made in udaipur pagdi

made in udaipur pagdi

PM Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat. The Prime Minister will hold a roadshow over nine kilometers in Ahmedabad and also launch the Sauni Yojna, a project which will fill the Aji dam near Rajkot with Narmada waters.

The PM will inaugurate the integrated sports and entertainment ‘Arena Project’. The highlight of which would be the ‘Pagdi’ Modi Ji will be wearing. But why!?

Well, the turban which Narendra Modi is going to wear while addressing the crowd is the ‘Shahi Taj’ Pagdi and why is that important? Shahi Taj is a proprietary brand of turbans based out of Udaipur.

Shahi Taj was established in 1963 and is a leading Wholesaler, Retailer and Exporter of Indian Ethnic headwear and head accessories. They have a notable Collection of Pheta, Safa, Pachea, Pagdi and many more styles and variety of turbans that are hand-crafted by skilled persons and custom made to suit every style and measurement.

Their noteworthy clientele includes PM Narendra Modi, Suraj Badjatya, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, the royal Mewar family of Udaipur and many more.

They are quite famous for four of their turbans:

  1.    Pagdi Kasumanl with white Bhopal Shahi Concept

The major turban of Mewar is the Kasumal colored Paag. It came to fame after being worn by BhopalSingh Ji of Mewar.

  1.    Tiranga Pagdi:

This turban is inspired by the tri color of the Indian National Flag that has green, white and saffron colors in it.

  1.    White Pagdi:

The white colored Pagdi by Shahi Taj is one exceptional turban. The color white symbolizes peace so is this turban.

  1.    Peacock themed turban:

The national bird of India is Peacock; it is indeed a very beautiful bird as well. The colors dominating this Pagdi are the colors of the Feather of a Peacock on a white base. This is one famous turban by Shahi Taj which is a traditional art of dying and painting clothes in India.

Let us see which Pagdi is worn by our PM Narendra Modi on his visit to Gujarat tomorrow!

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