“If you have a strong commitment for your goals and dreams, if you wake up everyday with a passion to do your job,  everything is possible.”

‘Udaipur Youth to Business Forum  ‘ – an international event was organised by AIESEC in Udaipur for the very first time on 26th April ‘2015 at Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur.

The theme of the event is Dream, Believe and Achieve. The motive was to bring ‘achievers of today’ and ‘leaders of tomorrow’ on the same platform so as to bridge the gap.


The speakers shared their ideas and thoughts with the youth with an aim to inspire and ignite young minds and souls.

The event was sponsored by Bay MediaSoft, Raahat Hospital, Virag Chai, Kunthu Machinery, TIME institute, Govardhan Thal, Heritage Bites as food partner, My FM 94.3 as FM partner and It’s City Click as event advisor. The  event was supported by Neo IT Services and NGO Maitrimanthan as Board Of Advisors, UdaipurBlog as official online media partner, The City Angle as Magazine Partner, Techno NJR India as University Partner.

Miss Bhakti Sharma shared her thoughts and experiences and told about the challenges she undergoes when she is under cold water and how her belief and faith on her dreams,  help her to overcome anything that falls her way. She also stated that what she enjoys after achieving dreams is not the celebration but the bliss and inner happiness . She declared in the event that she is looking forward for Olympics 2020.

Sir Vicky Roy who is a Freelance photographer , shared the story of his life through a slide of photographs taken from his own camera and he connected the story to his own theme –‘ Street Dreams’. He inspired people to believe in their dreams with all their might and there in the nothing in the world which can stop you.

This was then followed by three workshops – Seven Effective thinking  patterns hosted by Dr. Arvinder Singh, Graphic Designing by Arena Animation and Change the world ASAP by Sir Sunil ladda.

This was then followed by inspiring words of Sir Shekhar Chatterjee who is the world’s youngest CEO in the world of online business. He focused on the fact that , “ People don’t need skills, they need ideas to glorify and what matters the most is the unique idea.”

Dr. Arvinder Singh shared with the youth that the person is not disabled by physical body, the greater disability lies in mind and if we are able to fight our fears then we can achieve the impossible. He focussed more on the fact about taking right decisions in life at right time.

Our last speaker for the event was Sir Sahil Thakur who inspired people with the fact that success and dreams demand lots and lots of sacrifices from an individual and only a passionate person can afford to make those sacrifices. For the upcoming entrepreneurs he shared a business tip that was –‘The best businesses of the world never compromise on cost and price because they never compromise on qualities that they assure to deliver.’

It was reflected  from the eyes of the youth that zeal and passion to accomplish their dreams has now became the greatest purpose of their lives.

This was then followed by  super amazing band performance named as ‘Ecstasy’.

Our host for the event Mr. Aayush Khurana finished the event by a quick feedback round from audience and he ended with a note by thanking the lovely audience of Udaipur for becoming the part of the event.

“Udaipur Youth to Business Forum 2015 was my dream. I attended Youth to Business Forum in Chandigarh for the first time, last year and I realized that this event delievers life changing experiences to youth and this is what my city – ‘The City Of Lakes –Udaipur’ need and that was the moment when I made a promise to myself to organise the same in Udaipur. I would like to thank our enthusiastic speakers and lovely sponsors for their love and support for AIESEC in Udaipur which made Udaipur Youth to Business Forum a great success. ” – Says Honourable Nikita Jain, Expansion Entity President of AIESEC in Udaipur.

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