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Someone has rightly said “Pictures speak Louder than Words”. So I have no words for these amazing monsoon photography entries. Just check them out and comment about the one you like the most. 🙂

:Here are the Pictures of Week 2 Winners:

Day 8: Painting on water

By: Sandeep upadhyay

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sandol-mata-ji-and-painting-on-water.html


Day 9: Tirdi road udaipur

By: Devesh Paliwal

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/tirdi-road-udaipur.html


Day 10: View of bridge

By: Hitesh Jethi

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-brige.html


Day 11: Som kagdar dam PLEASURE

By: Kul Singh

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/som-kagdar-dam-pleasure.html


Day 12: Its raining

By: Apeksha Chaplot

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/its-raining.html

Day 13: View of Udaipur from sajjangarh with clouds

By: Sourabh Tejawat

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-udaipur-from-sajjangarh-with-clouds.html

Day 14: Inviting Monsoon

By: Vishva Jeet Paneri

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ab-to-baras-ja-nagda-lake-eklinghji-inviting-monsoon.html


—The Photo Of The Week—

 Monsoon Bird: Painted By Nature

By: Kul Singh 🙂

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/painted-by-nature.html

All the entries were amazing but our team chose these pictures 🙂 and we hope you all like the pictures 😉

Your Prizes will be announced at the end of the competition.

If you have any queries Call us on: +91-9929067498 (Sanjit)

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