Monsoon Temptations: Online Photography competition by UdaipurBlog

Monsoon Temptations

Monsoon TemptationsHey Udaipies! Are you enjoying the monsoon with the beautiful lush green scenery all around?? What if we asked you to express your feelings about it on and for UdaipurBlog?

Well in this case you don’t need to look for words, one single camera click sorts out your problem and your whole moment gets captured in single frame with all the possible colors that make it look alive.

In the same spirit of clicking and sharing it to the world, the creators of present you a new blog media platform, Pix on which you can present your clicks of our own enchanting Lakecity. You can wrap Udaipur’s nature’s glory, culture, festivals and day to day life by your photographic skills. You can go crazy with your camera to capture the different facial angles of Udaipur delighting the beauty of our own town.

In this chain introduces the MONSOON TEMPTATIONS. Capture the magic monsoon moment of Lakecity. Set the aperture and capture the wet city in your own way. Win exciting prizes every week and the grand prize at the end of the season.

Just go through the rules and submit your photo. So what you are waiting for???



If You Have Any Query Regarding the Competition You may Visit:  Click Here

Monsoon Temptations

Author: Prasun Bannerjee

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