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Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 3 – iUdaipur.com

Monsoon Photography competition is progressing to End. If you have clicked such awesome pictures of Monsoon than submit it on: Pix.iUdaipur.com.

Here are the Best Pictures of Week 3 – Monsoon Temptations on PiX 🙂 . Watch out 😀


Day 15: Monsoonic Eve

By: Shubham Chauhan

Monsoonic Eve

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/monsoonic-eve.html

Day 16: Nature

By: Gaurav Kumawat


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/nature-2.html

Day 17: A snap through d leaves

By: Shreyas Jain


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/a-snap-through-d-leaves.html

Day 18: Breathtaking scenery

By: Kritika


Link : http://pix.iudaipur.com/breathtaking-scenery.html

Day 19: Kichad

By: Subastou Pandey

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/kichad.html

Day 20: Green Highway

By : Deepak Parmar


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/green-higway.html

Day 21: Baarish

By: Jatesh Sisodia


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/baarish.html

– Winner of the Week 3 –

‘FatehSagar’ by Vidhya Acharya

fateh sagar

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/fateh-sagar-6.html

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