Allure store udaipur

Dazzling variety to shop with a perfect blend for newly wedded girls and brides to be is now available at ‘Allure’. A venture by Mayur Khaturia, inaugurated in Udaipur presented the best of a collection in Bags, Shoes, Vanity Kits, Bridal robes, and much more under a single roof. Especially, when it comes to something fancy, elegant, and unique articles concerning brides, more often brides have to reach outside Udaipur to look for and buy. But, being in concern with her partner Meeta Khaturia, Mayur made a way to confer to be brides with irresistible and enchanting stuff.

allure udaipur

Our visit to their store and gazing each and every section filled with fascinating articles was amazing. And, when we asked Meeta about their perspective for ‘Allure’, she stated, “It is a retail outlet specially meant to solve the purpose of brides who can purchase solitary things, without urging out of the city. We have kept the choicest collection of bags, vanity kits, etc. in diversity for all the women, by keeping in mind their requirements at the time of wedding shopping and pre-wedding shoots.”

And, adding to the surprise, Allure does have the products that you can buy for your husband to be or someone special in men.

For more details or to have a glimpse of it, you can make your walk-in to the store at Ground Floor, Near Subway at Celebration Mall, Bhuwana.

allure store udaipur

allure store udaipur

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