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Exploring the Indian Wedding Industry

Continuing the Intro Entrepreneurs series here we are sharing a new story of a Young Entrepreneur of Udaipur who shares his domain in Wedding Industry. The concept of wedding planners is new to the Indian society. It’s a notion that has gained unanticipated popularity over the last decade. Working with a wedding planner has been more of a luxury than a necessity. Where earlier the term “Wedding Planners” existed only in the dictionaries of the ‘urban rich’, these days couples of all types and budget sizes are hiring wedding planners and the emergence of a fair amount of middle class society weddings being organized by wedding experts is not unheard of.

Lately it has become much more popular and commonplace to have a wedding planner. People hire ‘shadi gurus’ aka ‘wedding experts’ to save themselves unimaginable amounts of time and unnecessary loads of stress and uncertainty which were the stumbling blocks of a conventionally organized wedding.

In our culture, a wedding has always been an occasion for some mega celebrations. The Indian weddings as they are famously known worldwide unlike the private events in the West are: “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. The wedding planners seem to extract this exact notion of luxurious, lustrous and ostentatious Indian weddings to their advantage and for the comfort and convenience of their customers.

The typical Yashraj wedding as portrayed in the Bollywood movies is the dream wedding not only for Indian brides but brides all over the world and the Wedding Planners have emerged as the fairy godmothers of the wedding industry striving towards making this dream come true.

wedding in udaipur


Sahil Thakur on planning the big fat Indian wedding:

Udaipur as a tourist destination needs no introduction, but over the years, Lakecity has also emerged as one of the most sought after wedding destinations not only in India but all over the world. The city has had the privilege of witnessing and hosting some of the most opulent, exotic and lavish weddings of the world.

The romance and beauty of Udaipur makes it an ideal wedding destination. Being acclaimed as “The best place in world” by “Travel and Leisure” Magazine recently, Udaipur presents the perfect venue for a regal wedding
In a city obsessed with big weddings, Sahil Thakur is surely a blessing in disguise!


Who is Sahil Thakur? {Share an Introduction about Yourself}

I was born in and brought up in the City of Lakes itself in the year 1991 to my loving parents Mr. Om Prakash Thakur and Mrs. Maya Thakur. I did my schooling from CPS school. I love listening to music and have a keen interest in acting. I am fond travelling too.


Share the Details about your venture: Frozen Apple Events {The Journey so far}

It was just a co-incident. As I mentioned I am a big music lover. Fortunately I got a chance to work with ‘Shaadionline’ as a freelancer where stars like Sonu Nigam and Shankar-Ehsan-Loy were performing.

I successfully managed the tasks which were delegated to me by Vandana Bhardwaj (Shaadionline.com). All of the team members and clients’ family were impressed with my hard work, as a fruitful result of which Shaadionline promised to take me on their team for their upcoming projects. That’s how I made acquaintance with big wedding planning companies like ‘Q Events’ (Rituraj Khanna), ‘R2Sonline’, ‘Touchwood Entertainment’ and many more.

3 Years ago I entered the field as a professional and established ‘Frozen Apple Events’ with the sublime motto: ‘Freeze your memories with sweetness’

We entertain clients from U.K, UAE, USA etc. and most of our clients are primarily from the Jain community.


What hardships and problems did you face as a startup? {setbacks, roadblocks or hurdles}

Lack of investment was one of the major issues, but my father always told me one thing, ‘If you have qualities like hard work and honesty you can become a Hero from Zero’. Those inspiring words from my father made me achieve my dreams and I would continue to do the same for bigger things arriving in future. After all it’s just the beginning.


Being a part of the Wedding Industry what are the loopholes you seek to reform through your venture?

Being a wedding planner you should have the ability to sense the emotions of your clients’ thoughts. Earning money is not only the target, one should take care of all the necessities from a pin to plane. Small things can never be ignored.

I was always dedicated towards my responsibilities irrespective of the gravity of the task to be performed. I started at a much subsided level, but today we provide our services to big destination weddings across India and all of this has been made possible only because of our disposition of learning at each step and paying attention to minute details.

When it comes to loop holes, a major one that comes to mind is the increasing number of amateur wedding planners in the industry. They think that wedding is just a matter of arranging tents, lights and flowers on the contrary wedding planning is more than that. Therefore my advice to budding wedding planners is that they should focus on lots of data collection and information. They should be updated by keeping abreast with the latest developments. Also hard work and honesty in your work are of paramount importance.


Why should couples hire a wedding planner and who typically does end up hiring a planner?

