Traditional Garba Udaipur

Hook up “Dance Pe Chance” by Learning Traditional Garba from Experts

Traditional Garba Udaipur

Navratri is incomplete when you haven’t enjoyed the Garba dance and if you have the opportunity to dance like a professional then why to miss it? For the first time in Udaipur, get ready to hit the beat and indulge yourself in the special season of Navratri by learning traditional Garba dance from experts. The sessions are going to start from 21st September to 30th September 2016 at Ashoka Palace & RNOLD Fitness Center (Sector 11 Main Road, Above SBBJ Bank). Workshops are on an hourly basis with the flexible timing schedules i.e. from morning 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. and evening 4P.M. to 8P.M.

Anyone, whether they are boys, girls, men, and women, can attend these Garba Classes. Interested ones can collect the registration forms available at Rnold Fitness Gym (New Navratna, Near Mewar Hospital), Ashoka Bakery (Shakti Nagar), and A-One Paints (Near Tekri Madri Link Road). All the participants will also get these following additional benefits by joining Garba Classes:

  1.    Pass for Garba Event
  2.    Traditional Garba Dress (For one day only)
  3.    Free 3 days fitness training at Rnold Fitness Gym.
  4.    Astrology consultancy of one question by National Awardee Astrologer Mr. Agam Khiria.
  5.    Gift Voucher of Beauty Salon

By learning the professional Garba Dance and all the other benefits, you can just grab at Rs. 1500 that is mandatory while submitting the registration form. (Special Batches for Couples) 

So, guys what you are waiting for. Hurry!! Get ready to steal the one-time “Dance Pe Chance” deal by enrolling yourself with full-time enjoyment.

For more details, you can also contact at +91-9660806084, +91-8696425866, +91-9024949594  

Ghoomar event

Ghoomar – Twirl With Grace organised in Udaipur

Ghoomar is an enthusiastic as well as traditional folk dance of Rajasthan. It is a dance form that can instantly takes you to the land of twirling dancers to the lilting music. Exclusive gathering of ladies explored this beautiful dance form and celebrated womanhood in an event “Ghoomar – Twirl with Grace” at Udaipur.

Ghoomar event

Ghoomar event

Witnessing a series of Dance, Skin Tips and beautiful Rajput Baisas (ladies), the event “Ghoomar – Twirl with Grace” presented the dance of all Rajput ladies under one roof on September 11, 2016. The event was Organized by Tripti Singh (Founder Gathjor – nonprofit organization providing matrimonial assistance), Preeti Jhala (Housewife),Kiran Khangarot (Housewife), Vijaya Tanwar (Founder home bakers), Mamta Ranawat (Cognus Technology) and Ritika Rathore (Housewife), the event was a delight for lovers of Ghoomar. The event witnessed Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar (Skin specialist in homeopath and founder of SKN essential) also gave skin tips to the 120 beautiful baisas.

Spreading smiles & Bringing Delight to the life of Underprivileged Kids on the 16th of every Month

