Desert Rockk released their second music album – ZAKHM

Udaipur based band, Desert Rockk released their second music album, ZAKHM on 23 May, 2016. The video perfectly portrays the story of a heartbroken guy who lost the love of his life in a road accident.

team desert rockk
Team Desert Rockk

Picturised on Abhishek Garg and Priyangi Kapoor,the video also features Aditya Garg, Trishal Lohar and Tabassum Sheikh as Rhythm Guitarist, Drummer and lyrics writer respectively.

Desert Rockk comprises of Abhishek Garg as the lead guitarist, his younger brother Aditya Garg as rhythm guitarist, Trishal Lohar as the drummer, and Tabbassum Sheikh. Their first music video, Banjara Awara received immense appreciation from the people and attracted many towards their Youtube channel and other social media platforms which the band uses to showcase their talent.

You Tube Link to the Video:

The Storyteller is back with his Geeks and Gold

Remember the excellent fiction piece, “…and they called it A Love Story”? Well, its author, Hasan Ali Gumani from our very own City of Lakes, is back with his second masterpiece, “The Geek who took my Gold”.

Set in the campus of a B-School, the story revolves around two studious personalities, Harshal and Shagun. With their same aims i.e. to top the college and get the gold medal,clashing with each other, they enter into a state of competition from day one of their post-graduation.

Their mutual, Deep and Navya, have labeled them “Frenemies” and the entire campus is aware of the cold war between both of them. So, who gets the gold medal? Is it Harshal or Deep? Or is there someone else, who takes an advantage of this fight between the two geeks and takes the medal? The answer is in “The Geek who took my Gold”.

Watch Trailer of “The Geek who took my Gold”:

“A fascinating and captivating page-turner, The Geek who took my Gold is loaded with fun, humor, thrill and emotions. The geek duo is sure to tickle your funny bone with their hook or crook efforts to grab the gold and acquire a top position in the college.” Says Hasan.

As we supported him in his first venture, UdaipurBlog appreciates and congratulates Hasan on his second project. We hope to get many such enthralling books from him in the future.

To get your copy of The Geek who took my Gold, visit:


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​​Book Reading Session by Hasan Ali Gumani

A captivating reading session by the author of the Lake City, Hasan Ali Gumani, was organized last Sunday at Ranaji Restaurant. Hasan read few excerpts from his second book “The Geek who took my Gold”, which launched in the month of March.


The session began with introductory lines from the author himself and soon the attendees were plunged into the visualization of the excerpt. The solitude of the venue also helped the narration in arresting the attention of the people.



Once the reading concluded, the author briefed about his journey of writing and engrossed others with his motivational talk. The session ended with Q&A round between the audience and the author.

Around 50 book lovers from Udaipur attended the session and also took active part in Q/A session with the author. The event spanned from 4PM to 6PM.



Hasan Ali has authored two books, ‘The Geek who took my Gold’ being the latest one. He leads the content department at Obbserv Online Services.

He also mentioned that he is writing his third book and we can expect it either in the late 2016 or early 2017.

Airtel 4G Udaipur

Airtel 4G Starts in Udaipur

Airtel 4G is available to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.

Airtel 4G Udaipur

Airtel has expanded its 4G footprint in Rajasthan with the launch of its high speed internet services in Udaipur. The telco said that 4G services will be extended to customers on other parts of the state in the weeks to come.

Airtel 4G is available to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.

“As customers in Rajasthan show an increasing propensity for consuming data services, we at Airtel are excited to expand our 4G services in Udaipur and take the lead in introducing customers in Rajasthan to their first ever experience of blazing 4G speeds,” , Manoj Murali, CEO – Airtel Rajasthan, said.

With Airtel 4G, customers can experience high speed wireless broadband on Airtel 4G and get on to the digital superhighway to enjoy uninterrupted HD video streaming, superfast uploading and downloading of movies, music and images.

Airtel has led the 4G story in India, having launched India’s first 4G network in Kolkata in April 2012. Today, there are over 350 towns across India that enjoy Airtel’s 4G services.

Prior to that, Airtel had successfully conducted trials of its 4G services in select cities and leveraged feedback from customers towards strengthening its service experience.

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