Two light and sound shows, each of an hour, were displayed at Gangaur Ghat during dusk. Alluring patterns on the water curtain and their ravishing shadows on the waters of Pechola gave its visitors a striking experience. On the the other side of the city at Lake fatehsagar a huge crowd converged to take gilmpses of performances given by the prominent Indian Rock band Prem Joshua. An2WT8Ug17D1nsbHkJCwF34mra1cUNU5Z6A_0k1_f4kz







Audience of the soulful event had an immensly pleasant time listening to the band play a merging of spirituality into western music also the audience adorned their beloved bhajans sung into new western versions.The lake carried a beautiful charm with the ensemble playing melodies on the flaoting stage and passing vibrant and calm vibes to the visitors at Fatehsagar. The festival ended on a soothing note at the view of the charming glow of the city’s lakes.

Article: Rakshanda Hada | Photos: Siddharth Nagar

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