Udaipur Music Festival 2016

Udaipur the Venice of the East, will come alive with the first edition of India’s World Music Festival. Udaipur World Music Festival, presented by Hindustan Zinc in association with Wonder Cement and Rajasthan Tourism and conceptualized and produced by Seher will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 13 & 14, 2016.

This city-wide, multi-venue, music festival, cutting across several genres of music will bring together more than 100 global artists and ensembles from over 12 countries including Spain, Ghana, Venezuela, Italy, France and India among many others. The festival also marks the celebrations of 60 years of the diplomatic relations between Spain and India.

Udaipur Music Festival 2016

Seher who has introduced for the Indian public festivals such as Ananya , Bhakti Utsav, South Asian Bands Festival among many others, while promoting the traditional, Classical Arts and artists from across the diverse regions of India and the World. Seher has also been part of the cultural events during VVIP visits to India, including the visits by US President Barack Obama and his entourage both in 2010 and in January 2015.

With the World Music Festival, the aim is to establish an annual signature event in Rajasthan and at the same time establish Udaipur as a major destination for World Music in South Asia. An event of this scale is being designed to cater to the music lovers cutting across barriers of age and walks of life. To be conducted every year at the same time, the festival will feature unparalleled live performances with the city of lakes as a background and will celebrate cultural diversity at its best.

Festival Director Sanjeev Bhargava says, “A festival of this scale featuring such diverse music from so many different continents and regions coming together in one of the best Tourist destinations of India would make Udaipur a culturally vibrant destination. An annual event where International and domestic travelers can mark the dates on their yearly travel calendar.” Each of the two venues will showcase a different genre of music and is being specially designed to enhance the inherent beauty of the historic architecture and ambiance of Udaipur. In tune with how certain moods and music are associated with different times of the day, the festival will start with romantic treat during the laid back sunny afternoons, and will end with high energy youthful concerts in the evenings. It will be a truly enriching experience for the people of the city and the visiting tourists.

One of the most popular Fado singers from Portugal, Carminho who has captured the imagination of the West will be performing for the first time in India. Magical French composer Mathias Duplessy will collaborate with outstanding Rajasthani vocalist Mukhtiyar Ali from the semi-nomadic community called Mirasi from the Thar Desert. A world music festival will be incomplete without the magical Flamenco which is being represented by one of the best Flamenco groups TAMARA & FERNANDO. PASO A DOS from Spain. The evening will come alive with instrumental Spanish Flamenco guitar and dance performance and the unique African beat music by Dobet Gnahoré a Grammy award winner from the Ivory Coast. The evening will conclude with the one of the most popular Fusion Rock Bands of India – The Raghu Dixit Project.

Day 2 begins with a fusion of Sufi & Gospel music Sonam Kalra &The Sufi Gospel Project promises to hold the audience under a spell. Moroccan Saharian Soul- Oum, likes of whom have never been seen or heard in India , Afro Beat Venezuelan Cumbia -Family Atlantica from Venezeula & Ghana will be bringing beats from a distant land perhaps been featured in India for the first time . The Festival will conclude on a high note with Indian Rock Fusion Band: Papon and the East Indian Company.


Line up for Udaipur Music Festival:

Day 1: 13 FEBRUARY, 2016

Stage 1: Afternoon (2pm-5pm)

Venue: Fatehsagar Paal

1. Artist: Aleksandar Simic, Saskia Rao – de Haas, Shubhendra Rao
Title/ Genre: Instrumental Trio
Country: Serbia, Netherlands, India

2. Artist: Carminho
Title/ Genre: Fado
Country: Portugal

3. Artist: Mathias Duplessy & Mukhtiyar Ali
Title/ Genre: Fusion of Sufi & French music
Country: France & India

Stage 2: Evening (6pm-10pm)
Venue: Railway Training Institute Ground

1. Artist: Tamara & Fernando. Paso A Dos.
Title/ Genre: Flamenco music and dance
Country: Spain

2. Artist: Dobet Gnahoré
Title/ Genre: African beat music
Country: Ivory Coast

3. Artist: The Raghu Dixit Project
Title/ Genre: Fusion Rock Band
Country: India


Day 2: 14 FEBRUARY, 2016

Stage 1: Afternoon (2pm-5pm)

Venue: Fatehsagar Paal


1. Artist: Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project

Title/ Genre: Fusion of Sufi & Gospel music

Country: India

2. Artist: Jose Maria Gallardo Del Rey

Title/ Genre: Spanish Guitar (Instrumental)


3. Artist: Italy Meets India
Title/ Genre: Jazz Fusion
Country: India & Italy

Stage 2: Evening (6pm-10pm)

Venue: Railway Training Institute Ground

1. Artist: Oum

Title/ Genre: Moroccan Saharian Soul
Country: Morocco

2. Artist: Family Atlantica

Title/ Genre: Afro Beat Venezuelan Cumbia
Country: Venezuela & Ghana

3. Artist: Papon and the East India Company

Title/ Genre: Fusion Rock Band
Country: India


Details/Post Via: Seher India

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