Oorja : spread happiness

All sectors of our society are entitled to equality irrespective of their physical disabilities, a society must always make efforts to make it happen. To serve this purpose, Social Work Agency Oorja Help & Healing conducted a lantern festival for the children of Deaf & Dumb School – Ambamata at Mahakaal Temple Udaipur. It was aimed at providing an opportunity to specially-abled children to take part in the activities which are normally being enjoyed by other children. During the lantern festival children got involved in blowing lanterns and flew them in the sky- Symbolic to the point that we all like same and can sky is the limit for development. The program was organized by Ms. Garima Patidar, Ms. Radhika Somani, Ms.Sonika Khanna Mr. Harshit Paliwal, Ms.garima Dahima, Ms.Priyanka Chittora, and other young & energetic members of the Oorja Udaipur Team.”Oorja : spread happinessOorja : spread happinessOorja : spread happiness

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