Ashok Jetawat, iice, motivational speech

Motivational speaker, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jetawat,Chairman of the Motivational Society of Achievers conducted a Motivational Seminar for the employees of  The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. Delhigate.

Ashok Jetawat, iice, motivational speech

It was held on 13th September on the foundation day of the company. Dr. Jetawat began the speech by talking about self discipline, leadership, success, attitude. He emphasized on the Productivity & work commitment. He also mentioned that it is necessary to have a right attitude towards the work.He gave an inspirational talk of  vision, skills, competence, productivity & steps for building a positive attitude which leads to the generation of good ideas. He mentioned the difference between success & happiness.

He said that people should need to change their focus, i.e. look for the positive side. He anchored on some interesting topic that one should start his day with a positive attitude which will lead to the generation of worthy thoughts.

Problems are based on premises He mentioned that “We don’t have business problems, we have the people problem. When we take care of our people problems, most of our business problems are automatically resolved.” He said that employee needs to make a habit of doing it now, which will develop a positive attitude.

With inspirational and motivating speech by Dr. Jetawat finally came to an end with the question answer round.

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