Leadership Conference - Sahil Thakur

From a college drop out to business person of the year – Know his Story!

This is an inspiring story of a guy from Udaipur who has made his family and the entire city proud. Talking as of today, Sahil Thakur the founder of the prestigious Event Management Company – Frozen Apple Events has been awarded the business person of the year by India’s Leading Business Newspaper ‘Economic Times’.

Let us have a sneak peek into the past and see how Sahil started off his journey to become a business magnate.

Due to incapacitate financial circumstances Sahil left college and chose to work. As per him, he knew that the whole process of education and then finding a suitable job would take seven to eight years for him to settle down. This idea of a long process didn’t entice him much. He started his career as a freelancer and worked with leading management companies.  

In September 2012, he laid foundations of his own Event Management Company-Frozen Apple Events after getting some experience as a freelancer. Frozen Apple Event successfully executed their first event for a UK based client.

Today living up to their motto, ‘Freeze Your Memories With Sweetness’, Sahil Thakur is the main man behind beautiful memories being cherished by a lot of couple across the globe. They entertain clients from UK, UAE, USA etc.

Now coming back again to present times, Sahil is a person to gain inspiration from- especially for the younger generations of the city who aspire to become entrepreneurs and start their own venture.

Sahil Thakur Udaipur

He was awarded with the “Economic Times Business leader of Rajasthan 2017” from Industrial Minister Honourable Sri Rajpal Shekhawat and Sri Parnami State BJP chief for his contribution in the Event Management.

We hope that he inspires people and keeps on making exquisite memories for an endless number of couples making their big day of wedding memorable.

Keep up the good work Sahil! Bravo!