R. Rochin Chandra

“Criminology – Untouched Career Scope” – R. Rochin Chandra

It’s one of the dreams that most people have secretly had at one time or another: of being a crime-stopper, of using intuition and knowledge to crack the clue, and follow the threads to the end of the mystery. But for those with a more than a passing fancy for crime and justice, criminology is so much more than merely a detective school.

It opens up a vast range of opportunities that are only slowly being recognised in India. The importance of Criminology and Criminal Justice is only growing in India

R. Rochin Chandra

What does a criminologist do?

A criminologist aims to help society develop a better understanding of what makes people commit crimes, how to better protect against it, how to improve rehabilitation of offenders, and how to help victims of crimes. In essence, he or she works to build a society less prone to or susceptible to crimes by finding reasonable and workable proposals to prevent and control crime.


How do people see Criminology and victimology in India?

Criminology, as an academic discipline, has gained some prominence in recent years. A section of students are becoming more adventurous about their career choices. And an increasing number of (provocative) television shows like “Crime Patrol”, “Gumraah”, “Dexter” and “Sherlock Holmes”, have also encouraged an influx of students who want to study criminal behaviour and human science.

The dearth of awareness among people about Criminology in India is a matter of some concern. But, what is more problematic is the gap that has emerged between young people’s expectations (as cultivated by social norms, parents) and the realities of labour market, which, discourage them from courses in the arts and humanities. The steady drift of students towards engineering and medicine has very much evolved as a culture. In the face of consistent pressure, candidates keen to pursue a career along off-beat tracks like Criminology, are often left with no option but to bury this idea.

As far as victimology is concerned, few people outside of academicians, human rights activists and criminal justice professionals have more than a vague idea of the subject. But we need to understand that India, as a country, has not quite grasped the idea fully of responding to the needs of victims. It will therefore be a long wait before victimology finds firm roots in mainstream education. Although, some institutions in India do offer courses on this subject, it is still in a nascent stage and requires major impetus.


Is Criminology gaining importance in India?

Yes, it is. A few institutions have reached an understanding with their respective state governments; so that, students with a Master’s degree in Criminology will be preferred for recruitment to the police and to prisons. A special reservation has been made in this regard. Karnataka and Gujarat are at the forefront of such efforts.

The South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV), the Indian Society of Criminology (ISC) and the Indian Society of Victimology (ISV), are the forerunners, advancing the field with successful conferences and other events. The growth of Criminology over the last decade has been so rapid that the University Grants Commission has recognized it as a subject for qualification for the Junior Research Fellowship and the National Eligibility Test.

At present, there are more than seven departments which offer full time Master’s degrees and PhD programmes in Criminology. But there is a need to lobby the government and NGOs, to set up more departments of Criminology across India and provide adequate job opportunities to Criminology graduates.


What are the possibilities open to a criminologist in India?

Criminology is an interdisciplinary field, as it looks into the context of sociology, economics, psychology, law, social work, and political science among others to understand crime and criminal behaviour. Besides examining behaviour, institutions and systems to deal with criminal offenders through a multidisciplinary lens, it also affords students a very fine insight on the functioning of the society as a whole. Therefore, by gaining a composite knowledge of multiple fields and disciplines related toCriminology, students can contribute much to the development of such fields.

In India, a Master’s program in Criminology and Criminal Justice generally trains students for a variety of professions such as Private Investigation, Security Management, Law, Crime Prevention, Bank Fraud Management, Counselling and Guidance, Investigative Journalism, Criminal Psychology, Child Protection Services and so on. So, there are possibilities galore but the job market still needs to grow as many are not aware of the availability of such qualified professionals emerging from theCriminology background.

The importance of undertaking social sciences research has gained a premium in recent times. Many governmental, non-governmental and international human rights organizations in India – like National Human Rights Commission, BPRD, Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative, Amnesty International, International Justice Mission – are recruiting criminologists as Research Consultants or Officers after the completion of Masters, MPhil and Doctorate programmes in Criminology.

Further, UN organisations like Unicef, UNDP, ILO, & UN Women (India), provide a unique opportunity for Criminology graduates in the capacities of policy analysts, child protection officers, emergency preparedness and response officers, program co-ordinators and so on.

