Natyansh : Visionary youth taking the lead to save environment

On the occasion of World Environment Day, street play was performed by Natyansh expressing their concern and grief for the countless trees that had been cut. The play was performed twice: first at Gulab Bagh near Gandhi statue and in evening at Lake Fatehsagar near Waterfall. The play was followed by activities like “Suggestion Tower”. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm in the activity.

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh

Natya Ansh Natya Ansh Natya Ansh Natya Ansh

At the end of the event there was a oath taking ceremony in which people were gifted with plants.

We all are aware about Global Warming, a process that may lead to the end of our planet in the coming years. The play was performed as an attempt to spread awareness among citizens and realizing our responsibilities.

The play was enacted by Asfaq Noor Khan Pthan, Mohammad Rizwan, Devendra Suthar, Shubham Sharma, Neha Purohit, Shlok Pimpalkar, Nitesh khatri, Khushboo Khatri.

Special Thanks to: Dr.Girish Samdani, Abdul Mubin Pathan Khan, Parvat Singh Sisodiya, Vineet Sharma, and St. Anthony Sr. Sec. School.