Sahil Thakur – Journey from being Wedding Planner to Music Composer


Mr. Sahil Thakur who started a trek from his love and passion for Music but eventually turned into a Wedding Planner is back again to the roots focusing on melody and this time taking it to the Next Level with Studio Frozen Apple. When we got to know about his new venture, we felt like his journey was a choice of the destiny and his positivity too which happens relatively rare.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” This saying, we guess you proved right Sahil isn’t it?

Yeah! Well, I believe building a respectable image of self is the hardest thing that a person has to do within a lifetime. Because earning money is not a big deal but gaining respect in the eyes of the people is always worth to have. Here are some excerpts from our discussion with him.


When did you start composing music?

“Music was in my soul since childhood. I started experimenting different tunes on my iPad and eventually went up by learning the basics of music production. But, due to some unfortunate circumstances it went difficult for me to focus on this stream. So, I went up with another interest of organizing events.
One fine day by listening to a tune, I started humming the words and added them as lyrics. Surprisingly, that sound originated beautifully. I went to my musician friend, shared that composition with him, and the response was superb. That’s how my confidence and courage built, and I turned out as a music composer. Right now, I have more than 150 songs in my bank and with the grace of God every day; I am making 3 to 4 songs.”

sahil thakur

Is music have always been on your list or was it a random throwback?

“I am an artist since childhood. I tried different arts like singing, acting, painting, etc. to shape my artistic soul.”

So, you are splitting your time between Frozen Apple Events and Music Composer Studio?

“Ha-Ha nice question. Trust me I don’t need to spare time for music composition. Whenever I am sitting free, I simply take my iPad and start making tunes and save the reference audio in the voice recorder and later in our studio we produce the finished song in different singer’s voice.”

If you are stuck into the client’s wedding event and your music launch at the same time condition is, you can’t leave the both…Who would you choose first?

“We plan the launch dates according to our convenience. If I am stuck between Music and Wedding, I will opt to focus on a marriage event because music is my interest and Wedding is someone else lifetime moment.”

What’s your preferred genre in compositions?

“Frankly, I don’t know much about different styles of music. I believe music has no limitations. I just simply experiment with the tunes and whatever generates and sounds good is quickly added to the composition list. Rest everything I leave it on the audience, music lovers, and hope. Otherwise, I don’t know much about the classification based on music.”

Can you give us an inspirational insight into how you compose – i.e. methods use, how things come to you – perhaps something on the nuts and bolts you use to form (e.g. equipment used etc.)

“When you are in Pain you Gain and when you are filled with sorrow, God gives personal attention to your activities. You simply need to focus on positive side of your life. In every moment, whether I am happy or bitter, I manage to stay neutral every time. That’s how my creative life grows amazingly. Even when I am depressed, I try to consume my energy in composing something instead of crying or feeling negative.”

sahil thakur udaipur

So as a music composer where do you see yourself in the musical world?

“I don’t know. I make music to satisfy my creative desire on commercial side I have not yet planned anything but yeah! I have got some offers for some commercial projects too, and I am trying my best.”

Right now any upcoming project of yours that you are busy with..!!

“Yeah, right now we are going to launch a short movie “Sahira” on 18th Sep. in which i have contributed one of the song from my collection.”

That sounds interesting!! Well, we wish you all the very best for your music career and the upcoming musical tale too.

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