SPSU eminence

EMINENCE’13 Strive for Glory!


SPSU eminence

As we bid goodbye to the monsoon this year, there is still some thunder and lightning to spare! Sir Padampat Singhania University (Udaipur), this year, is hosting its inaugural All India Inter College Sports Fest- Eminence’13.

This sporting gala shall see over 800 sport enthusiasts and athletes from about 25 different colleges across India congregate to stake their claim for glory. Make SPSU your destination from 25th-27th October 2013 for 3 full days of celebration. Grace in victory and honour in defeat are but impostors that constitute the spirit of sportsmanship.

COME, soak in that spirit!

Details: Phone No:

Mahaveer Singh Rathore +91 9460428055

Nilesh Kumar Choudhary +91 7737826879

Web: http://www.eminence2013.in/

Mail: info@eminence2013.in

The Sports Fest for the varsity at SPSU

The Track and Field Club of Sir Padampat  Singhania University, Udaipur organized a series of athletic events on 23rd September, Monday and hereby kick started the four day mega event celebrating  ‘sports’ which might rightly be called as the Sports Fest for the varsity.


A refreshing marathon was held early at 7:00 am and was a great start of the event.

  • The grand opening of the event was held in the evening at 6:00 pm; wherein before starting the events, the club organized a torch walk led by Capt. Sumer Singh and the club members. The event was inaugurated by Dr. P.C. Deka, Vice-Chancellor, Achintya Choudhury, Dean – School of Engineering and Prof. S.J Lalwani, Dean – School of Management.
  • The evening turned out even brighten after the fire-works display.  The event Chief Co-ordinator Khushwant Singh Sisodiya had designed the events so passionately and in a phenomenal manner, worthy of congratulations.
  • The SPSUians on their role added to the evening by rooting for their favorite participants participating in the events. The first event was the 100m sprint race followed by arm wrestling and long jump.
  • The following events on Days to follow are going to be a great success and full of fun for the participants as the organizing team seems to have done promising work!
spsu students

SPSU stands second at Tech Fest in IIT Bombay

spsu students

Students of SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY, stood 2nd at IIT MUMBAI, techfest. A team of 26 members named GO GREEN SPSU, participated in an event at IIT-B, with some interest to go green. There were about 110 teams across the country participated in the event and final 12 got a chance to give their final presentation at TECHFEST. In the preliminaries SPSU stood 2nd.

Viral Shah the team coordinator with his team mates registered for the event and started the tasks that needs to be performed. There were around 98 tasks out of which the students performed 92 of them that includes survey and other city cleaning tasks.

With the dream of making this world pollution free, these enthusiastic group of students worked day and night, tried to mould out some models and making them part of their life.
It was not just about the participation the main aim is to save earth and educate people to not pollute in any manner.

The event has prizes worth Rs 2.5 lak, SPSU won 25000 after VIT university who stood first!