For a hassle free wedding experience to just be a guest at your own wedding concept and enjoy the beauty of it. Hiring a wedding planner also saves hidden charges at every step and ensures optimum utilization of resources and funds.

People who have been living out of India since quite a few years and wish to plan their children’s wedding in Indian style are typically those who prefer hiring a wedding planner.

sahil thakur weddings

How do you convince the brides that really want to take on and enjoy the responsibility of planning their own wedding that they should be using a planner?

Our friendly nature, professional skills and instant decision taking power ability aids in elevating our demand and of course we do deliver the state-of-the-art modern and latest designs and techniques.


How do you get the ideas out of brides so that they describe to you effectively their visions for the wedding day? Also how do planners really add a couple’s personality to a wedding?

We keep a friendly demure with our clients especially the bride and groom to understand their vision and ideas.We try to understand their taste, standards, stature of the invited guests and keep record of all their needs.


Share an interesting fact about the Wedding Industry?

Our industry can be categorized as one of the all-rounder, all-inclusive industries in the world. Being a wedding planner I deal with finance, travel, entertainment, latest science and technology etc.


Wedding for a couple is a onetime affair. How do you stand up to the clients’ expectations and make their wedding a pleasant experience?

We not only understand our clients’ requirements but we also take care of their feelings as well. We take care of the fact that along with the crucial details, the minute details are looked after too. We give them benign suggestions and pay extra attention to their style and taste as well.


How best to use a planner?

A client should give the complete power to a wedding planner for suggesting venues, designing décor and deciding other sources of entertainment. Two agencies with different methodologies for executing an idea at the same time create a lot of confusion and mess up. So to avoid such situations its best to give the wedding planners their space of mind to efficiently execute your ideas to the best of their potential.


Can you recall any moment where you did any last minute crisis management?

We did a successful wedding in 2 days of heavy rains with one feet water falling on the level but with team effort and effective planning everything went well and in a systematic way we were able to deliver our best to the client.


What are your famous destinations in India for Weddings?

Udaipur itself is one of the most famous destination for weddings in Asia. My other favorites are Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kochin.

wedding by frozen apple events


Share any of the customer feedback with the experience they had in their wedding organized by your venture?

I would like to share with you the feedback of a client on one of the wedding organized by us.


Dear Sahil,
Its two weeks now since Preksha’s wedding got over but the memories still linger along.
We like to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks for the efforts and the professional way in which the entire team of ‘Frozen Apple Events’ managed Preksha’s wedding in Udaipur earlier this month. We have got positive comments from so many guests about the entire event for which lots of credit goes to Frozen Apple.

You have a young, passionate, energetic and warm team which works hard nonstop throughout the event. With you around, we all never felt nervous and were confident that we shall deliver what we wanted and we have done that. The logistics arrangements were excellent, decoration/lights outstanding and the hospitality team was always on toes to serve us day and night. We know you all started working right since beginning of Nov last year and never stopped.

Your responsiveness and dependability is well appreciated. Jointly you created the magic which will remain part of very fond memories in minds of 400 people who enjoyed thoroughly their 4 days stay in Udaipur. Thanks for being there and taking on the entire burden from our shoulders.

Best regards
Ayesha & Abhinav Bhandari (Dubai)

Who were your sources of inspiration behind this Venture?

Vandana Bhardwaj from Shaadionline, Rituraj Khanna from Q Events and Siddharth Chauhan from Mega Sound.


Where you see Frozen Apple Planners after 5 years from now?

Ah! Nice question (Smiling).
Frozen Apple was one of my dream project and it has two babies i.e. Fabric n Flowers (FnF) & Studio Frozen Apple. All the formerly mentioned brands have made their independent brand image in the wedding market and are growing well day-by-day.


We would like you to throw some light on your upcoming ventures.


‘FnF’ is a one stop solution for all your wedding décors. We provide complete flower and fabric décor solutions.

Celebrate your lifetime commitment stress-free enjoy the special moments of your wedding celebration.

Fabric and flowers is a unit of Frozen Apple Events Pvt. Ltd. The company that was sprouted in Udaipur and through its tireless efforts and successful event execution it has grown by leaps and bounds and has now been successfully established in Delhi. Frozen Apple is a full service company that provides complete consulting and planning services for weddings, holy unions and corporate events. The company provides complete wedding and event packages in the capital with a hospitality taste of royal Rajasthan.

Studio Frozen Apple: World class wedding photography and cinematography first time in Udaipur.


What according to you is the scope of the wedding industry in Udaipur a few years from now?

Very bright. Those who are running for something best and creative will reach to a successful stage. We have examples of people like Siddharth Chauhan (Mega Sound) he is an inspiration for us.


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