Diwali celebrations at Cognus Technology – Fun with work

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Light, fun and smiles was all that could be seen at the recent Diwali celebrations at Cognus Technology, Udaipur, a London based Digital marketing MNC, that provides digital marketing solutions globally to more than 200 of clients. The team of zealous youth led by creative and passionate young entrepreneurs, is always ready to take new challenges and celebrate every won challenge the same way a family celebrates. The way they work one can never guess the next thing is going to be a celebration brighter than any other Diwali party.

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This diwali, the team of young, vibrant and talented people celebrated diwali as happily as they work. All that happens in a family diwali celebration could be experienced with Cognus family this Diwali. Not only sweets, Diwali poojan, and regular diwali celebration but fun filled office decoration and bright coloured clothes as well. All smiles, no frowns and just friends. No wonder it would be a great place to work at with such wonderful cheerful environment and friendly colleagues! The fun and enjoyment they had could only be captured through the lens of a camera, and we did our small bit in capturing the moments, at Cognus, where people work together, smile together, celebrate together!

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