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TechJalsa 2K17 by Techno India NJR is Here !!

The Zephyr of the spring is slowly parting, and the doors of TechJalsa 2K17 have opened. To be held at Techno India NJR which is a permanent pathfinder and is a directional compass for the young minds. The fest is a combination with Competence, Brilliance and Innovation. It is like a rostrum for the budding minds to investigate their curiosity into success.

The consequential events from Technical, Literary, Gaming, Art and Craft, Cultural and Flagship events accompanied by a DJ Night Party featuring DJ Lovenish & DJ Jeet and a Rain Dance Party which are so lucid and engrossing will fascinate the audience. It shall be a manifestation to behold with joy and fulfilment of the mind and the soul for both the audience and the participants. The date of the fest is from 9th March to 12th March 2017 which can get you prizes worth a lac.

The preparation can only be compared with Hogwarts School of magic where known and unknown sciences are unravelled each day; where the countdown begins before the takeoff of the Dream Capsule manufactured and patented by Techno India NJR.

TechJalsa 2K17, tech jalsa, tech jalsa udaipur

The list of the programs is as follows:


  •    Setu (Bridge Making)
  •    Steel Avengers (Robo War)
  •    Codex (Coding)
  •    Onset (Startup Idea Competition)
  •    Aqua Robo Soccer


  •    Taal-Mel (Solo Song)
  •    Aaja-Nachle (Solo Dance)
  •    Tamasha (Nukkad Natak)
  •    Hooked Up (Group Dance)
  •    Fashionista (Ramp Walk)


  •    Moot Court (Debate)
  •    Symposium (Group Discussion)
  •    Jigsaw Story Writing


  •    Counter Strike
  •    NFS
  •    Tekken 5
  •    Mini Militia

Art and Craft

  •    Avatar (Face Painting)
  •    Rangreez (Rangoli)
  •    Charm of Palm (Mehandi)
  •    Wall Graffiti (Wall Painting)

Flagship Events

  •    Pixel Jalsa
  •    Roadies
  •    Stunt Show
  •    Step Up (Dance Faceoff)

For queries, contact: +91-9785282959, 8696932745


Techjalsa 2k14 – An Inter College Fest you can’t Miss!!


Techjalsa-2k14….Many say TJ2k14… A gathering to enjoy the incredible vibrations of college days beyond the heart beats to make every single moment unforgettable. The event is back in this year to bring the best talent out from you on any kind of platform whether it’s technical or nontechnical track. It’s a different kind of Jalsa in new refined pack for you where you can become a model to fire the ramp and you can make the model to become a brainy champ. You can squeeze the quiz by your googling mind.

Photographers wait for many days to get the desired click to bring the superclick capture… We welcome you in photography contest where you can show that how unique is your imagination to ‘khachekk’ i.e. capture the moments of life from thematic angles of Photography competition – “The Pixel Jalsa” 🙂

This is for sure buddy, that a winning crown in programming contest brings a programming confidence & a tashan in your group or college…the only thing is that you need to have a P2PP i.e. Passion to Participate in Programming… J

Zoom in your presence in all kind of literary events to bring the best “Angrej” from your personality & that too with exciting prizes, only for you.

Show your zeal to create, operate & apply your innovative idea to construct a remote controlled robo, capable of fighting in one on one tournament to become a Techjalsa 2k14 robo creator.

When you talk about gaming, in which you can chak de fatte to become a real himmatwala where 1 person will gonna represent 11 football player in FIFA, where your strategy gets a challenging battle field in counter strike, where you strive more hard in angry mood when your birds are not bombarding the points, where the fingers press the keyboard very hard so that you become Michael Schumacher of NFS race…you will find all this in TJ2k14 so come & explore new dimension of gaming talent to become a brutal but intellectual player by showing domination of your college in such a “student thing” – The Gaming !

Jalsa gets a peak in its fever gripping pulse, when baap of all the events start…this is ROADIES…the heart throb event…where every team show their sense of power – intelligence – team spirit, at the verge of every single drop of sweat to get the glamorous title “Roadies of TechJalsa-2k14”…come & hit with best of your heat to make every team defeat !!!

How a jalsa can complete without cultural carnival, Yesssss! The bestest platform to impress every pumping heart to become top of the chart.

When the music & lyrics get mixed by a mellifluous voice, it give birth to a singing sensation…lets see whose voice makes him/her the super singer of solo song event “Mukhda”; out of many voices.

We know that eyes gets stuck over the stage when somebody express more than to impress by grooving steps of dance, where hooting gets a new dimension to support every performance…so get ready to become winner of dance competition(s) because somewhere there are many eyes which are waiting to motivate your dance by claps, whistling & hootinggggggg  😀

We always say that Techjalsa, every year brings something new. So this time a competition “Nukkad Naatak” is being organized to show your Nautanki skills.

Another new things which is been introduced is “Encounter @ Udaipur”, whose craze is not only attracting students but also to faculties. We welcome you to participate in a mock artillery based war to achieve a tag of “Encounter specialist”.

In the eye catching colors of TJ2k14, we are having competition of tradition, where one hand is platform over which the other hand draws the beautiful patterns. Ya ! We are talking about one of the very fine design based competition where only one becomes the “Mehndi Queen”.

They say “Every face says something”. We say every face can become a canvas, when the brush rolls in attractive & joyful competition of face painting. Come and become a winning team of Face painting & let your face say many things J

The crowd gets silent & just watch when a creative mind just orders the brush & colors to roll over the wall to give shape of his/her idea. In previous Techjalsa, somebody said to me by looking wall paintings that really, painter’s IDEA is the only thing which works behind every move of brush…so I say come & participate in “Interactive Drawing Excellency Award” i.e. IDEA !!!

When a Jalsa gets organized, somewhere there must be a competition of arranging the colors over the land piece so…lets join to participate in Rangoli competition to create a “land seal” by your creative mind.

Apart from all these things there are many fun games where you can show your skill of brain – balance – stability – sharpness – fastness to get on spot prize just by plugging your entry & playing the task!

There will be many stalls of game, food & other stuffs where you can refuel your energy & enthusiasm.

Finally… offcourse, your legs – heart beats needs a good synch when the PRONIGHT of event gets start to rock you in the air of rhythmic sound of drum beats & strings of guitar…we want your hands too, to be raised in fun & masti at that moment. Come & surrender yourself in this event where we will share, smile & sense to say in future “I miss college days…especially those 3 days of Techjalsa2k14” 🙂


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If you have any queries you can comfortably call on : 09649596461 (Gaurav Kumawat)

“Poora hoga ab who jo sanjoye baithe the sapna kal ka…

        ek sukoon se bhar denge yeh 3 din jaise alfaaz ho ghazal sa…

muskuraate chehro mein hissa lene ka jazbaa hai atal sa…

aaiyega jarur, aapke aane se hi to poora hoga yeh Jalsa…”


By: Sandeep Upadhyay “Abhivyakti”

tech jalsa 2K12

TechJalsa-2K12 Commences

tech jalsa 2K12

The 5 day Annual Fest of Techno India NJR Institute of Technology “TechJalsa-2K12” started today with lots of enthusiasm. The program started by enlightening the holy lamp of Maa Saraswati. The organizer of the event Upesh Bhatt in a press meet informed that there were many contests held on the first day including Cricket, Football, Table-Tennis, Chess, Programming Contest etc. Students took part in many events with lots of zeal. Many more events are still to be held in remaining 4 days which includes Roadies and Cultural Show.