As Criminology exposes the students to topics like police administration and penology, this knowledge can also be translated in policing and prisons management. One can always write the UPSC, apply for state police services (at any level), or to agencies like the Intelligence Bureau, the Central Bureau of Investigation and so on.

Besides, Criminology can yield great results for enthusiasts who aspire to pursue a career in criminal justice policies and crime prevention strategies. NGOs may also hire criminologists for advocacy building and victim counselling.


What are the challenges in pursuing a career in Criminology?

There are two major challenges in pursuing a full-fledged career in Criminology. First, individuals from other substantive social sciences disciplines (who claim ownership of Criminology) normally show resistance to acknowledging and valuing Criminologyas a profession. Second, since criminologists study law, psychology, sociology, political science, human rights, and so on in small proportions, and given that the typical Master’s program is so crime-focused, it may often leave students in a spot of bother after their post-graduate degree. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students also earn some extra credentials such as a PG diploma in human rights law, child rights law, or social work, or online certification in subjects like anti-money laundering, cyber forensics, GPS and so on.


What needs to be done to enhance the scope of employment in Criminology?

The scope of employment can be significantly improved by offering greater numbers of internships to students in accordance with their areas of interest. Ideally, such hands-on-training offers them a unique opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-time problems. Apart from operating at the application level, student can also hone their writing, analytical, research and management skills.


What skills does a successful career in Criminology require?

To gain elevation in this discipline, one should have good writing, speaking and research skills besides having a knack for critically analysing social issues. In addition, one should constantly feed one’s mind with current instances of crime, victimisation and justice. A broad awareness of latest issues, allows one to better understand and examine the dynamics of a given problem from the lens of criminological and victimological theories. Soft skills can also be an asset.


(R Rochin Chandra presently works as a Visiting Policy Analyst for Rajasthan Prisons Department, at the Jail Training Institute, Ajmer. He received his master’s degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice Science from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. At PG level, he was acclaimed as ‘Young Change Maker’ in India. He also serves in the International Peer Review Committee of International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences and International Journal of Cyber Criminology.)

Tea with IITians Coffee with IBMers: Guiding the Way to Success in Life at Engineering College and Beyond

A mega event “Tea with IITians, Coffee with IBMers” was held at RCA auditorium on 13th  June to answer questions of 12th Science students on admissions in IITs, BITS, NITs and other institutes and career path choices available to them. Keynote address was delivered by Mr. Rohit Gupta, Collector, Udaipur, who is himself an IITian.

Collector Rohit Gupta being welcomed by R.S.Vyas of Techno India NJR
Collector Rohit Gupta being welcomed by R.S.Vyas, Director of Techno India NJR
Udaipur students attending the event
Udaipur students attending the event

A high powered panel consisting of IITians Mr. Rohit Gupta (IIT Delhi) present collector of Udaipur, Dr. Pankaj Porwal (IIT, Mumbai & Cornell University) presently Principal at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Apoorva Mathur (IIT Mumbai), Anirudh Swarnkar (IIT, Mumbai), Ravi Soni (IIT Delhi), Aarti Gil (IIT, Roorkie) , Dr. B.R.Natrajan (B.Tech & PhD, BITS, Pilani) ex dean BITS, R.S.Vyas (BITS, Pilani) Founder, Techno NJR Institute of Technology and Manoj Mehrotra (NIT, Trichy) ex Philips & VP Videocon interacted with 250 students who had done extremely well in IIT JEE 2016 exam for 4 hours to answer all their queries related to admissions, branches, how to make proper choices and many more questions. Also on the panel were 2 long time IBMers Lalit Yagnik (BITS Pilani) ex director, IBM and R.Hari, Team Leader, Growth Market Unit at IBM, who advised students not to get disheartened if they could not enter elite Institutions like IIT/BITS/NIT and focus more of developing skills.  The event was anchored by Juuhi Raai, author of the book  “Chicken Soup for the IITian’s Soul”

