Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

Alpesh Nagar, a cinematography student from the Film and Television of India (FTII), has made Udaipur Proud by winning the Rajat Kamal National Film Award 2017 for Best Cinematographer – non-feature film ‘Kalpvriksh’.

Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

By completing his primary and junior school from Devgarh and then from Guru Govind Singh Sr. Sec. School, followed by B. Tech from Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Alpesh moved on to Vadodara for studying Dramatics. While pursuing studies, he worked as a part-time graphics designer for a local advertising agency.

During his entire time span of working and studies, Alpesh shot a few short films, to help present his candidature at the Film and Television of India. His efforts got him selected as the top 30 scholars in 2014, and he got the chance to commence 1-year cinematography course at FTII, Pune.

And, while staying at FTII, he shot ‘Kalpvriksh’, a short film that speaks about the journey of a young girl looking for some answers. This non-feature film was the part of his final academic project for the diploma course he was pursuing. Henceforth, Kalpvriksh was sent for the nomination for the awards and Alpesh, through his skills, hard work, and passion, went on to win the Best Cinematographer Rajat Kamal Award 2017.

Award Winner Alpesh Nagar

If you will take a look at the film, it is mostly shot around Pune, whereas some parts of the campus of FTII and NFAI. Alpesh Nagar said, “The idea of Kalpvriksh was conceived by his course mate, Abhijeet Khuman.” Alpesh and Abhijeet both set of working on the notion of picturization, visuals, colours, etc. FTII trains students on presentation of the story with colours, visuals and sound.  Hence, as per Alpesh Nagar, the focus of this feature to set in a parallel world – sans vehicles, infra, telephone, mobiles, electronics was in its visuals, colours and sound.

In context to this, he also added, “The effort in shots were made to maintain the feel of naturality and look of the surroundings – to add simplicity and rawness to the film.”

Currently, Alpesh is working as a freelancer in Mumbai as a cinematographer with numerous projects in hand. He is looking to continue work with professional setups and banners that can extract best out of his abilities.

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