Spreading smiles & Bringing Delight to the life of Underprivileged Kids on the 16th of every Month

Apple Delight at The Celebration Mall, Udaipur has come up with a unique way of spreading smiles. On the 16th of every month, they throw a party to some very special guests. The guest list covers underprivileged kids from various groups. A batch of about 20 people is invited between 11am and 1pm and so begins the fun. The children are given a tour of the mall, followed by lots of games, awesome drinks and snacks for the kids. The idea behind this to add fun to the kids’ lives.
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
On 16th May 2016, students from Vishwas Samarpit, an institute that caters to the differently abled and poor children were invited. They were the happiest bunch of kids. Honest at heart, happy in the eyes, these kids made the other “normal” people think deep about being so negative in life. They played games, danced and sang, had little treats, rode a tram. Here’s a sneak-peek of the fun they had.
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
Apple Delight Udaipur - The 16th
When asked about the origin of this awesome idea, the owner of Apple Delight, Mr.Shekhar answered very beautifully. He said “I have seen people do charity, give money to the needy, visit orphanages and schools. But these kids don’t get to go on a lot of outings and have fun like what people like us get to have. It’s mostly because of the financial crisis o the families they come from, who are trying hard to make ends meet. In this process of survival, the childhood of these kids gets compromised. Most of them are living to either meet ends or learning to be able to contribute to the basic necessities of the family. I want these kids to become more than just someone who’d work hard and be capable enough to earn and lead a respectable life. I want them to dream. I want their lives colourful. I want them to have the kind of fun their childhood deserves. They come here as kids with burden of their daily life, looking for every chance to catch some fun. But when they go back, they are kids with the eyes so bright. They are laughing their hearts out. My aim is to make them think beyond what they have. My aim is make them better persons, by giving them the dreams they deserve but are not yet exposed to.”
We asked him the reason behind choosing the 16th as the Big Delight Day. The answer was equally intense. He said “I was blessed with a daughter on 16th November 2015. We have named her Dharmikaa. I believe she is the biggest blessing in my life. She has changed my perspective about everything. I couldn’t think of a better way of repaying her than becoming a better person for her. I want to be father she looks up to when she grows up. I want her to be kind, generous and warm hearted. I want her life to be filled with happiness and blessings. And the joy in these children’s eyes are blessing enough for me.
Mr.Shekhar, we respect your ideology. May your example inspire many others to stop looking for excuses and start adding value to the society.
If you are going through a phase of self-doubt or are looking for a meaning of your life, do visit Apple delight on the 16th of every month between 11am and 1pm and lose yourself in the fun. Maybe in the moment of true happiness, you find yourself! Till then, Cheers! ☺
Written By: Akanksha Luthra

Apple Delight opens at Celebration Mall

Apple Delight a new café is started at The Celebration Mall, Udaipur announced its inauguration on 14
th Nov on the occasion of Children’s Day, Apple Delight is located on the second floor of the mall’s open area.

Serving wide range of coffees and vegetarian snacks including thin crust pizzas, croissants, their special D burgers and square shaped doughnuts with varieties of toppings and cold beverages.

“We designed the café in a way to cater guests from all age group, a toddler to a senior citizen, everyone can enjoy Apple Delight Café, says Anu Sen, one of the owners of the café.



The second floor of the mall has shops mainly for children and family, the floor witnesses lots of customer activities everyday and Apple Delight could be the best pit stop for a quick meal or a chit chat while having coffee.


Chandra Shekhar Paliwal, owner said “our seating arrangements are both for couples and families, and a special area is reserved for children where they can enjoy with toys and balloons while their parents are having their meal”.



The Menu of Apple Delight is consisted of many snacks and fast food like Crunchy potato –Gratin with types of toppings like wafers, paprika n cheese; wafers, Onion, bell pepper n Cheese etc. Pizzas include Maize semolina thin crust with sub types of, Margarita, exotic veggie and caramel apple, basil and cheese. Croissant / brown bread with choices varies from Peanut butter n cucumber Cheese n tomato to Mustard apple, vanilla ice n chocolate sauce and Dessert like square chocolate doughnuts and caramel apple doughnuts with ice cream can quench your appetite.