A glowing bride, bedecked with delicate blossoms is a vision forever. Petal Jewels – Elegant Floral Jewelry creates floral wearable inspired by Pakistani and Mughal aesthetics.


The natural world has always moved the artistic soul and inspired the creative mind. Art, music, sculpture and poetry have all derived aspects and aesthetics from flora, fauna, the heavens and earth.

The delicate iridescence of flowers, the delightful glory of the full bloom, these have been irresistible to artists like Raja Ravi Varma whose paintings feature women festooned in florals or the mythological characters Shakuntala, Menaka & Avantika in the latest box-office hit, Bahubali, depicted wearing fresh flowers as jewellery.



Here, we present some fresh flower jewellery ideas by Petal Jewels – Elegant Floral Jewelry who is inspired by nature. The collection is a royal rhapsody of Pakistani and Mughal aesthetics with a contemporary perspective. Using intricate floral work, beads, and gota motifs, their fresh flower jewellery celebrates exotic new forms, inspired by the striking silhouettes and enchanting colours of fresh flowers. Wear these creations as a part of the Solahshingar at your Mehendi or Haldi to make your wedding look unique.


When it comes to any traditional celebration in India, from decorating the venue to embracing yourself in different ways, you can’t miss the flowers. Flowers are timeless, precious and a perfect personification of beauty. From time immemorial women have used these jewels of nature to adorn themselves. Flowers are no longer limited to adorning just the hair but along with silver and gold, flowers are increasingly used as jewellery for all different ocasions like Haldi/Mehendi  ceremony, karwachauth celebration, Diwali Poojan, baby shower ceremony or first birthday of your lil one. Flower Jewellery exude a distinct feminine charm that have made it a rage now a days..!


For brides who don’t care for flashy display of wealth and glints of gold and diamonds, here are alternative form of jewellery which are easier to eye and wallet, floral jewellery adds beauty and charm to a female, sometimes even more than Gold and Diamond. Floral jewellery makes even the most skeptical of the brides to believe in the tradition of marriage..!!

Simple yet beautiful an elegant yet pious are the best words which describes floral jewelry which compliments any kind of outfit, be it western or Indian, and that its versatility is its greatest USP. Flowers also enhance the beauty of a Female naturally, giving her a glowing charm. The biggest plus point is that the flowers used are pure and fill the environment with a sweet fragrance which makes her seems like a princess on her most special day.


With all eyes on the bride, from the haldi to the mehendi to the wedding day itself, it becomes imperative that you refresh your look to avoid monotony. Floral jewellery is just what you need to keep your look exciting and your guests in awe. It is extremely versatile and can be worn to any or all events including the mehndi, haldi, sangeet and the wedding. If you are apprehensive about looking ‘over-done’ and wearing heavy jewellery for long hours, prefer a lighter and more natural look or simply want to do something different then floral Jewellery is perfect for you.

The best thing about floral jewellery is that it can be custom made to suit all your whims and fancies. From the kind of flower to the colors- you get to choose it all. In fact, if you wish to really get creative, you can even dsign your own floral jewellery set.With appropriate refrigeration, flower jewellery can last for upto three days. It can take about two days to create a floral jewellery set so it is a good idea to place your order in advance and refrigerate appropriately.

While any flower can be used to create jewellery, the most popular choices include roses, jasmine, and orchids. If you want to add some good-ol’ bling to your flowers, you can add pearls, gold or silver to really give your look some oomph. These sets also make for enchanting and unique bridal gifts. These fragile, hand-crafted natural gifts of blossoms will make any bride feel special and beautiful.


A fresh twist to this classic ornament that transforms the bride into a princess, this floral Maang Tikka forms a delicate dip above the brow, highlighting the eyes and enhancing a heart-shaped face, bringing elegance, grace and femininityListening to the heart’s music adorned with the Karnphool. These pristine, delicate floral earrings bring fragrance to sweet nothings whispered in your ear.

On trend with the elegance of a floral Baajuband. Flant your arms and steal the show with the precious flower adornments designed to encircle your arms and bring a hint of the island princess to your wedding day. Let these petals brush your collar-bones with this floral Choker. This astonishing piece of jewellery adds an element of mystique. These beautiful flowers with tiny little beads and contrast pendants make a perfect necklace for your wedding events and bring the natural to your beauty.


Florals to adorn your beautiful hands. Translated from Hindi, Haathphool is “Flower of the hand”, blossoms that delicately cross the backs of your palms, over the fingers and making every gesture evoke the bloom of the bride.A colorful floral embedded belt to adorn your waist, the Kamarbandh is structured out of delicate, fragrant jasmine and roses. It rests gracefully on the waist, highlighting your attire in an unusual and enchanting way. Adding charm to your persona, the floral Chabi Challa lying at the edge of the Lehenga pleats is in vogue. A unique designer piece, you can also wear it with your bridal saree for the traditional stylish look this season.Tread softly toward your new life with flowers for your tender feet. The floral Payal laden with flowers, buds and beads will make you feel like a mythological beauty.


Trend for this season: Bold colours in beautiful floral jewellery dictate the global trend this wedding season. Moving beyond the heady but conventional jasmine and roses, brides are experimenting with playful daisies, sexy orchids and even berries. The result is one-of-a-kind designs  that are contemporary and look awesome. What would you love to pair these magical love pieces with? A lehenga? Sarees? Or a western outfit? Perfect for the luxury of heavy design, even the subtlest styles will stand out with this elegant flower jewellery! The collection is available exclusively at Petal Jewels – Elegant Floral Jewelry. Also, Courier Services are provided for orders other than Udaipur & Jaipur.


So Ladies, on any of your big day, get yourself some flower-power on…!!!



Petal Jewels – Elegant Floral Jewelry (Udaipur & Jaipur)

It is founded and started by Nitika Taldar, a professionally trained jewelry designer from the best of floral jewelry designers in Mumbai.

Petal Jewels manufacture & deal in –


– Real / Semi / Artificial Flower Jewelry Set
– Artificial / Semi / Real Floral Tiara
– Artificial / Real Floral hair comb pins, bob pins & U Pins.
– Artificial / Semi / Real Flower Kalire for punjabi brides
– Real / Semi Floral Dhakni (Chaddar)
– Real / Semi Floral JaiMala (VarMala)

Courier service available for other cities. 🙂 


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Mobile : +91-9649350000


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