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Cognus capital invest organizes investor awareness meet on right investment procedures

Cognus Capital invest organizes investor awareness meet on right investment procedure.

Udaipur’s most active mutual fund distribution house Cognus Capital Invest recently organized an Investors meet considering the importance of investments to enlighten each prospect investor.

The program took place at Hotel Amantra on 28th September 2016 with a gathering that accommodated nearly 100+ investors including those who were leading industrialist,hoteliers and doctors.

cognus capital

The event’s key motive was to address investors and discuss the various investment opportunities available and their future gains.

During the program, Virendra Ranawat CEO Cognus Capital Invest, enlightened the most prominent ways of investment and motivated them to invest their money wisely. He guided the investors on the ways of moving on the right path in today’s rapidly changing and diversified capital market.

The company is continuously pursuing its responsibilities through organizing various investors’ awareness seminars. CCI is also moving forward to build a right platform online to bridge the physical gap and time constrain challenges.


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Cognus Capital Invest conducts seminar on “Investment Tools”

Cognus Technology

Over 80 investors enlightened their strategy to diversify their investment and to gain best advantage in the market-cash; occasion was the Investor Awareness Seminar on “Investment Tools”. The efforts were organized by Cognus Capital Invest on March 21, 2015 at Hotel Royal INN, Udaipur. During the event CCI, the leading financial advisory, educated the investors to make right moves in the investment market.

Vinod Agrawal the sales head of CCI, gave a vivid account about financial investment tools, available to track the performance and manage the investment portfolio. He briefed about the correct ways of investment. He also explored the innovative way to increase the confidence so that a common investor can generate potential investment ideas efficiently.

Being a socially responsible organization, CCI conducts such free awareness seminars on a monthly basis, all over the country. These initiative are meant for building an aware and informed investor community in India

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Cognus Family – Decked up for the festival of lights

Diwali Festive Fervor grips Cognus this season – New dreams, fresh hopes, and undiscovered avenues, all to be given flight in this coming year at Cognus

Cognus Udaipur

This year Diwali is being celebrated in grand style at Cognus Technology. The lamps, diyas and other decorative pieces of art indeed lit up the ambience & charm across premises.

Keeping with the office tradition – “work like a force and celebrate like a family”, this festivity was rejoiced for three days – Decoration completion & various inter-department and inter-team competitions (20th October) Traditional Day (21st October) and Prize Distribution Ceremony and CSR activity (22nd October).

The first day of celebration (20th October), started off with teams enthusiastically decorating their prearranged vicinity. The main draw of the day was the inter-department competitions, which included – Food art contest named – “Kifayati Kitchen”, organized with the highlight to prepare the maximum number of dishes in minimum budget & time.. it was superfun to watch the teams spirited with the passion and zeal to complete their dishes… and ofcourse! to taste the yummy mouthwatering platters ..

Cognus Udaipur

The following day (21st October) was that which everyone was looking forward to – “Best decked up member” contest. The charismatic ladies and the dashing gentleman were seen strutting on the floor in all their traditional glad rags.

And then there was a pooja ceremony. Here is a glance.

Cognus Udaipur

22nd October was entitled for the CSR activity “Light up a life this diwali”, wherein the Diyas were to be decorated with bright, colorful beads, mirrors and colors with different patterns to make it attractive & alluring. And these were to be put up for sale.

The amount collected from it added with additional gifts would be donated to orphanages. Teams spared no effort to support the less fortunate.

Besides, sweets and gifts were presented to all the employees as a token of appreciation and thanksgiving.

During the Diwali Celebration each day was like a fiesta and a small bit that could be captured through the lens of a camera is here –

Cognus Team Udaipur

All in all it was a celebration like never before!

At Cognus, people work together, smile together, celebrate together – This is their lifeline!