Shubha Surana Udaipur

Fitness Took A New Hype In The Yoga Sessions by Mrs. Shubha Surana

With the influential celebration of International Yoga Day, many fitness instructors took charge to let people know about the importance of health aspects gained through Yoga. Same in the series, Mrs. Shubha Surana, certified expert in the field of Yoga and Fitness Therapies, took back-to-back regular sessions and maintained her part of social service towards people through her Yoga sessions.

Shubha Surana Udaipur

So far she has worked with the best school, renowned institutes, top-most hotels, and corporates while sprawling her knowledge and experience of fitness. And, again after year duration, this time she took 16 regular Yoga sessions in Udaipur.

Previously, she took the sessions of Officials & NCC Air Wing Cadets who came up to practice Yoga. And, this time from 14th June to 21st June till International Yoga Day, she came across with social sessions at different places. Out of which, the highly anticipated were of GBH American Hospital, Bar Association Udaipur, Moti Magri, Fateh Sagar Pal, Gulab Bagh, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Fusion Outsourcing, and the main event on 21st June at Gandhi Ground, which was attended by various government authorities and more than 3000+ people who participated & appreciated the session.

For such a great effort and success of events, the major authorities felicitated Shubha Sharma in all the sessions carried out by her.

When we asked about her behind inspirational source to go on with energy in such a graceful way. She stated “I have been to this field from last 13-14 years and many people have inspired me to go on with this flow. And, this time, the platform of teaching Yoga on International Yoga Day to government authorities and native people in Gandhi Ground was most awaited for me.

After taking yoga sessions of more than 500+ NCC cadets and receiving felicitation by Shri Gulab Chand Kataria (Hon’ble Home Minister), Dr. Keerti Jain (Chairman, GBH American Hospital), and many more, I still take its long way to go.

And, wanted to extend my thank you note to Dr. Deependra Singh Chouhan for showing confidence in me.

Also, my grateful words to Dr. Shobha Lal Audichya for providing me with such great platforms everywhere in Udaipur to set fitness trends. As my teacher, Mr. Vivek Singh Chouhan, who taught me but since then, I am thriving on my own.”

Hence, we can conclude fitness is something that is not gifted; you have to earn it with passion and lead others as well towards it.

Art of Living tends to develop a stress-free society

The dedicated volunteers of “ART OF LIVING” organization under guidance of faculty , SIDDHARTH PANDEY has taken an initiative for the betterment of society, in which the youth of Udaipur is taking an active participation.
The organisation is developing a Stress-free, Addiction-free, eco-friendly and a harmonious society, through Meditation, Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, social service projects and interactive workshops.




DSCN7698 - Copy


Free Meditation & Yoga camps are organized in these special institutions:

  1. Apna Ghar Orphanage
  2.  Sanjeevni Sansthan Orphange.
  3. Ashadham Ashram.
  4. Narayan Seva Sansthan and many more.

For details contact:
Siddharth Pandey
(Art of Living yoga coordinator, Rajasthan)
Check out our Facebook Page:

“DermaDent” is now in Udaipur!

“DermaDent” is now in Udaipur!

Taking a giant stride in healthcare and beauty industry, Udaipur’s first of its kind – DermaDent Clinic was inaugurated yesterday on 30th November at 60, Meera Nagar, Near Shobhagpura circle


Dermadent houses one of Rajasthan’s most premier state-of-the-art hair transplant centre and is a super-specialty clinic of Dermatology under Dr. Prashant Agrawal and Dentistry under Dr. Priya Agrawal.


Advanced cosmetic and medical services like stitch-less hair transplant (FUE), Vampire Face Lift, Anti-ageing treatment, Laser Hair reduction, Liposuction, tooth jewelry, crowns, implants and bridges are now available in Udaipur


It also has Asmi food testing lab by Ashok Arya alongwith 3 procedure rooms, 2 dental chairs, hair transplant room, X ray machine, lab, in-house Aarsh medisales, café, free wi-fi, VIP lounge  and many other ultra-modern medical equipment and facilities.

Natyansh : Visionary youth taking the lead to save environment

On the occasion of World Environment Day, street play was performed by Natyansh expressing their concern and grief for the countless trees that had been cut. The play was performed twice: first at Gulab Bagh near Gandhi statue and in evening at Lake Fatehsagar near Waterfall. The play was followed by activities like “Suggestion Tower”. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm in the activity.

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh Natya Ansh Natya Ansh Natya Ansh

At the end of the event there was a oath taking ceremony in which people were gifted with plants.

We all are aware about Global Warming, a process that may lead to the end of our planet in the coming years. The play was performed as an attempt to spread awareness among citizens and realizing our responsibilities.

The play was enacted by Asfaq Noor Khan Pthan, Mohammad Rizwan, Devendra Suthar, Shubham Sharma, Neha Purohit, Shlok Pimpalkar, Nitesh khatri, Khushboo Khatri.

Special Thanks to: Dr.Girish Samdani, Abdul Mubin Pathan Khan, Parvat Singh Sisodiya, Vineet Sharma, and St. Anthony Sr. Sec. School.

Workshop showcases Painless and Permanent solution to Baldness

The only hair transplant dermatologist in Southern Rajasthan, Dr Prashant
Agrawal conducted a live workshop today at GBH American Hospital showcasing
the typical process of transplanting hair from one part of the head to the infertile
bald part.

Dr. Prashant Agarwal

At the workshop, Hospital MD Dr Dev Kothari, CEO Dr Vallabh Parikh and COO
Anand Jha were present.

The two hour operation was conducted in front of the public without using
anesthesia, and without any cuts or stitches. During the whole process, the
patient could talk with ease.

After the live workshop, Dr Agrawal explained in press conference the whole
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process – which he learnt at Tel Aviv, Israel
and pioneered in Rajasthan 2 years back. On this occasion, few of his earlier hair
transplant patients were also present who testified that hair transplant was a one
day, painless, permanent solution with no side effects.

Dr Prashant Agrawal is a leading dermatologist & first FUT hair transplant expert
of Rajasthan. He is the Founder and Director of Dermadent Clinic. Currently, he
is serving as the consultant dermatologist to GBH Hospital and is heading the
department of dermatology and cosmetology for past 6 years having treated over
50,000 patients successfully.

He can be reached through his website and Facebook