), Udaipur is totally different. The place doesn’t have a desert and the climate is also not extreme.

The Best Time to Visit Udaipur


Winter (October to Mid-March)

Source: Benoy Thapa

Unlike any other place in Rajasthan, winter is great in Udaipur! The season witnesses mild drop in temperature throughout the daylight with ample of sunlight to make you warm. While the mornings and nights experience a drastic drop in the temperature going as low as 5-6 degree Celsius. Winters is one of the best time to visit Udaipur, as the city observes fog, a little bit of shower, winter breeze and so much! Summing up, Udaipur becomes all the more romantic in winters! And thus, if you are a seeker of romantic dewy weather then winters must be your time to visit Udaipur.

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Summer (Mid-March to June)

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Scorching sun might want you to stay in shade! The summers are not the ideal time to visit Udaipur, although it often rains in the middle of summer months hence lowering the temperatures. Exploring the city becomes quite strenuous in the daytime because of the sun. Evenings and nights are comparatively cooler than the day but people do not prefer to spend their vacations in summer in Udaipur until it’s where their granny’s stays!!! The temperature in summers in Udaipur reaches up to 42-43 degree Celsius while the minimum remains somewhere around 24-27 degree Celsius.

Monsoon (July to September)

Source: UdaipurBlog

Monsoons can be considered to be the Best Time to Visit Udaipur for the love of petrichor! Although the city receives somewhat lesser rainfall, Udaipur is considered at its best during the rain showers. All the lakes are filled with water, the Ayad River flows fervently during this season – the entire city’s beauty is at its peak in the monsoons. It is highly recommended for tourists to visit Udaipur in the Monsoon season as it is great to witness lush green Aravali Ranges along with the overall beauty of the city.

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Now that you know the best time to visit Udaipur, when are you planning your trip??? Let us know in the comment section below, Udaipur will be glad to host you!