(L to R) Manoj Mehrotra ( NIT, Trichy), Dr. Pankaj Porwal ( IIT, Mumbai), Dr. B.R.Natrajan (BITS, Pilani), Ravi Soni (IIT, Delhi), Aarti Gill ( IIT, Roorkie), Anirudh Swarnkar ( IIT, Mumbai), Lalit Yagnik (BITS)
(L to R) Manoj Mehrotra ( NIT, Trichy), Dr. Pankaj Porwal ( IIT, Mumbai), Dr. B.R.Natrajan (BITS, Pilani), Ravi Soni (IIT, Delhi), Aarti Gill ( IIT, Roorkie), Anirudh Swarnkar ( IIT, Mumbai), Lalit Yagnik (BITS)

It was unanimously concluded in the discussion that , to be successful  college and branches play a minor role. The success depends on knowledge, skills, determination, and hard work. Engineering education opens doors for wide range of career options.  IITians are not only successful in business and industry, they are equally successful in  public life like Defence Minister of India , Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of New Delhi, Mr.  Arvind Kejriwal, famous Author: Chetan Bhagat .

Kavya Bhandari, IIT JEE Delhi zone Girls topper being felicitated by Saurabh Khidiya of Dainik Bhaskar
Kavya Bhandari, IIT JEE Delhi zone Girls topper being felicitated by Saurabh Khidiya of Dainik Bhaskar

The important tips for students to be successful:

  • You should be aware about the latest developments in the technology.
  • Success can be achieved by self learning like Eklavya of Mahabharat.
  • Your skills are more important than which college you are from.
  • Money is not the ultimate measure of success in life.
  • Many important skills are learnt outside class room through interaction with friends during extracurricular activities.
  • You should be ready to face uncertain challenges in life like Abhimanyu of Mahabharat

It is a proud moment for Rajasthan that this year’s IIT JEE topper is from Rajasthan. Kavya Bhandari, Girls Topper of Delhi Zone in IIT JEE 2016 (Advanced) was also felicitated by Techno NJR director R.S.Vyas and Saurabh Khidiya, Unit head Dainik Bhasker .

Looking for Job ? Attend the free #CVBanalo workshop by Zigsaw

CV- Your Personal Sales Brochure

 “Your CV must speak loudly and clearly of your value as a potential employee. And the value must be spoken in a few brief seconds, because, in the business world, that’s all the attention a CV will get. The CV takes you only the first few paces toward that new job. It gets your foot in the door, and because you can’t be there to answer questions, it has to stand on its own.”:      –Martin Yate

CV Banalo

When you sit to write a CV, the things that comes to your minds are:

Simple English or Flowery language? Colored paper or white? Times Roman, Calibri or Comic Sans? Just job title or complete description? How long? Achievements since class 2 or just the last 2?………………..

There is so much confusion over what an ideal CV should look like and more important, what it should carry. These details should be stressed as you’ve probably heard the expression ‘First impressions are lasting ones’; your CV is usually your first impression with a potential employer. Your CV has the power and authority to either make or break your chances of being invited to an interview!

Like the first date, they are the first time an employer gets to form an opinion about you – the first impression can make all the difference… The CV is your vital opportunity to present yourself at your best.

 For competitive jobs with many applicants, a selector may only read your CV for one minute before deciding to reject, or to shortlist for detailed consideration. Thus it is important to know how to put the relevant details of your entire life in a page or two.

All this is more difficult done than said. Not everyone is capable and aware of how to write a good CV. Moreover we have very little idea about what the employers want. Thus, in this highly important time for students as well as job seekers, Zigsaw Consultancy is holding a ‘CV Banalo Workshop’ to help you with the skills to write an effective curriculum vitae.

Companies like Fusion, Lexcis and EduWings will give you insights on what the industry expects and then Zigsaw’s professionals will guide you to write an effective CV.


Venue: Ashoka Palace

Date: 9th April, 2016

Day: Saturday

Time: 5 pm


“IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take”- Lewis Carroll


Iqraa Scholarship Test Conducted, Next Test is on 10th April

Iqraa Scholarship Test conducted, next test is on 10th April

Around 50 students appeared in the Iqraa Scholarship Test conducted on 27th March at Iqraa’s Shastri Circle Center.

