The state government has approved the project of constructing an elevated over-bridge road on Udaipole-Surajpole-Delhi Gate Court Choraha route. The responsibility of plan has been handed over to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). The elevated roads are going to get constructed into the region of Udaipur and Bikaner with the estimated cost of 271 Crore. In Udaipur, 136 crores are going to spend on the development whereas remaining fund is proposed for Bikaner. The budget was passed by honorable Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan and other development authorities in the discussion meeting held in Jaipur on 25th July. By looking at the increasing traffic problems in the both the cities the decision was passed in favor for the construction of over-bridge.


From Udaipole to Court Choraha, bypassing Surajpole and Delhi Gate, this can ease the traffic congestion in that area. Earlier, the business oriented people operating in the affected locations with the medium of Chamber of Commerce had objected the construction, suggesting that elevated roads will affect their daily business activities. By focusing on this keen concern, UIT has got the Design, Length, and Span approved through a DPR with the help of Ahmedabad-based project consultants and road designers. Apart from this, several times local meets have been settled undertaking the construction of over-bridge in Udaipur.

Once the project is completed successfully, Udaipur will witness the ease in traffic which is originating from Sector 11, Hiran Magri, Patel Circle, City Station heading directly to Ashok Nagar, Panchwati, Bhupalpura, Chetak and beyond Fatehpura, Nathdwara, will avoid the crowded areas of Surajpole, Delhi Gate, Collectorate Road, and Court Choraha. Heavy transports will no longer affect near Delhi Gate or Surajpole unless they are determined to be in these locations.

Udaipur people is having positive expectations this time. We wish the project of elevated road gets start soon.

One thought on “Elevated Road Approved in Udaipur from Udaipole to Delhi Gate

  1. Elevated Road or Flyover in middle of the city!!!.
    Read this “Delhi PWD minister Satyendar Jain tell TOI that his government will no longer construct new flyovers in the city.” Just to put this into perspective- Delhi has around 70 big and small flyovers. This has been published in Sep 2015 issue of TOI with the excerpts that elevated road or flyovers don’t reduce congestion on the roads but shift the congestion from one point to another without actually easing the overcrowding on the roads. In the same article, Anumita Roychowdhury (Head- Clean Air programme, Centre of Science and Environment) pointed out that “Signal-free corridors like flyovers and elevated roads mean more congestion since they attract more vehicles,”, further adding that “A flyover is only a temporary solution and does not address the root cause of the problem.” The CSE carried out a study of flyovers in Delhi and found that 45% of all accidents happen close to flyovers and are often the result of vehicles driving at high speed.

    Most of the traffic & transport experts across world are of a opinion that the flyover is an example of inefficient urban planning and that most flyovers are being constructed without considering the possibility that they may become traffic bottlenecks in future. In fact, many cities across world has started dismantling or decommissioned the implementation of elevated roads/ flyovers and are diverting and utilizing the same funds towards more sustainable solutions such as BRTS, Metros, introducing/ strengthening NMT network etc.

    Structures like flyovers are not only ugly, they also ruin the aesthetics of the surroundings areas and have long term impact in terms of more traffic bottlenecks before and after the flyover, huge economic impact to the business adjacent to the flyover, impact on local people, heritage and culture.

    Coming to local context and being a very proud citizen of one of the most amazing city in the world with huge heritage context, I strongly oppose the construction of this kind of monstrous structure cutting through the heart of the city with the amount of money being planned/ sanctioned for the project. Instead of investing Inr 136 Cr. in elevated road, city officials should think of broader and long term planning perspective and should think of using that amount in more sustainable mode of transport like BRTS. Just to put this in perspective- Ahmedabad in Gujarat has built their BRTS at approx 10- 15 Cr./km. Given the budgetary allocation, Udaipur too can have the same say from Paras Mahal till fatehpua Circle (less then 10 Km), connecting all the major destinations including railway and bus stations, and the origin and destination point on the flyover as well.

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