Apple Delight at The Celebration Mall, Udaipur has come up with a unique way of spreading smiles. On the 16th of every month, they throw a party to some very special guests. The guest list covers underprivileged kids from various groups. A batch of about 20 people is invited between 11am and 1pm and so begins the fun. The children are given a tour of the mall, followed by lots of games, awesome drinks and snacks for the kids. The idea behind this to add fun to the kids’ lives.
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
On 16th May 2016, students from Vishwas Samarpit, an institute that caters to the differently abled and poor children were invited. They were the happiest bunch of kids. Honest at heart, happy in the eyes, these kids made the other “normal” people think deep about being so negative in life. They played games, danced and sang, had little treats, rode a tram. Here’s a sneak-peek of the fun they had.
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
When asked about the origin of this awesome idea, the owner of Apple Delight, Mr.Shekhar answered very beautifully. He said “I have seen people do charity, give money to the needy, visit orphanages and schools. But these kids don’t get to go on a lot of outings and have fun like what people like us get to have. It’s mostly because of the financial crisis o the families they come from, who are trying hard to make ends meet. In this process of survival, the childhood of these kids gets compromised. Most of them are living to either meet ends or learning to be able to contribute to the basic necessities of the family. I want these kids to become more than just someone who’d work hard and be capable enough to earn and lead a respectable life. I want them to dream. I want their lives colourful. I want them to have the kind of fun their childhood deserves. They come here as kids with burden of their daily life, looking for every chance to catch some fun. But when they go back, they are kids with the eyes so bright. They are laughing their hearts out. My aim is to make them think beyond what they have. My aim is make them better persons, by giving them the dreams they deserve but are not yet exposed to.”
We asked him the reason behind choosing the 16th as the Big Delight Day. The answer was equally intense. He said “I was blessed with a daughter on 16th November 2015. We have named her Dharmikaa. I believe she is the biggest blessing in my life. She has changed my perspective about everything. I couldn’t think of a better way of repaying her than becoming a better person for her. I want to be father she looks up to when she grows up. I want her to be kind, generous and warm hearted. I want her life to be filled with happiness and blessings. And the joy in these children’s eyes are blessing enough for me.
Mr.Shekhar, we respect your ideology. May your example inspire many others to stop looking for excuses and start adding value to the society.
If you are going through a phase of self-doubt or are looking for a meaning of your life, do visit Apple delight on the 16th of every month between 11am and 1pm and lose yourself in the fun. Maybe in the moment of true happiness, you find yourself! Till then, Cheers! ☺
Written By: Akanksha Luthra

International Museum Day celebrated at The City Palace Museum

Every year since 1977, International Council of Museums (ICOM) has organised International Museum Day (IMD) which represents a unique moment for the international museum community. On this day, participating museums plan creative events and activities related to the International Museum Day theme, engage with their public and highlight the importance of the role of museums as institutions that serve society and its development.
The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” The theme of 2016 International Museum Day will be MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL LANDSCAPES.


IMG_2654 (1)







The City Palace Museum, Udaipur was set up with an objective to safeguard and preserve the cultural heritage and the time honoured traditions of the people of Mewar. On May 18th The City Palace Museum, Udaipur celebrated International Museum Day 2016 with the following events and activities from 10 am – 4 pm:

  • Hilarious Mime shows at Baadi Mahal, The City Palace Museum based on these themes of museums.
  • Drink and Drive
  • Mobile and Mo-bike
  • Selfiee Stupid
  • Troubling the Tourist
  • Wash-basin without Water
  • Smoking Delight at Public Places
  • Dust free Dustbin
  • Museum …Miserable
  • Making Cultural Landscapes of The City Palace, Udaipur at Moti Chowk, in which children and adults both can participate and paint on paper.
  • Savour the Living Heritage Flavours of Landscape of Mewar: Enjoy Food Gallery at The Lakshmi Chowk, Zenana Mahal with Millets of Mewar; Banyan Roots, Butter Milk and Gunijan Ayurvedic Natural Medicines.

Master of Art Summer Carnival 2016 by

The hot winds are blowing in the city and the Sun is at its best in showering the scorching heat on the people. But there is something, which is no less than snowflakes in these hot days. is escalated with joy to announce Master of Art Summer Carnival 2016 from 16th May to 19th June 2016 in two most beautiful cities of Rajasthan- Udaipur and Jaipur. The carnival focuses to make your summer entertaining with Art Classes, Workshops, Events and Competitions.

MOA Summer Carnival

More than 40 courses including Painting, Photography, Craft, Literature, Poetry, Dance, Music, Dance, Drama, etc. will be there to choose from. Along with the courses, the carnival will also host cultural evening and theater show.

Thalagiri Workshop Schedule

Plunged into fun and entertainment, the participants will also develop practical knowledge through various interesting activities. Team Work, Communication and Presentationare some of the skills that an individual will be able to develop and hone in the carnival through workshops. With certain workshops on determining an individual’s strength and weaknesses, offering professional career guidance, developing networking skills, etc. the students can boost their career and growth. These workshops not only aims to make an individual understand the details of his/her art but also offers a platform to showcase the same.

To know more about the Master of Art Summer Carnival 2016, the workshops, events, participation rules, etc. you can visit or give us a ring or drop a message on +91-7231939199.

Let’s make the summer of 2016 COOL with lots of fun, learning and entertainment.