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Justice for Bheem Rally

Animal Aid Udaipur

A street-dog who was brutally attacked near Bharam Pole and is now in critical condition. Animal lovers are held awareness programme and protest in his honor from 5-6 PM at Bharam Pole on 1 September 2010.


Watch this fantastic rally of animal-lovers in Udaipur on Sept 1 at Braham Pole, in protest of the brutal beating of a street-dog, named “Bheem” that left him with a broken leg and a severe head-injury. Please circulate it and send prayers for Bheem’s speedy recovery.

‘Please Don’t Hurt Animals Because They are Also a Creation Of The Same GOD who Made Us’.

We Kind Heartedly Thanks Claire Abrams of Animal Aid Unlimited For Raising this Issue and Getting a Warm Response 🙂

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  • Kalpit
    September 3, 2010 at 12:58 am

    i am sorry that due to some technical problems, i could not see the whole video… but still whatever less i read and saw… it was very touching… afterall, the animals are also the children of god…. i know how bad it feels to see a dead dog or a calf crying on the road bereft of his mother…
    i request you all to pray for bheem…
    and whoever did it to him!! sharam karo yaar… ek bezuban pe taakat dikha ke kaunsi mardaangi dikha di!
    bloody bastards…


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