Planning for Weekend? Now you can Camp in Badi

It won’t be wrong if I say that Udaipur is a city filled with adventure junkies finding an escape from their mundane life every now and then. Some find their adventure in snowcapped mountains while others fill their vacations with beach waves and watersports. But these plans take a long time and it would be difficult to get that many holidays from your school, college or office. What adventurous option can one go for if he’s seeking for a quick weekend getaway?

Well, here’s the answer. Forest department of Rajasthan has opened up Jungle camp on the shore of Lake Badi for tourists and citizens of Udaipur. This park will bring an adrenaline rush to all the nature lovers who wish to spend a night amidst the sound of birds, cool breeze coming from Lake Side and the earthy scent of the soil.

Planning for Weekend? Now you can Camp in Badi
Source: Udaipur times

Ecotone Park quite justifies its name since ecotone means a place where two or more than two ecosystems exist. The Park comprising more than two thousand species of medicinal plants and around five hundred vines of bougainvillea is a treat for all the environment lovers of the city. Apart from that, a nursery is being constructed by the forest department which will contain medicinal plants like aritha, arad, arjun, rudhraksh, havan, aloe vera, ashwagandha along with plants and herbs for zodiac signs. The wide variety of flora and fauna will not only attract the citizens but a large number of tourists as well.

Ecotone Park mainly contains four ecosystems including forest system, moist land, grassland, and agriculture ecology. The park houses flora and fauna of both land and water. Keeping all these added perks in mind, the Park was constructed.

Planning for Weekend? Now you can Camp in Badi
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The park is situated at a distance of 10 km from the city and it can be reached via Rampura Chouraha or Rani Road. Since it is situated far away from the city, the security for the people camping at the site has been taken into concern and for the same two security guards will always be on duty at daytime and night as well. Near the Park, there is an Eco trail which goes all the way to the hill from where people can look at the mesmerizing view of the Badi Lake. The park has total 5 viewpoints and 10 platforms where 2 of them are facilitated with sitting arrangements for people.

If you are thinking about the refreshments there, then let me tell you that there is a small cafeteria inside the park that will provide you the basic eatables and water. The location of the park allows you to see some animals too. A small garden for children is built in the park which contains few slides and swings.

Planning for Weekend? Now you can Camp in Badi
Source: Udaipur times


Out of the 10 platforms, 8 of them are for people who are interested in camping. They can bring their tents and place them on these platforms. The rent for camping is 200 per night.


Entry fee

Local – 30/-

Foreigners – 100/-

Student – 10/-

Photo Camera – 50/-

Video Camera – 100/-

For more queries regarding camping or Ecotone Park, you can contact a local forester there at the park, Mr. Dharmendra – 9414020074.

It is time that you inform your friends about it and make a camping plan with them as soon as possible. If you have any feedback regarding the article, share it with us in the comment section below. You can also write to me at juhee@udaipurblog.com.

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