arvana mall udaipur

Amid the present chaotic financial scenario in India, when demonetization has gripped the common man’s pocket, city’s Arvana Mall has become “Cashless” with more than 90 percent shop owners opted plastic money transactions like Paytm.

The newly opened mall located in the heart of the city decided to ease customer’s stress by allowing transaction through debit, credit cards and Paytm. So now anyone can do shopping at Arvana’s more than 60 shops without having cash in pocket.
Hasan Paliwala of Arvana said “The situation in the country is petty chaotic although the step of demonetization is definitely towards development and will stop money laundering, black money and illegal businesses but for time being people are lacking cash in their pocket. So, we decided to turn our mall Cashless.”

“We welcome customers’ walk-in at Arvana Mall with completely empty pocket but should have smart phone with paytm installed in it”, said Hasan.

“We welcome this novel idea which is very apt with the present scenario and will definitely ease customers worry, said Thakur Singh, owner of Bhagalpuri Silk at Arvana Mall”

“Paytm is the best source of transaction and we are just using it in a correct method and also at the right time, says Mayur Thadwani owner of Glammore Jewellery Studio at Arvana.”

The disorder and confusion will soon disappear but the step taken by Arvana is a step towards adoption of innovation and technology by common mass which is necessary step towards development. Morever, the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi himself encouraged citizens to opt for plastic money for daily transaction as part of nation’s financial development. Getting cashless and opting technology is making Namo’s dream come true.



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