Iqraa Scholarship Test
Iqraa Scholarship Test

The well known institute organized a Scholarship Test for JEE Mains, JEE Advance and AIPMT aspirants. The toppers will get scholarships worth upto Rs.50 Lakh. All participating students also got gifts and scholarship worth Rs.5000.

Gazanfer Ali, Director of Iqraa informed that the scholarship amount can be redeemed by getting admission to the institute. The next test is going to be conducted on 10th April.

More information can be obtained through calling this number 9001784209

Zigzobs: Refer-Reward-Revolutionize

Zigsaw conducted Udaipur Job Festival on 28th Feb.  253 Job seekers participated & 280 interviews were conducted during the day. 9 companies from Pool A participated in UJF: Fusion Outsourcing, Pyrotech, Jumia (formerly known as Goenka Technologies), IdeaBox, UdaipurBlog, Hotel Amet Palace (Ambrai Restaurant), Sphericon 3D, Alien Tech Solutions, Ziphop. Pool B companies included Marketing Mindz, Derby, Zaya Labs, Blacklight Studio Works, Fizz, Empower Labs, Fast Conversion.  There were Job Seekers from  ITM Bhilwara and various colleges from Udaipur. Experienced Job seekers from Arc Gate, Tempsens & Secure Meters also participated in the event. CV’s were collected in digital format and the Job aspirants were allotted a reference number at the registration desk. For the interviews, aspirants were asked to mention their reference number to the employers. CV’s of interest (of the aspirants who were interviewed) were shared in digital format with the companies.

Udaipur Job Festival
Udaipur Job Festival

For details of shortlist & selections, stay tuned to the Fb event page (www.facebook.com/events/555038291312479/) at Udaipur Job Festival. This event was all but Zigsaw’s entry in Udaipur Job Market & the Job seekers can wait for some more surprises in the next 4-5 months.  Job seekers who missed the interviews on 28th Feb, can apply for same online at www.zigzobs.com. We would like to thank our online city partner: Udaipur Blog for covering us. We would also like to thank our publicity partners who have helped us spread the word: Café Meraki, Mr. Sandwich (Durga Nursery), Philz Music (Swaroop Sagar Paal),Vasudev Ras Bhandar (Durga Nursery), Chaifeteria (Sukhadia Circle). We are glad to have reached out to 90+ companies in Udaipur and have made our presence felt.

Thank you token for the participants of UJF

As a small token of appreciation, we are giving away career assessments invite worth Rs. 450 for FREE (Details: http://careerkhojj.com/Assesment_center ). These tests are a series of career assessment tests that help you understand your TRUE calling in life. Candidates who were registered on Zigzobs.com have already received their coupon code via an email & the new registrations would be receiving it in 2 days of their registration at www.zigzobs.com

The Zigsaw plan forward for Udaipur

For Zigsaw, we have been a service centric recruitment consultancy but are slowly shifting our focus on the developing a community driven recruitment portal (Check out www.zigzobs.com). The salient features of the current portal include

  1. Claim your skills & self rate yourself on the claimed skills: You can select upto 7 skills in the system & self-rate yourself on these skills. We believe honest self-evaluation from each one would be the single biggest driver of our recruitment portal 2 years hence.
  2. Engage with your friends and rate them on their claimed skills: Like you, your friends would also claim their skills. Once they do that, you would be notified. We are trying to gamify skill ratings & would be including some incentives for sincere ratings very shortly.
  3. Each successful referral (referred friend gets selected) comes with a referral incentive of min 1000 Rs. Now this is a very aggressive step, given that recruitment consultancies in Udaipur have build a market charging from Job seekers. In our business model, we intend to reward the Job seekers who refer their friends. Like I said, we are building a community driven recruitment portal and are optimistic to receive support from the people of Udaipur

Thank you to the awesome people of Udaipur. People who have helped us reach their friends, your college mates. I am positive on getting continued support to reach your neighbor who is looking for a Job Change, the relative who returned from another city, your best buddy from school, the collegue who wants to quit, to reach the lady next door who quit her job after marriage!! Help us reach the lives where we can make a difference. Spread the word. Signing off:

Till the next time, #beZigsawed