SPSU eminence


SPSU eminence

As we bid goodbye to the monsoon this year, there is still some thunder and lightning to spare! Sir Padampat Singhania University (Udaipur), this year, is hosting its inaugural All India Inter College Sports Fest- Eminence’13.

This sporting gala shall see over 800 sport enthusiasts and athletes from about 25 different colleges across India congregate to stake their claim for glory. Make SPSU your destination from 25th-27th October 2013 for 3 full days of celebration. Grace in victory and honour in defeat are but impostors that constitute the spirit of sportsmanship.

COME, soak in that spirit!

Details: Phone No:

Mahaveer Singh Rathore +91 9460428055

Nilesh Kumar Choudhary +91 7737826879

Web: http://www.eminence2013.in/

Mail: info@eminence2013.in

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