With the saga of the successful pre events such as marathon, Raaga and Nritya doing the rounds, the much anticipated event of AIESEC Udaipur finally knocked the doors foregoing Sunday . YOUTH SPEAK FORUM
sponsored by Ecofresh Organic Shoppe witnessed the footfall of senior and young leaders who interacted enthusiastically on the prevailing global issues such as gender equality, quality education, no poverty, clean water and sanitation , zero hunger etc.

The event was inaugurated by the lamp lighting and cake cutting ceremony by the national and local guest speakers who gained the limelight. The prime objective was to convey about all the sustainable development goals set by the United nations through powerful and impactful speakers to the YOUTH of the town. The event was commenced by Prof. Sandeep Desai, a Ted-x speaker and the man behind a mission to build schools for the underprivileged in rural Rajasthan and Maharashtra. He addressed the importance of quality education through attractive and inspiring presentations. This was followed by a magnetizing dance performance.

The audience was lured by an awe inspiring and admiring story of the second speaker , Mrs. Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor who advocated against the sale of acids in India. She pulled the crowd by her tear shedding story of acid attack and set an inspiration as an epitome of courage. She was accompanied by Mr. Alok Dixit, a journalist turned social activist who expatiated and orated  upon gender equality and “stop acid attacks.” There was another shining artist of lakecity who conveyed the message of sustainable development through actions but not words. Mr. Vilas Janve,  a prominent and ultra-talented mime artist spell-bounded the audience by his performancehighlighting the global causes such as No poverty, zero hunger, sustainable cities and clean water and sanitation. The event was
further pulled off by the last speaker Bhuvnesh Ojha, the founder of Pukaar group Udaipur who works with the mission of evergreen India and addresses upon the climate change. An interesting workshop on OUT of the BOX THINKING was carried upon by Thalagiri.com , a local startup which surely grabbed the attention of youth .

Last but  not the least, the event came to a hault by a melodious solo singing and a rocking band performance by desert rockk.

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