Sahira 2, sahira, sahira udaipur

Sahira 2 Coming Soon: Love Story Still on Fire

The story of a young, passionate couple is going to take a new twist with the coming next version. That’s right!  With the incredible response of Sahira: Short Music Film, the second part is going to release soon. Highly anticipated Love story in the musical form shot in the beauty of Udaipur won appreciation and felicitations of many people. Not only it rocked the Internet, but it also went viral on the hearts of individuals with its screenplay and song. The video on YouTube received the 65,000+ views within 3 months and made its presence amongst the people in an engaging way. Sahira starrer Faiza Khan and Mayur Panjwani received the support and immense love of people throughout the coverage.

Sahira 2, sahira, sahira udaipur

And, by seeing that keen affection of everyone, Sahira 2 is going to release soon with the dedication of Studio Frozen Apple and MOVIE’ING MOMENTS. According to the Director, Vaaibhav Singhvi the storyline of Sahira – Part 2 is even more astonishing and heart-warming followed up with the first part. As per Ramesh Thathera (Director of Photography) and Baljeet Randhawa (Screenplay), the concept of the musical film is pictured in such a way that it complements the first movie very well.

And, this time Sahira 2 is going to introduce two more actors in its musical journey who are definitely a surprise for people. The soul of short movie relied on its music composed by Sahil Thakur and sung by Shashank Singh which will probably be in the second part as well. There is also a contribution by Wiseguy Studios (Mumbai) to get the movie at its best.  

Photos of Behind The Scene

Poster of short music film – ‘SAHIRA’ released

Studio Frozen Apple and UK Pictures Entertainment today announced that the highly anticipated short music film “SAHIRA” will be released via YouTube on September 18th. The film was entirely shot in the beauty and bushes of the Lake City – Udaipur.

It’s a romantic tale of a passionate young couple, blossoming on the verge of life and love. The film has been conceived and directed by Utpal Kalal, produced by Sahil Thakur & shot by the Director of Photography Kaustubh Manchekar.

“A music film in specific is a way of combining music with a narrative linear or nonlinear story and sharp visuals so that it can appeal to a brand new kind of audience” – said Utpal Kalal.

The film stars fresh faces of Mayur Pariyani and Faiza Khan in lead roles. Music and lyrics have been composed by Sahil Thakur, the song sung by Shashank Singh and dance sequence choreographed by Palak Kayath. The run time of the film is seven minute.



Photos of Behind The Scene

The second official poster for '' SAHIRA'', music film has arrived. A tale of a passionate young couple, lost into their universe, blossoming on the verge of life and love. Expected To Be Released In September. #SahiraInSeptember #ShortMusicFilm