325.81 kilograms of coal is burned every year in power plants to fulfil electricity consumption of an Indian. Multiply this by the population of India and we get a staggering amount of 827,772,300,648 Kilos we burn every year to satisfy our basic need for electricity.

Imagine even if half of the India stops using coal for its electricity requirements. The amount of pollution we will reduce is unimaginable. Earth is already suffering from global warming and we’ll play a major role in saving it. Our one little step will create a history that will be worth remembering.


Which step might bring this change?

The answer to the future of energy, the step which will change the way we live does not lie in fossil fuel, bio-fuel, nuclear fusion or fission. It is rather simple, present in our everyday life. It blesses earth with 23,000TW (terawatt) of energy per year which is substantially large compared to a mere 18TW of energy consumption of the entire planet per year.

To give you an easy example let us have a look at the map below. Look at the black dots in the data map given below. Now if the area covered by the black dots is covered by the solar panels and the total energy obtained is added than our planet’s entire energy consumption for the year would be fulfilled by the solar energy.


Pic Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons


Have a brief look at the map. You’ll find most of the areas in the dots are either large deserts or barren lands. Our country India which is very close to equator receives about 250-300 watt per square metre of solar energy. This places India in a hot solar zone. If India utilizes its solar potential efficiently than it will greatly support our nation’s economy and will reduce the amount of money we spent of useless schemes. It will also create new possibilities by providing electricity to non-electrified or poorly electrified areas such as remote areas, etc.

The map below shows the Average Annual Sum of Solar Energy received by India.


Pic Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons


On an average India receives 2000kWh per square metre whereas an average Indian consumes about 684kWh per year. A closer look and you’ll see that out of the whole India Rajasthan and Gujarat are the regions with highest amount of solar insolation. With Rajasthan & Gujarat’s large barren lands they have become the most desired zones for implementation of large solar power projects by both government and private companies.

But what is in it for the common man like us?

Enough blabbering about the amount of solar energy we receive each year and solar potential. If there are no good reasons to invest in solar energy than why should one invest large amount of initial capital into it.

Well I’ve discussed the benefits of solar energy systems with an expert for hours, researched on internet for upcoming technologies in this field. Let’s have a look at the benefits that solar energy systems (water heaters, power systems, pumping systems)-

  1. It is free – Sun is not going to charge us for energy it is providing.
  2. Unlimited energy – Solar energy is not going to go out of fashion for at least a 1000 years.
  3. Reduction of carbon footprint- As dependency on other sources of energy will reduce so will the mining activities and burning of fossil fuels reducing pollution and carbon footprint.
  4. New Research and Developments in solar energy systems such as Solar Roadways, Solar Windows, High efficiency solar panels, High storage capacity batteries and investment worth of billions in this field ensures long term evolution.
  5. No maintenance- Solar Panels are practically maintenance free. Which means no repair charges. Increíble!
  6. A typical home solar power system can prevent 140tons of carbon over its entire lifespan which is equivalent to planting 3000 trees. That’s more trees that anyone plants in their life time.
  7. Subsidy’s – Indian government has realized the solar potential of India and hence made a great commitment to increase solar energy output from 20,000MW to 100,000MW by 2022. To achieve this target government is also providing subsidy of 40% on the capital cost of installation of solar systems.
  8. Solar is the investment of future. The stock prices of companies are going to boom with the solar revolution. Involvement of companies like Tesla, Apple, governments of world, solar energy will soon be a top investment option.


So why not grab this opportunity?

Solar boom is in its stage in our country so it’s not wrong to think about the efficiency of this technology. With make in India campaign and policies to push the solar energy production. India is already seeing world class technology being implemented in the country’s existing solar projects.

Indeed at present the solar panels are under rigorous research with boom in renewable energy and we can expect any major breakthrough in coming years. With more powerful and safe batteries to smart grid connected systems. The future of solar energy is green in many ways.

But what stops us?

A solar system in itself is a very sophisticated system. Lack of knowledge about the technologies, efficiencies of these systems coupled with high installation cost have somewhere stopped us from installing them. But the times have changed. Now you can get the knowledge about-

  • The systems beforehand.
  • The amount of energy your house or office requires each day.
  • Efficiency of the system
  • Cost of system
  • Subsidised cost of system, etc.

At initial stage solar system will set you back with a hole in your pocket but this hole will not be more than the little holes made by your monthly bills but within few months of operation you’ll start saving money. If your monthly electricity bill is 2000Rs and you install a solar system sufficient to fulfil all of your needs than you’ll start saving those 2000 bucks (minus fixed charges) each month as soon as your system is operational. In few years the solar system will repay you the investment and after that it will be your savings.


The Smarter Way

Solar Energy System are playing a major role in making of 100 smart cities all over India. These energy system will communicate with the grid and you can even sell your electricity to government via power grids. Solar System can be connected to you phones, thermostats, smart home automation systems along with other appliances to provide a better control and monitoring over the energy your home produce.


Pic Courtesy: www.nutimaja.ee


Solar Energy System are a vital part of a smart home. With new and powerful innovations in batteries, panels, electric cars, now your smart home is going to be incomplete without a solar energy system.


Pic Courtesy: http://en.sma-sunny.com/

The benefits of going solar just keeps on growing-

  • Free Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • Smarter Home
  • Less Carbon Footprint
  • Less Pollution
  • Smarter Grids
  • Energy Sharing


And with modern advancements in solar technology the solar panels can work in cloudy atmosphere too and even in night!

This is the right time to make a wise investment in solar energy and to start building your smart home. Be a step ahead in future and I have just the right guy for this purpose.

Mr Sayed Irshad from Solarzzy.

Solarzzy is a company which specialises in installation of Residential Solar System, Commercial Social Systems, Solar Street Lamps, Solar Water Heater, and Solar Water Pump. Mr Irshad is a young and talented person overlooking Solarzzy’s operations in Udaipur, Rajasthan. His expertise in the field will help you from deciding the system suitable for your requirements to the installation of the system from a government approved manufacturer.


A residential solar energy system by SolarZzy

Feel free to make an inquiry and make your home a smart home today.


Mr Sayed Irshad Ali
203 Kutumb Tower, Madhuban
Udaipur 313001(Rajasthan)
(m): +91 9680826540
Email: info@solarzzy.com
Website: www.solarzzy.com


Go solar. Go smart.

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