Zigzobs: Refer-Reward-Revolutionize

Zigsaw conducted Udaipur Job Festival on 28th Feb.  253 Job seekers participated & 280 interviews were conducted during the day. 9 companies from Pool A participated in UJF: Fusion Outsourcing, Pyrotech, Jumia (formerly known as Goenka Technologies), IdeaBox, UdaipurBlog, Hotel Amet Palace (Ambrai Restaurant), Sphericon 3D, Alien Tech Solutions, Ziphop. Pool B companies included Marketing Mindz, Derby, Zaya Labs, Blacklight Studio Works, Fizz, Empower Labs, Fast Conversion.  There were Job Seekers from  ITM Bhilwara and various colleges from Udaipur. Experienced Job seekers from Arc Gate, Tempsens & Secure Meters also participated in the event. CV’s were collected in digital format and the Job aspirants were allotted a reference number at the registration desk. For the interviews, aspirants were asked to mention their reference number to the employers. CV’s of interest (of the aspirants who were interviewed) were shared in digital format with the companies.

Udaipur Job Festival
Udaipur Job Festival

For details of shortlist & selections, stay tuned to the Fb event page (www.facebook.com/events/555038291312479/) at Udaipur Job Festival. This event was all but Zigsaw’s entry in Udaipur Job Market & the Job seekers can wait for some more surprises in the next 4-5 months.  Job seekers who missed the interviews on 28th Feb, can apply for same online at www.zigzobs.com. We would like to thank our online city partner: Udaipur Blog for covering us. We would also like to thank our publicity partners who have helped us spread the word: Café Meraki, Mr. Sandwich (Durga Nursery), Philz Music (Swaroop Sagar Paal),Vasudev Ras Bhandar (Durga Nursery), Chaifeteria (Sukhadia Circle). We are glad to have reached out to 90+ companies in Udaipur and have made our presence felt.

Thank you token for the participants of UJF

As a small token of appreciation, we are giving away career assessments invite worth Rs. 450 for FREE (Details: http://careerkhojj.com/Assesment_center ). These tests are a series of career assessment tests that help you understand your TRUE calling in life. Candidates who were registered on Zigzobs.com have already received their coupon code via an email & the new registrations would be receiving it in 2 days of their registration at www.zigzobs.com

The Zigsaw plan forward for Udaipur

For Zigsaw, we have been a service centric recruitment consultancy but are slowly shifting our focus on the developing a community driven recruitment portal (Check out www.zigzobs.com). The salient features of the current portal include

  1. Claim your skills & self rate yourself on the claimed skills: You can select upto 7 skills in the system & self-rate yourself on these skills. We believe honest self-evaluation from each one would be the single biggest driver of our recruitment portal 2 years hence.
  2. Engage with your friends and rate them on their claimed skills: Like you, your friends would also claim their skills. Once they do that, you would be notified. We are trying to gamify skill ratings & would be including some incentives for sincere ratings very shortly.
  3. Each successful referral (referred friend gets selected) comes with a referral incentive of min 1000 Rs. Now this is a very aggressive step, given that recruitment consultancies in Udaipur have build a market charging from Job seekers. In our business model, we intend to reward the Job seekers who refer their friends. Like I said, we are building a community driven recruitment portal and are optimistic to receive support from the people of Udaipur

Thank you to the awesome people of Udaipur. People who have helped us reach their friends, your college mates. I am positive on getting continued support to reach your neighbor who is looking for a Job Change, the relative who returned from another city, your best buddy from school, the collegue who wants to quit, to reach the lady next door who quit her job after marriage!! Help us reach the lives where we can make a difference. Spread the word. Signing off:

Till the next time, #beZigsawed